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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISIT

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Autobiography, 28:Scotland, going back and forth from her home to visit other relatives and connections in Galloway.Autobiography, 36:and that I would travel all over the world and visit many countries, "doing your Master's work allAutobiography, 53:suggested to me that I should go and visit the Sandes Soldiers Homes in Ireland and, after settlingAutobiography, 102:married this man and you are going from here to visit his people. You will not find that they areAutobiography, 106:a couple of nights and we greatly enjoyed his visit. One of my daughters asked him if he wasAutobiography, 109:training and get ordained. This was my last visit to England for twenty years, and I have noAutobiography, 160:old, as he was walking up Beechwood Drive to visit me. He heard shrieks and screams coming from aAutobiography, 166:been known to come down across the frontier or visit an Occidental. When, however, Mr. CarpenterAutobiography, 204:around. Two of them are still our friends and visit us at times though they are both married andAutobiography, 221:in statues of long dead military men or to visit every church that could be visited. I told herAutobiography, 241:will guide humanity. Towards 1934 we began to visit other parts of Europe. During the next fiveAutobiography, 298:of experience was startlingly negligible. This visit of the Master was for the purpose ofExternalisation, 542:place" in the solar Hierarchy and will no longer visit the Himalayas annually, as has been HisFire, 723:mind-born Sons of Brahma. The effect of such a visit as that of the Avatar from Sirius is seenHercules, 113:the god of war. [113] Back from their annual visit to the haunts of men they came. Within the
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