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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISUALLY

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Astrology, 417:is no way of depicting them or of bringing them visually to your attention, for only the inner eyeDiscipleship1, 542:or symbolic phrases, endeavoring to see them visually in symbol form. First month... The greatDiscipleship2, 133:factually by the disciple - theoretically, visually, practically, intuitionally and factually. EachFire, 1001:itself felt; it becomes, in the occult sense, visually objective, and attracts the attention of theHealing, 246:conditions which eventually become apparent visually; thus disease and the "tendency to die" becomeHealing, 308:clairvoyance which enables the healer to see visually where the difficulty lies. This form ofHealing, 401:contrary and says that because we cannot see (visually) and prove (tangibly) the persistence of theInitiation, 157:Word is committed to the initiate orally and visually. It is spoken to him first in the form ofPsychology2, 608:closing his eyes - can see it plainly. It can be visually sensed and known. Eventually, and in someRays, 514:mentally utter the sound or Word of Power and visually attempt to see it performing the esotericRays, 560:in nature and constitute attempts to indicate visually a truth. Rays, 561:and the horizontal life"; it is therefore visually portrayed under the symbol of the Cross. I have
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