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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Psychology1, 406:It causes the mind nature to achieve that clear vision which finds its consummation at the fourthPsychology1, 419:Pure reason. Human Principle: Understanding. Vision. Spiritual perception. Element: Air. "Thus isPsychology1, 421:Destroyer The Finger of God. 3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God. 4. Taste 6th Ray Idealism ThePsychology2, 15:and divorced from the glamor which distorts our vision and the vision of the great. PersonalitiesPsychology2, 15:the glamor which distorts our vision and the vision of the great. Personalities as well. It shouldPsychology2, 18:In these successive stages we can glimpse the vision of what we are and may be. Steadily thePsychology2, 20:that larger synthesis, and from the angle of vision of Those Whose consciousness is higher andPsychology2, 31:state of non-activity from our present angle of vision, because all individual reactions to thePsychology2, 38:forth in triple form. His mind responded to the vision clear evoked: - 'The truth lies hidden inPsychology2, 38:sublime.' " Ray Six "The Blessed One caught the vision of the Way, and followed the Way withoutPsychology2, 53:with clarity from the standpoint of the higher vision. One of the ways in which the life story of aPsychology2, 61:qualities and virtues which will "clear our vision", because they produce the purification of thePsychology2, 83:will be more initiates in the world, and inner vision and inner hearing will be more generallyPsychology2, 106:can be at this time achieved. Not as yet is the vision seen with a sufficient clarity by the manyPsychology2, 134:with whom he may be associated, for he sees no vision but his own, and the aura of criticism whichPsychology2, 135:[135] will come into a wider and more loving vision, and, taking his eyes off his ownPsychology2, 136:in the active work of the world, provided his vision is not blurred by personal ambition nor hisPsychology2, 136:and gives to the server this necessary vision and the sense of power which will enable him toPsychology2, 146:will only be possible when we have a clearer vision of the goal of meditation, and learn toPsychology2, 157:choose aright, which is right discrimination. A vision of the pairs of opposites. The realizationPsychology2, 159:the aspirant upon the Probationary Path has a vision of this: (no matter how slight it may be),Psychology2, 159:he knows the pairs of opposites and has gained a vision of that which is neither of them, then hePsychology2, 163:what it means may appear, however dimly, to our vision as we deal with our third division. Psychology2, 169:He struggled onwards toward his dream, the vision of an ultimate discovery. He sometimes found thePsychology2, 170:his home and place of high endeavor. He had no vision except of that which was the space before hisPsychology2, 170:those who asked the way of him. He saw a vision, shifting as he moved, and taking varying form;Psychology2, 170:as he moved, and taking varying form; each vision was to him the symbol of his highest dreams, thePsychology2, 170:only one! Sometimes he gathered in his arms the vision that he saw, and found it naught. Sometimes,Psychology2, 170:dimmed its light. A shutter seemed to close. The vision he had seen no longer shone. The FollowerPsychology2, 181:his brothers to greater courage, clearer vision, finer purity of motive, and deeper love, and yetPsychology2, 183:are being formed. We can now perhaps widen our vision a little and at the same time look at thePsychology2, 191:be coincident with the development of etheric vision. These groups will act as channels ofPsychology2, 199:of earth, a sign shines forth...Only the eye of vision sees this sign. Only the heart at peace canPsychology2, 218:than it is as yet possible for normal man to vision. If it were not so, the unfoldment of the soulPsychology2, 218:and bewildered world. For obvious reasons, a vision of the Plan, nebulous as it must necessarilyPsychology2, 219:work, but there will be those on earth who can vision the Plan with clarity, and whose vision willPsychology2, 219:who can vision the Plan with clarity, and whose vision will be far more inclusive and comprehendingPsychology2, 219:far more inclusive and comprehending than ours. Vision is of the nature of divinity. Expansion is aPsychology2, 220:of immature expression (from the angle of human vision) as difficult to comprehend as those openedPsychology2, 221:life purpose. 2. The quality of the hidden vision. This quality, on the form side, producesPsychology2, 224:and its members respond to Their sensed vision of the Plan for the whole. The Hierarchy isPsychology2, 224:man the following responses: right desire, right vision and right creative activity, based uponPsychology2, 229:a pattern, set for Him in a still more distant vision. This purpose or defined will is conditionedPsychology2, 237:Soul Control b. The Quality of the Hidden Vision The next emerging trend is one most difficult toPsychology2, 237:its meaning. It is the quality of the inner vision. This cannot readily be expressed in words thatPsychology2, 237:man can comprehend, for we refer not to man's vision of God but to God's own vision of His purpose.Psychology2, 237:not to man's vision of God but to God's own vision of His purpose. Down the ages, men have sensed aPsychology2, 237:of His purpose. Down the ages, men have sensed a vision; they have seen it, and have mergedPsychology2, 237:and the occultist have both testified to this vision, and to it all that is beautiful and colorfulPsychology2, 237:effort. Yet the quality and the nature of the vision which is God's own vision, dream