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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Psychology2, 372:my peace, my satisfied desire, my dream, my vision of reality, my limited ideal, my finite thoughtPsychology2, 372:which is material or soaring upward towards the vision of reality must ever find theirPsychology2, 372:the truth as they interpret it; they love the vision and the dream, forgetting that the truth isPsychology2, 372:one-pointed, not inclusive; forgetting that the vision touches but the outer fringe of mystery, andPsychology2, 372:forms. Forget not God, Who dwells behind the vision. Love more your fellow men.' " It will bePsychology2, 372:arduous task of dissociating himself from his vision, from his adored truth, from his loved ideals,Psychology2, 373:has to learn to do. There he learns breadth of vision and a right sense of proportion. These twoPsychology2, 375:reality by rushing off after a self-engendered vision of truth, he will go far along the way toPsychology2, 401:faith which is based upon direct knowledge and vision. I have briefly indicated the triplePsychology2, 424:This involves The cultivation of a wider vision. The formulation of an inner program, intelligentlyPsychology2, 439:prove only a passing matter from the point of vision of the soul (e'en if it last an entirePsychology2, 441:of impotence. The reason for this is that the vision is at first too big, and he feels that hePsychology2, 457:is no [457] real danger, but the moment a man's vision of other and greater possibilities becomesPsychology2, 462:and the maniac who becomes so obsessed with his vision that, for the protection of society, he mustPsychology2, 462:needed care in the balancing of values, in the vision of the whole, and in the nature of thePsychology2, 463:the steady, loving presentation of a wider vision, which must be held before the man's eyes by somePsychology2, 464:power of thought, or whether, through a touch of vision, they become students of true meditationPsychology2, 466:be (according to the type and the [466] sense of vision) bewilderment, a failure to comprehend whatPsychology2, 466:the new and vibrant ideas, and for the broader vision. The way of life of the soul has gripped andPsychology2, 466:the wider horizon can be seen, and the larger vision grasped. A man must learn to recognize thatPsychology2, 525:- at the same time - he is subject to cycles of vision and periods of spiritual effort. ThePsychology2, 531:of the pull of the world and of the mystical vision, of divine possibilities and personalityPsychology2, 543:to the divine existence, the recognition of a vision of God which will suffice to meet individualPsychology2, 543:that he and the beloved are one and that the vision must and will disappear as he transcends itPsychology2, 555:psychic powers, the evolution of the mystical vision and the revelation of the light and of power.Psychology2, 559:c. Sight. Seeing. Perspective. The mystical vision. d. Taste (embryonic). Taste. Discrimination.Psychology2, 559:powers. a. Clairvoyance. Extension through vision. The mystical vision. b. Clairaudience. ExtensionPsychology2, 559:Extension through vision. The mystical vision. b. Clairaudience. Extension through hearing.Psychology2, 560:plane 1. Comprehension 2. Healing 3. Divine vision 4. Intuition 5. Idealism 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rdPsychology2, 189:sight. Clairvoyance. Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision. Realization. The Fourth Sense - Taste.Psychology2, 565:or happening as appropriately theirs, and some vision of a thought form of the Christ or of one ofPsychology2, 568:of these powers. The mystic upon the path of vision who (through the bringing in of energy from thePsychology2, 571:If he is a Hindu, there may come [571] to him a vision of the Lord of Love, Shri Krishna, or, if aPsychology2, 571:or a Theosophist or Rosicrucian, he may see a vision of one of the Masters or of the entirePsychology2, 573:to cooperate and convinced of the reality of his vision. The freedom from emotional appeal. ThePsychology2, 573:and mystic is ever mentally polarized. His vision is free from the deluding reactions of the solarPsychology2, 573:reactions of the solar plexus center. His vision awakens the heart center and evokes the responsePsychology2, 575:of Psychism. [575] The evolution of the mystical vision. This is the stage of Mysticism. ThePsychology2, 584:Clairvoyance This leads eventually to spiritual vision and finally to spiritual identification. c.Psychology2, 585:at this time on the Earth. It is spiritual vision leading to identification. Psychology2, 587:Oh, Chela, and cleanse thine heart and see the vision of thy soul. Look up, not down; within, notPsychology2, 598:Problem of the Development of the Mystical Vision This process of sensing the goal, of contactingPsychology2, 600:the mystic and the constant cultivation of the vision (whatever that might be) led also in manyPsychology2, 600:if unrecognized psychological trouble. The vision absorbed the mystic's whole attention and insteadPsychology2, 600:ecstasy induced by his identification with his vision. Nevertheless, I would point out here thatPsychology2, 601:scientific age. It is the materializing of the vision in astral matter, its development through thePsychology2, 601:life; he fails to distinguish between the vision and the Plan, between the manufactured unreal ofPsychology2, 601:the integrated human being. Forget not that the vision (of Heaven, of God, of Christ, of anyPsychology2, 601:in the Holy City, participation in some ecstatic vision of God, adoration of some deified and lovedPsychology2, 603:mental