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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VITAL

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Discipleship1, 322:its own problem and its own solution. Only one vital thing stands in the way of a life of utterDiscipleship1, 345:In doing this, you have tuned in on a vital problem for the group. This group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 356:that one-pointedness which is one of your most vital assets. One thing I would like to point out:Discipleship1, 359:ask you to make your spiritual diary a more vital, more organized and more easily availableDiscipleship1, 372:Hierarchy. The results of this effort should be vital to you and of importance in handling yourDiscipleship1, 372:contact and that contact must be kept living and vital or else your personality idea, your desireDiscipleship1, 377:your understanding this distinction, for it is vital and real. Much of your present difficulty isDiscipleship1, 409:tremendous potency of your etheric body. This vital body of yours is of such strength, and carriesDiscipleship1, 439:is far more concerned with the pouring in of vital forces, which make a violent impact upon a frailDiscipleship1, 448:of force which are in the first ray field of vital effectiveness: The fifth Ray of Concrete ScienceDiscipleship1, 474:thought habits. Endeavor, therefore, to be of a vital usefulness to my group by cultivating beautyDiscipleship1, 482:a constant watchfulness over your daily life. a vital attentiveness to life as it is lived aroundDiscipleship1, 496:no results of any kind. [496] I look to you for vital service, my brother; I am confident in yourDiscipleship1, 517:can take hold of your personality in a new and vital manner. I can but give you a word and oneDiscipleship1, 521:help, enabling you to substitute a fresh and vital interest in the place of the old emerging ideas;Discipleship1, 525:thought-forms which surround you drain you of vital force and yet, physically speaking, you have noDiscipleship1, 535:to ponder. A more intense inner life and a more vital life of service are, I know, your ideals, butDiscipleship1, 570:it has to be made objectively apparent. It is of vital moment to you. It constitutes your highestDiscipleship1, 570:my brother and my friend. You have a deep and vital knowledge of spiritual and esoteric truth andDiscipleship1, 575:force flows in, these subtler bodies become more vital. Much force flows through you at this time.Discipleship1, 596:of a rhythm which will be strong enough and vital enough to produce the needed fusion of soul andDiscipleship1, 699:of prana as it pours through the etheric or vital body. Average man is impulsed by desire which isDiscipleship1, 699:- generates desire-energy. It pours into the vital body and galvanizes physical man into thoseDiscipleship1, 729:are living as souls, then the Ashram becomes a vital center or vortex of force and dynamicallyDiscipleship1, 737:which constitute his intention. To achieve this vital and strenuous effort, there must be theDiscipleship1, 750:the Master to sidetrack his attention from vital efforts to the unimportant task of helping aDiscipleship1, 758:for you in an endeavor to give you some of the vital implications. He is aware not only of theDiscipleship1, 779:and its purification and upon the etheric or vital body; most of them have been compilations ofDiscipleship2, 4:divine nature in each of you is more definitely vital than before. I do not say that it is as yetDiscipleship2, 6:or Master's group? Is it present in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and toDiscipleship2, 7:work is to go forward in a reorganized and more vital manner. If this New Seed Group measures up toDiscipleship2, 63:consciousness, and whilst they are faced with a vital and beneficent opportunity, they are alsoDiscipleship2, 87:it is hard for them to recognize the new and vital incoming truth, and the sad part is that theyDiscipleship2, 94:to make this theme or subject true and vital, because it is an essentially new esoteric concept andDiscipleship2, 114:suggest that you follow: There are two points of vital light within the solar plexus center, whichDiscipleship2, 114:the centers above the diaphragm have only one vital point of energy, whilst the centers below theDiscipleship2, 119:the work of transferring energy) but which is of vital significance in all preparation forDiscipleship2, 136:the world organization. See it as a growing, vital reality, of such life and potency that it canDiscipleship2, 141:whilst the world of meaning becomes more vital and real. This world, in its turn, is theDiscipleship2, 151:other groups and in different lands, are also a vital part of hierarchical effort. Discipleship2, 156:through meditation, more deeply into the vital meaning of these words, these amazing words. TheyDiscipleship2, 174:live afresh in your minds and take on a new and vital livingness. It is uniquely related to allDiscipleship2, 