and thought,Psychology2, 237:and the nature of the vision which is God's own vision, dream and thought, have held His purposePsychology2, 237:challenged us to follow the light, to seek the vision of reality, to open our eyes and see truth asPsychology2, 238:God is here or there, or from what point His vision can be seen? Some lose themselves in thoughtPsychology2, 238:processes and self-induced imaginings, and the vision gets hidden behind a multitude of words, bothPsychology2, 238:lost in the fog of their own dreams of what the vision should be and thus it eludes them. Others -Psychology2, 238:school of thought - have sought to define the vision, and have endeavored to reduce God's hiddenPsychology2, 238:as yet unknown to them. The possibility of the Vision which lies beyond, or behind the vision ofPsychology2, 238:of the Vision which lies beyond, or behind the vision of the mystic is forgotten in the forms builtPsychology2, 238:must be used to reveal and not to obscure. The vision is ever on ahead; it eludes our grasp; itPsychology2, 239:divine trends (towards synthesis and towards the vision) the Hierarchy is at this time primarilyPsychology2, 239:the personality, and the awakening of that inner vision which will permit a flash of the Reality toPsychology2, 239:by the keenest minds on earth. It concerns the vision granted when a man achieves Nirvana, andPsychology2, 239:perhaps made clearer to us the fact of God's own vision. More is not possible until each of thosePsychology2, 239:own inner experience. This quality of the inner vision with which the Hierarchy are seeking to workPsychology2, 240:of continuance is based upon the clearer vision of Deity and upon the consequent continuity ofPsychology2, 240:units in the kingdom of God) they can begin to vision the objective of God Himself. This secondPsychology2, 241:relation) they can unitedly sense the [241] vision and react to the principle of continuance. APsychology2, 241:in group formation to God's plan, based on God's vision. All these basic, developing, divinePsychology2, 241:meets in silent conclave, a part of God's vision, and His [242] formulation of that vision for thePsychology2, 242:God's vision, and His [242] formulation of that vision for the immediate present, is revealed forPsychology2, 243:be at-one with all that breathes, to sense the vision for the whole, as far as we can, and to workPsychology2, 243:soul is occupied not only with the form that the vision of its objective may take, but with thePsychology2, 243:but with the quality or the meaning which that vision veils or hides. The soul knows the Plan; itsPsychology2, 244:of the separated self. He must not only see the vision (for that the mystic has always done) but hePsychology2, 244:essential qualities which give meaning to the vision. The instinct to formulate plans, inherent inPsychology2, 244:of the intuited Plan, based on the sensed vision. We might well ponder on this rapport between thePsychology2, 244:possible in form that sensed Plan and divine Vision. To produce this emergence of truth, the manPsychology2, 245:extent. The synthesis of the divine concept, the vision of its structural outline and the plan forPsychology2, 248:seen for a second as it essentially is. But the vision is gone and the fervor departs and thePsychology2, 248:that it is he who has withdrawn and not the vision. The pain in all moments of intensity must bePsychology2, 250:comes, or how the externalization of the vision becomes possible, or the technique of the innerPsychology2, 256:the task to gain a wise understanding of the vision - as far as the capacity of each of us willPsychology2, 265:a mixture of selfishness and of spiritual vision. Their problem is a difficult one, as theirPsychology2, 274:contact." That contact is no longer a desire, a vision or a theoretical belief or hope. It isPsychology2, 316:the error of materialism and to voice a real vision of the truth, but words themselves are limitingPsychology2, 321:the process of experiencing. This is an angle of vision which is only truly possible to the man whoPsychology2, 322:center of experience. The personality gets a vision of its destiny, which is to be an instrument ofPsychology2, 351:the Path of Initiation, there will dawn upon his vision, the Whole of which humanity itself is onlyPsychology2, 357:now follows. This light upon the way produces vision and the vision shows itself as: A vision,Psychology2, 357:This light upon the way produces vision and the vision shows itself as: A vision, first of all, ofPsychology2, 357:vision and the vision shows itself as: A vision, first of all, of defects. The light reveals thePsychology2, 357:as he is, or as the soul sees the personality. A vision of the next step ahead, which, when taken,Psychology2, 357:indicates the procedure next to be followed. A vision of those who are travelling the same way. APsychology2, 357:and glamor, that which is contacted is a vision of the astral, [358] illusory form upon the planesPsychology2, 363:a pace. See truly with the opened eye of inner vision and you will find, not two but one; not warPsychology2, 365:was overwhelmed with a sense of his clarity of vision in relation to the problem with which he wasPsychology2, 370:called a "balanced point of view." This balanced vision causes much difficulty and leads to whatPsychology2, 371:of the Personality Ray Six " 'I see a vision. It satisfies desire; it feeds and stimulates itsPsychology2, 372:answers my demand for truth, for service, and my vision of the goal. It is the vision which I see,Psychology2, 372:service, and my vision of the goal. It is the vision which I see, the dream I dream, the truth I
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