breakdown. Occultly speaking, "the fiery vision proceeds to burn its victim and thusPsychology2, 604:normality and begin [604] to transmute his Vision of the Good, the Beautiful and the True intoPsychology2, 604:upon the problem; he will then discover that the vision is but the reflection of the Plan of God.Psychology2, 604:to handle. The mystic who can see naught but his vision, who registers that vision in terms only ofPsychology2, 604:see naught but his vision, who registers that vision in terms only of symbolic forms, of sexualPsychology2, 605:the place of desire. It is necessary to have vision for "where there is no vision, the peoplePsychology2, 605:necessary to have vision for "where there is no vision, the people perish". True vision is, inPsychology2, 605:there is no vision, the people perish". True vision is, in reality, the astral reflection of thePsychology2, 605:The astral reflection of the Plan - such is the vision. There the life forces of the mysticalPsychology2, 605:the presentation of the Plan in the place of the Vision can [606] safely proceed. The children ofPsychology2, 606:individual and of the race. Mistake Me Not. The vision is a vision of reality. The Eternal DreamerPsychology2, 606:and of the race. Mistake Me Not. The vision is a vision of reality. The Eternal Dreamer dreams andPsychology2, 606:our consciousness as God's Plan and the mystical vision is the necessary though passing developmentPsychology2, 608:to clairvoyance. There can be no etheric vision apart from the usual organ of vision, the eye. ThePsychology2, 608:no etheric vision apart from the usual organ of vision, the eye. The sensing and the registering ofPsychology2, 609:beyond the radius of the head so that (to the vision of the clairvoyant seer) the halo makes itsPsychology2, 613:will be found. The registering of the mystical vision with its attendant difficulties isPsychology2, 613:the second ray is connected peculiarly with vision and with light. It will be apparent to you thatPsychology2, 614:the problems incident to the [614] mystical vision and the revelation of light and power - have aPsychology2, 630:humanity, still half-awakened, dimly sensing the vision, and struggling to free itself from thePsychology2, 631:can be more distinctly grasped. Those with no vision and a myopic outlook upon environing eventsPsychology2, 651:its development. Those who have responded to the vision as it has been presented to them by thatPsychology2, 655:when their minds are not distorted and their vision impaired by the false teaching of any selfishPsychology2, 661:test will then be to hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjective relationships and,Psychology2, 665:printed page, and later through a sensing of the vision. These two points must be remembered inPsychology2, 665:are so close to the Plan that their clarity of vision and their understanding is very real. TheyPsychology2, 668:formed, dedicated to the work of contacting the vision and of drawing in the needed wisdom andPsychology2, 671:the leaders is that the masses have not the long vision, and do not, and cannot, know what is goodPsychology2, 671:the leaders seem, as yet, to have but little vision. Attack by one party upon another party inPsychology2, 675:will be possible only if those who have this vision will make every effort and every possiblePsychology2, 682:with them through similarity of ideas and vision, so that in every country and major city the WorldPsychology2, 687:or apart from those who may share our spiritual vision, each of us can that day and for the periodPsychology2, 704:working under the inspiration of the Divine vision as it is embodied in the Plan, seeks to evoke aPsychology2, 713:also give to the working disciple of the world a vision of sufficient clarity and an adequatePsychology2, 716:occupied with the Plan as its [716] members can vision and grasp its essentiality, whilst thePsychology2, 720:them, and if we read with the eye of the inner vision open, and with our intuition alert and awake,Psychology2, 727:call the "doctrine of good will", and who can vision an ideal of group unity, carried forwardPsychology2, 728:Servers so that they could in turn see this vision with clarity, work with renewed optimism, andPsychology2, 731:bodies and through all men and women who can vision the higher possibilities and the world ofPsychology2, 739:however, if those who know the goal and see the vision and the emerging possibilities rally theirRays, 23:bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Savior, as the group toilsRays, 58:Have I succeeded in giving you a somewhat wider vision of the significance of initiation in theseRays, 59:which constantly reveals to him an enticing vision of that which is more desirable than his presentRays, 59:until the threefold personality is ready for a vision of the soul. From that point of tension theRays, 60:the note of his expanding consciousness has been vision, effort, attainment and again vision. HeRays, 60:has been vision, effort, attainment and again vision. He has therefore been occupied with becomingRays, 63:to the Plan. This involves upon his part a vision of that plan, identification with the underlyingRays, 75:are become new." This is the apotheosis of vision and the prelude to an unfoldment in the generalRays, 79:forward upon the path and in response to the vision and press upward towards the light. It is inRays, 83:earlier stage awakened to the significance of vision. That is why, at the third initiation, theRays, 91:the beautiful and true, his appropriation of the vision, and his point in evolution warrant a truer
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