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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Magic, 162:of the ultimate objective which comes from a vision of the Plan and his contact with otherMagic, 164:the form and the ideal together in one steady vision, just so long will it serve his purpose andMagic, 166:all that he recognizes as liable to distort his vision. This period may be long or short accordingMagic, 166:the next few decades, the unfoldment of astral vision and hearing will be entirely ruled out, orMagic, 168:to ideas and increased capacity to vision the plan of the Hierarchy. This will make him, in theMagic, 176:you see not; you perceive an angle, a point of vision, a partial aspect of the great fabric ofMagic, 176:behind is occult to your three dimensional vision. It is necessary for those who want to act asMagic, 176:on the horizon and seek thus to extend their vision; that they hold steadily the inner realizationMagic, 184:via the mind body. The whole secret of spiritual vision, correct perception and right contact liesMagic, 184:constituents of his own aura burst on his vision. The darkness which is in him is intensified byMagic, 190:intent, for until there is knowledge and clear vision, imaginative assumption is a potent factor inMagic, 211:definition. To contemplate involves steady vision, one-pointedly directed towards a specificMagic, 211:away. With this direction of the solar Angel's vision we need not concern ourselves. 2. Over theMagic, 212:he exercises the faculty of contemplative vision is towards his reflection in the three worlds. TheMagic, 213:of this light increases so does the apparatus of vision develop, and the mechanism whereby he canMagic, 213:accomplishes three activities: It is the eye of vision. By its means, the spiritual man sees behindMagic, 214:the soul is brought into a state of awareness or vision of its emotional sheath and the world ofMagic, 220:Rule 6 - Reorientation, resulting in a clear vision of the Plan. Students would do well to considerMagic, 223:valley of sacrifice and over the mountains of vision to the gate of Deliverance. He may travelMagic, 224:of success and in the achievement of clear vision and right discernment (through rightMagic, 230:and so there is gained a potency and a clear vision which make right choice and quick progress uponMagic, 231:and faces with courage (and often with clear vision) the forces arrayed against him. They involveMagic, 232:rewarded at last by understanding [232] and by a vision of the divine form which veils the Son ofMagic, 238:between the soul and the form, and by a vision of the perfection of the glory which can radiateMagic, 252:the magical experiment. He begins to grasp the vision of the spiritual man, as he is in essence. HeMagic, 253:whom these letters are intended. That the inner vision may be ours, the eye see clearly the gloryMagic, 266:the above paragraph. According to the clarity of vision and the depth of the inner realization soMagic, 280:cooperator with a plan of which he can only vision a fragment. He works, however, faithfully at theMagic, 299:of our planetary Logos, sense His destiny, and vision fleetingly the wonder of the consummation. Magic, 306:has had a touch of soul contact; he has seen the vision and the possibility; he looks at hisMagic, 314:unifying life of such power that one cannot now vision it, but which - in a thousand years - willMagic, 325:shells built by man. So hold the inner vision steadily and have that long patience which enduresMagic, 331:of mystics who are distinguished by knowledge, vision, and a power to work on mental levels, unseenMagic, 334:those studies will be the development of etheric vision or the power to see the next grade ofMagic, 334:will be triple. People will possess etheric vision. The vital or etheric body, lying as the innerMagic, 341:life there come the periods wherein the vision is obscured, the valley is traversed, and the starsMagic, 341:and ascended; after obscuration succeeds the vision, and after night comes the day. In the greatMagic, 350:to judge from the appearance but from the inner vision. Capacity to recognize the Master's purposeMagic, 360:mind and through the mind to reveal to man the vision of what is and what will be. Man is thereforeMagic, 364:valuable to endeavor to grasp the picture and to vision the wonder of what is transpiring. It isMagic, 367:of them very simply: An ability to sense the vision. That involves a capacity in a faint measure toMagic, 367:itself draws sustenance. Then, having sensed the vision and glimpsed a fraction of the beauty (howMagic, 367:will you find that you can contact it, for the vision comes through the medium of the causal bodyMagic, 367:you build your thought-form of as much of the vision as you can bring through into [368] yourMagic, 368:be sensed a longing, a desire to see this vision brought to earth, and see it becoming known toMagic, 368:and you find that your thought-form of the vision is clothed in matter of the mental and astralMagic, 368:planes. Happy the disciple who can bring the vision nearer still to humanity, and work it intoMagic, 368:that the materialization of any aspect of the vision on the physical plane is never the work of oneMagic, 369:from the urge that comes from having seen the vision and realization of the part you have to playMagic, 369:of the part you have to play in bringing that