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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Externalisation, 264:Again and again in the history of the race, the vision has taken form and the dream hasExternalisation, 277:four words. Light, with which to see the new vision, is needed by all. This will probably not be anExternalisation, 277:not be an intensification of any earlier vision, no matter how apparently spiritual, but somethingExternalisation, 279:It will bring all things into line with soul vision. Again we have the energy of the three centersExternalisation, 281:very slowly, from the standpoint of man's myopic vision, and may even not become apparent in itsExternalisation, 281:and upon those who have achieved some measure of vision. With these thoughts upon the newExternalisation, 289:of a prepared humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God - impelled by the law ofExternalisation, 291:and striven for, something which indicates a vision which is first a possibility and later anExternalisation, 301:focused on the mental plane, who have clear vision, potent resolve, directed will and open minds,Externalisation, 302:most dedicated aspirants; They will clarify the vision of the world disciples and of all who haveExternalisation, 302:grant, therefore, that those Germans who have vision may join the forces of those who are seekingExternalisation, 310:things have to become new and that means a new vision, a new idealism, and a new life technique.Externalisation, 311:world of feeling; hence the clouding of their vision. When they have clarified their minds and seeExternalisation, 320:cleavage between the relatively few who have vision and want actively to help the embattled AlliesExternalisation, 328:by sound organization, based on a long range vision of what must be done, and by experimentalExternalisation, 332:is that of preserving contact with the vision. I refer to the vision itself and not to itsExternalisation, 332:contact with the vision. I refer to the vision itself and not to its materialization. Perhaps I canExternalisation, 335:crisis and for the materialization of the vision in due form on earth. This will require spiritualExternalisation, 339:factors present in the human consciousness: the vision of a better future and a fixed, unalterableExternalisation, 339:a fixed, unalterable determination to make that vision fact in human experience. This better worldExternalisation, 339:are today working and fighting. They call the vision by many names: better world conditions, theExternalisation, 353:every possible way? The plans may be laid, the vision may be seen but unless everyone recognizesExternalisation, 353:picture; I have held before you for years the vision of opportunity, service and discipleship. IExternalisation, 364:which sought to hold out to a suffering world a vision of a material and spiritual future which theExternalisation, 372:of education. Educators and psychologists of vision in every country must be mobilized and theExternalisation, 372:from a grasp of immediate need and a farsighted vision. 6. The dangers of re-emergence of theExternalisation, 377:to which we give the name "God." This is the vision and it is holding countless thousands steady inExternalisation, 377:preparatory work. The number of men and women of vision [378] and of goodwill is now so largeExternalisation, 378:which it is helpful to recognize is that this vision is more clearly seen by the man in the streetExternalisation, 378:educating those whose apathy and lack of vision impede progress. This latter phase of the work isExternalisation, 381:is non-constructive and hindering. It blinds the vision and warps the judgment, and simply feedsExternalisation, 387:who have dreamed the same dream, seen the same vision, believed in the divine possibilities whichExternalisation, 391:the focused idealism, the registration of vision and the spiritual aspiration of the people ofExternalisation, 393:which confront humanity if those of you who have vision and love humanity are to measure up to theExternalisation, 393:to those possibilities and should also have a vision of the principles which must govern the newExternalisation, 400:your souls, to radiate love, to seek clarity of vision and then, when needed, to speak to othersExternalisation, 414:clearer in our minds. As They draw nearer we vision a new and vital world religion, a universalExternalisation, 427:utterances of the silly little men with small vision who see not the future possibilities if theExternalisation, 428:clearly, who hate evil and who can hold to a vision. There is little in either nation to bringExternalisation, 442:to inspire Their disciples with the same vision and objectives, so that they too may be prepared toExternalisation, 443:you to a parable, spoken in terms of farsighted vision and warning by the Christ centuries ago,Externalisation, 455:and aid in making possible that which men dream, vision, and for which they plan today. Let usExternalisation, 456:Forces of Restoration are concerned with human vision, human integrity and human relations as theyExternalisation, 458:life-giving energy which counteracts death, this vision which gives incentive to life, and thisExternalisation, 460:time they constitute a definite hindrance. A vision of the impossible is not the type of visionExternalisation, 460:A vision of the impossible is not the type of vision which will keep the people from perishing.Externalisation, 460:plans and, from their particular angle of vision, set to work to bring about, to the best of theirExternalisation, 474:misunderstanding among [474] those with narrow vision and (if I may describe them) withExternalisation, 484:of that reorientation - the acquiring of the vision which will bring