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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Magic, 633:they are not truly so. They see a bit of the vision and have grasped the theory but cannot expressMagic, 633:task to perform, for where there is no clear vision the voice of their chosen environment and theMagic, 634:time in the history of the race, senses the vision and has therefore a truer sense of relativeMagic, 637:permits himself to be glamored is obvious. His vision becomes fogged and misty and he "loses theMagic, 638:eyes off themselves and fix them anew upon the vision, to guard their tongues from idle speech andMeditation, 11:concrete sense of the word, and from the lower vision. That particular incarnation will be one inMeditation, 18:fanaticism that counts all lost apart from the vision, and that eventually sacrifices joyously theMeditation, 21:onlooker to take, for he has not yet the inner vision that sees the color, nor the occult hearingMeditation, 31:we have to view all from that angle until egoic vision may be ours, - is first to beautify, buildMeditation, 36:will the dreamed-of goal be reached, will the vision become reality, the longing fructify intoMeditation, 67:but for their ability to see with the inner vision, and hence assist their members and group toMeditation, 75:definitely apparent to those who have the inner vision. Coordination between the centers becomesMeditation, 119:to discharge his karmic debts, giving clear vision, wise judgment and a comprehension of the workMeditation, 119:We aim at developing thinkers and men of clear vision, capable of logical reasoning. To do this weMeditation, 129:and at rare intervals, the organ of inner vision temporarily opens and they hear and see on theMeditation, 136:under the guidance of the Ego will have clear vision, and will escape deception. At this time theirMeditation, 152:differences for your interest, though until such vision is yours my point may be but words to you. Meditation, 202:his horizon and increases the range of his vision is to be welcomed, even though his apprehensionMeditation, 208:manas helps not. Only he who has the higher vision in process of development can hope to attain anyMeditation, 220:body of the undeveloped man rises ever to one's vision. Yet - at some distant time - red will beMeditation, 244:- Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound Higher Vision and Health This, as you can see,Meditation, 244:or else it involves the faculty of inner vision, that sees the trouble wherever it may be, and canMeditation, 244:can be carried on by the man who has the inner vision. With his ability to see on emotional levelsMeditation, 245:the Ego, and the help of someone who has causal vision and consciousness. This latter method, andMeditation, 257:as yet we cannot revel in; they flit into our vision, and we touch the glory at a lofty moment onlyMeditation, 299:disorder, lack of balance, the clouding of the vision and disproportionate discussion. Lower mind,Meditation, 320:of the school through clairvoyant and causal vision, and after reference to the man's own Master.Meditation, 326:the [326] telescope he widens the range of his vision, and builds into his mental body a vast storePatanjaliof glory. The great initiate, Paul, had a vision of this when he said that "the whole creationPatanjali, 16:through the right use of the mind as an organ of vision and transmission. Patanjali says: "The seerPatanjali, 17:its subsequent use by the soul as an organ of vision, a sixth sense, and the synthesis of all thePatanjali, 18:and areas full of darkness as yet confuse his vision!" At the close of this sentence is found aPatanjali, 29:"For the possessors of wisdom, united in soul-vision, giving up the fruit of works, freed from thePatanjali, 29:thy soul shall stand steadfast, firm in soul-vision, then shalt thou gain union with the Soul."Patanjali, 36:in particularly clear terms: "The seer is pure vision... he looks out through the vesture of thePatanjali, 38:three worlds - that is, the soul, its range of vision and its knowledge. He has yet to strengthenPatanjali, 40:been known by this group of initiates. Now the vision of the not-self dims and passes away and onlyPatanjali, 50:guides of the race, the planetary Hierarchy, The vision of what lies ahead. Thus does thePatanjali, 61:to eliminate them, A sudden flash or vision of the soul Reality, Fresh aspiration and a strongPatanjali, 61:and a strong determination to make that fleeting vision a permanent reality in the lower planePatanjali, 66:thy Soul shall stand steadfast, firm in soul-vision, then thou shalt gain union with the Soul."Patanjali, 67:This inability to perceive correctly and to vision things as they really are, is the naturalPatanjali, 67:so long will his perceptions remain erroneous. Vision is of various kinds and these might bePatanjali, 67:these might be enumerated as follows: Physical vision reveals the nature of the physical plane, andPatanjali, 68:It is circumscribed and limited. Etheric vision. This is a rapidly developing faculty of the humanPatanjali, 68:very apotheosis of maya or illusion. Symbolic vision. This is a faculty of the mental body and thePatanjali, 68:have a quality of prevision. These four types of vision are the cause of wrong perception and willPatanjali, 68:error until that time when the higher forms of vision, enumerated below, supersede them. ThesePatanjali, 68:higher forms of sight include the others. Pure vision. This is spoken of by Patanjali in the words:Patanjali, 69:"pure knowledge" have been translated "pure vision." This vision is the faculty of the soul whichPatanjali, 69:have been translated "pure vision." This vision is the faculty of the soul which is pure knowledge,Patanjali, 69:when the soul uses the mind as its instrument of vision. Charles Johnston translates the same SutraPatanjali, 69:the same Sutra as follows: "The seer is pure vision... He looks out through the vesture of thePatanjali, 69:with the development of this type of vision, the pineal gland becomes active, and the third eye (inPatanjali, 69:develops with a paralleling activity. Spiritual vision or true perception. This type of visionPatanjali, 69:vision or true perception. This type of vision opens up the world of the intuitional or buddhicPatanjali, 69:all manifestation are thus realized just as pure vision permitted its owner to tap the resources ofPatanjali, 69:of pure wisdom. With the development of this vision the alta major center becomes active, and thePatanjali, 97:out upon the world of causes; he sees with clear vision the divine impulses; then having thusPatanjali, 101:no longer be seen; only light will be known; vision will be lost sight of, and the sound or wordPatanjali, 103:internal undisturbed calm (that is to say), the vision of the flash (sputa) of insight which doesPatanjali, 108:is unfailingly accurate and the other modes of vision are seen in their right proportions. ThePatanjali, 109:it, is a psychical state or field. When the pure vision, as of the poet, the philosopher, thePatanjali, 109:sense, that which is viewed as part, even by the vision of a sage, has still an element ofPatanjali, 112:2. The aim of these three is to bring about soul vision and to eliminate obstructions. 3. These arePatanjali, 126:2. The aim of these three is to bring about soul vision and to eliminate obstructions. It isPatanjali, 126:is interesting to note here that the words "soul vision" precede the thought of the eliminatedPatanjali, 126:hindrances or obstructions, showing that the vision is possible even to those who have not yetPatanjali, 126:those who have not yet perfected themselves. The vision comes in those moments of exaltation andPatanjali, 127:produce the obstructions or hindrances to soul vision and the free play of spiritual energy andPatanjali, 127:the medium of the astral body, prevent soul vision, The word "distraction" has more specificPatanjali, 127:who seeks to quiet the mind and so achieve soul vision. Patanjali, 128:a man can "lift up his eyes" and see again the vision of the Father and the Father's Home and so bePatanjali, 128:Karma is worked off, Liberation is achieved, The vision of the soul is perfected. Patanjali, 134:the mind is its use by the soul as an organ of vision whereby the realm of the soul itself isPatanjali, 152:That which is observed, The Spectator Vision The Spectacle, and many others equally well known. ThePatanjali, 160:which runs as follows: "The seer is pure vision. Though pure, he looks out through the vesture ofPatanjali, 160:lower mind; he is in himself knowledge, clear vision or true perception. All that exists in thePatanjali, 160:and when he no longer seeks it or endeavors to vision it, for him it exists not. This sutra is onePatanjali, 200:ourselves from the world of illusion, our vision becomes cleared, and [201] the laws of being andPatanjali, 207:perception of the nature of the soul. He gets a vision of the reality which is himself, and findsPatanjali, 213:the soul looks out upon its own world, sees the vision of things as they are, contacts reality andPatanjali, 228:it can be seen by those who have supernatural vision, as radiations extending all around the head,Patanjali, 250:of all things. Form is no longer seen, and the vision of the reality, veiled by all forms, isPatanjali, 254:nothing more than a beautiful and unattainable vision. But once the intellect is illumined, it canPatanjali, 261:A flash of intuitive perception, a moment of vision and of illumination and all has gone. The mindPatanjali, 261:modify itself and is thrown into activity, the vision is lost sight of, the high moment has passed,Patanjali, 283:which is invisible to the human eye. As etheric vision develops in the race this will necessitate aPatanjali, 289:his instrument to use as he will as an organ of vision into the higher worlds and as a transmitterPatanjali, 307:is given so as to present to the student the vision of what lies ahead. It is, however, of noPatanjali, 315:and which is seen by those with clairvoyant vision around the head of all advanced aspirants andPatanjali, 318:it may act directly, as full illumination, the 'vision and the faculty divine.' " Patanjali, 323:1. Comprehension 7th 2. Healing 6th 3. Divine vision 5th 4. Intuition 4th 5. Idealism 3rd Atmic 1.Patanjali, 323:sight. Clairvoyance. Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision. Realization. d. Fourth Sense - Taste.Patanjali, 334:Vibratory-response Touch The Skin. Plane IV. Air Vision Sight The Eye. Plane V. Fire DiscriminationPatanjali, 345:comes a sutra summing up results and giving a vision of that which is possible to the faithfulPatanjali, 345:this how, first there is the attaining of the vision and the inner realization of God; then thePatanjali, 354:for this study will include not only physical vision, but the development of the third eye,Patanjali, 354:the third eye, clairvoyance, perfect spiritual vision and on up to that inconceivable mysteryPatanjali, 355:3. Sight Aryan Mental plane Eye Response to vision. This third sense primarily affects our race and
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