vision down to earth. It is helpful to differentiateMagic, 376:Arjuna to take the next step towards right vision. The disciple has to carry forward this mentalMagic, 383:so much stresses. Intuitive perception, pure vision, direct knowledge, and an ability to utilizeMagic, 386:"I stand between the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both.Magic, 386:voice of God. I turn me on my forward path, and vision once again the long held joys of earth, andMagic, 386:joys of earth, and flesh and kin. I lose the vision of eternal things. The voice of God dies out.Magic, 399:the longing and desire for the mystical vision, and who loved deeply and were devoted to theMagic, 402:as possible, and refresh Their minds with the vision. To note what influences or energies wereMagic, 404:the past 400 years, and from this fact you can vision the utter patience of the Knowers of theMagic, 407:innovations and progress. Secondly, those who vision a unified world wherein love of God means loveMagic, 417:into objective manifestation that aspect of the vision which it is their mission to vivify intoMagic, 417:provided those of you who have seen the vision of a powerful subjective body of thinking Souls canMagic, 418:and Great Britain. From their reaction to the vision of this new age type of work you can then makeMagic, 419:all - both people and circumstances. Breadth of vision must be developed and that [420] wideMagic, 421:seem to you to be a wonderful but impractical vision. I assure you that this is not so. The work ofMagic, 421:interplay, a sudden sensing of a similarity of vision and of objective, or a vital opportunity toMagic, 424:its own affairs? Is it impossible for you to vision a time when the development of consciousnessMagic, 426:and another in that place awakens to the new vision or comes into incarnation in order to take hisMagic, 428:calls forth from all of you who respond to the vision that utter self-sacrifice which is so rareMagic, 429:whole - not union through realization or through vision. Mark well this distinction, for it holdsMagic, 453:the evolutionary plan. From the angle of vision of the disciple, these Rules carry certain potentMagic, 453:this Rule therefore solely from the angle of vision of the average aspirant, leaving otherMagic, 457:in contemplation, receive accurately the vision of the inner structure, or of the subjectiveMagic, 468:But in these dreams and fantasies, at times a vision comes - a vision of a folded lotus flower,Magic, 468:and fantasies, at times a vision comes - a vision of a folded lotus flower, close petered, [469]Magic, 471:goal as it progressively makes its appeal to his vision, will he arrive at a true understanding ofMagic, 473:Before a thought-form is by thee constructed, vision its purpose, ascertain its goal, and verifyMagic, 477:words which will enable humanity to see the vision. Thus will be dispersed eventually the clouds ofMagic, 478:some day the true telepathic communication and vision will take the place of speech and ofMagic, 489:back by the poison in his mental system. His vision becomes distorted, his nature corroded, and allMagic, 499:a triumphant finale of life? Is it impossible to vision the time when the hours spent on the deathMagic, 520:and so keep the plan progressing and the vision before the eyes of those who cannot as yetMagic, 521:necessary that all of you who have sensed the vision or seen a part of the intended plan shouldMagic, 535:of truth. Where there is an apprehension of a vision and of a wide unconquered territory ofMagic, 582:strenuous inner experience, to see the immediate vision and to grasp those concepts in which theMagic, 589:all the centers, and through the other, the vision can be seen and the inner worlds sensed andMagic, 594:the man in hand. In the meantime he may have a vision of the Master, or he may see a thought-formMagic, 596:that only a teacher who has achieved synthetic vision and can see a man "whole," or as he reallyMagic, 602:service and by the manifestation of an illumined vision which is ahead of the racial idea. In theMagic, 605:has been climbed, it is not possible to vision the Promised Land as it is. Until the limitations -Magic, 613:lose their shape and color and perspective. True vision is then impossible. The astral stage andMagic, 613:the time wherein truth is only dimly sensed, the vision only vaguely and occasionally seen; it isMagic, 621:individual development and on astral control, a vision has been given and a rule of life expoundedMagic, 625:glamored by the beauty of one's own ideals and vision, and by the supposed rectitude of one's ownMagic, 630:that which is perceived. The achievement of true vision, plus right understanding, brings aboutMagic, 630:chosen counselors. The true disciple sees the vision. He then seeks to keep so closely in touchMagic, 630:with steadiness whilst he endeavors to make that vision a reality; he aims to achieve what, fromMagic, 630:world seems to be impossible, knowing that the vision is not materialized through expediency andMagic, 632:yet reached this point in evolution and whose vision is not so clear, nor their natures soMagic, 632:dangerous. A disciple who has not yet the fuller vision of a more trained worker and who is onlyMagic, 632:These work under real difficulties, for their vision is beyond the grasp of the majority, and they
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