about right human relations.Externalisation, 505:thought-form. All who work with far vision and all who hold before any seething and bewilderedExternalisation, 505:the Coming, and bring to a sorrowing world the vision of the Great Helper, the Christ. He worksExternalisation, 506:unseen. He impresses the minds of those whose vision will justify His effort. And He has much to doExternalisation, 551:Revelation. Reasons Because where there is no vision the people perish. [552] Because humanExternalisation, 554:the coming Festivals. Those who have faith and vision are asked [555] to link up (imaginatively,Externalisation, 576:before the eyes of distraught humanity the new vision of hope and of spiritual enlightenment,Externalisation, 578:adjustment to life through meditation and right vision will supersede the present methods ofExternalisation, 578:the right apprehension of spiritual truth. The vision will be different and the goals of a higherExternalisation, 578:being today headed towards failure and lacking vision, will eventually and inevitably crash uponExternalisation, 578:and spiritually enlightened churchmen who - with vision and sure knowledge, free from dogmatism andExternalisation, 579:responsibility, will elect only those men whose vision is in line with the new ethics, the newExternalisation, 584:to aid humanity as a whole, with a long range vision. It is this growing spirit of humanitarianismExternalisation, 585:similarly motivated and conscious of a similar vision. It is of course wise to remember that allExternalisation, 595:left us, with His work unfinished and His vision for mankind not yet consummated. For two [596]Externalisation, 597:life can be seen, and at the same time evade the vision of the believer; seeing and recognition areExternalisation, 611:purely intellectual approach (which rejects the vision and refuses to accept the unprovable) may beExternalisation, 611:way of life and the way of the man who sees a vision. There are also the people who must be foundExternalisation, 623:peace, security in which to live and work, and a vision of a future which will satisfy someExternalisation, 625:hands the money of the world is channeled any vision of the spiritual realities, of the oneExternalisation, 625:mass of men everywhere would be responding to a vision very different from the present one; weExternalisation, 627:the world, the men of goodwill and of spiritual vision help? Is there anything they can do toExternalisation, 628:of the world, if they will catch the new vision and also see the handwriting on the wall which isExternalisation, 637:and handicapped, though not from the long range vision, but only from the angle of short rangeExternalisation, 637:I would ask you to have this in mind. The vision stands even when immediate action is blocked.Externalisation, 651:considered programs, possessing long range vision, plus sensible modern procedures. It is to thisExternalisation, 651:procedures. It is to this that all with true vision and a love of humanity are called today; itExternalisation, 653:which could intervene between the true vision and the work to be done, and interfere therefore withExternalisation, 672:of all humanitarian workers and of all who vision unity in the face of great odds, and in spite ofFire, 130:pralaya when viewed from below. From the higher vision, that sees the subtler continuouslyFire, 161:to elucidate somewhat and to give a new angle of vision to [162] the study of these abstruseFire, 188:plane 1. Comprehension 2. Healing 3. Divine vision 4. Intuition 5. Idealism 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rdFire, 189:sight. Clairvoyance. Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision. Realization. The Fourth Sense - Taste.Fire, 201:and by means of the development of the inner vision, sees within the heart of the systemFire, 266:upon the stage reached and the angle of vision. We have considered them thus in answering questionFire, 292:standpoint of the present, and from the angle of vision (relatively limited) of the Heavenly Man ofFire, 318:dim mist of retrospect, even from the angle of vision of a solar Logos. This developed manasicFire, 318:sequence or inversion, according to the angle of vision, involving the planes, as we know them:Fire, 319:meditation on the light in the head comes the vision of the Masters who have attained." "TheFire, 319:when this power is fully awakened, it brings a vision of the great Companions of the spiritual man,Fire, 321:of logoic manifestation and, from the angle of vision of man in the three worlds, can be seen onlyFire, 334:wisdom, has longer cycles, and from the angle of vision of man endures for aeons; His life is theFire, 351:the development of the sense of sight, or vision, as earlier pointed out. The fire of mind shoneFire, 378:chain (or the second according to the angle of vision) and affected a corresponding chain in theFire, 395:of these Entities, it may now be possible to vision - even if somewhat cursorily and dimly - theFire, 404:- viewing the whole matter from the angle of vision of a Heavenly Man - the devas are a corporateFire, 408:scheme, and the result of the shortness of our vision. Broad outstanding generalizations are allFire, 452:sometimes found but the occult use of the inner vision is still rare. Fire, 453:only are possible. Development of etheric vision universally. This will be due to two causes:Fire, 453:they have individually long realized. Etheric vision is comparatively common even now. But commentFire, 472:knowledge, unaccompanied by wisdom and the inner vision. There are three more points to add to theFire, 474:larger number of people will possess etheric vision, and will be able normally and naturally to
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