177:My attention [177] has been occupied with many vital matters and also with the effort to renderDiscipleship2, 209:all these planetary groups (and it is real and vital) can be grasped in the key statement that "allDiscipleship2, 224:they will not prove effective and of the needed vital potency unless the one who thus meditatesDiscipleship2, 243:piling up increased responsibility, there is a vital need for the majority of aspirants andDiscipleship2, 251:there. Fire, water and the earth - all need the vital air. The air is life. The air is God." TheDiscipleship2, 254:simply a question of vision and contacts but of vital interrelation and of recognition which bringDiscipleship2, 262:there. Fire, water and the earth - all need the vital air. The air is life. The air is God." TheseDiscipleship2, 266:soul. "Fire, water and the earth all need the vital air. The air is life." The clue again to thisDiscipleship2, 317:a noticeable increase in vitality and in vital tension and potency. Its reflection among the massesDiscipleship2, 324:sharing is closely related to vitality and to vital tension. That initiation is concerned at thisDiscipleship2, 358:- these factors begin to emerge as a vital vortex of force, receiving, distributing and under orderDiscipleship2, 366:called your attention to the necessity of a vital and active program, formulated by you andDiscipleship2, 415:knowledge is correct, and therefore vital for him. These factors are: The hint upon which he isDiscipleship2, 418:you can see, therefore, that a close study and a vital comprehension of Hint VI must normallyDiscipleship2, 419:centers a great activity is on the move and a vital expansion or moving outward is taking place.Discipleship2, 420:of them veils a deeper meaning and can convey a vital esoteric significance. Let me quote this hintDiscipleship2, 429:schools. These schools have, however, done one vital and important task: they have familiarizedDiscipleship2, 465:nature and your complete decentralization were a vital protection. He also informed you that - atDiscipleship2, 468:the complete realization. This point is of vital interest. Our present Masters of the Wisdom haveDiscipleship2, 503:if their leaders are to present fresh and vital information to their students, or they must takeDiscipleship2, 504:of major importance (though it has necessarily a vital purpose) as the coherent, integrated groupDiscipleship2, 552:and Right of Access - will take on new and vital meanings to you. Within the circle of those whoDiscipleship2, 555:and the potencies at their disposal are more vital than ever before. Link up with me each day andDiscipleship2, 555:outer fellowship was only the sign of a strong, vital and unshatterable inner fellowship. The innerDiscipleship2, 566:and Illumination. I have here given all of you a vital hint as to the distinction between the workDiscipleship2, 580:that the form (esoterically understood to be the vital body) is now strong enough to warrant anDiscipleship2, 582:that esoterically the form nature is the vital etheric body, and this automatically and easilyDiscipleship2, 603:of complete self-forgetfulness. The task is so vital that you and all your group brothers must loseDiscipleship2, 637:My last instruction to you was long and of vital importance; you have not yet absorbed its fullDiscipleship2, 708:You have a recognition of principles which is vital and somewhat rare, and on principles all trueDiscipleship2, 710:the downflow of the energy of love into the vital or etheric body, from whence it wouldDiscipleship2, 714:and consequently into the physical body. Your vital body feels the constant pull upwards of mentalDiscipleship2, 747:so. Then send forth from that center a broad and vital stream of energy, down the spine to theDiscipleship2, 749:possible because every problem is in reality a vital thought-form, effective for good or evil. TheDiscipleship2, 754:idealism. Carry the radiation of the sun to the vital body and see it bringing (on the beam of theEducation, 17:lower nature - emotional, mental and physical or vital - will become simply the automatic servantEducation, 17:value - all of which stand revealed in their vital spiritual significance when man learns to graspEducation, 33:bridging antahkarana: From the physical to the vital or etheric body. This is really an extensionEducation, 33:heart and the spleen. From the physical and the vital, regarding them as a unity, to the astral orEducation, 37:and the bodily organism - has already made a vital contribution and is doing much to bring aboutEducation, 84:is definitely to be seen. The nature - physical, vital, emotional and mental - of the boy or girlEducation, 144:speaking, two light bodies exist - the vital or etheric body and the soul vehicle. One is theEducation, 147:the spleen, and thence to the body of prana, the vital or etheric body, unites with force from theExternalisation, 14:them is great and the need of their work is vital. The service rendered has been real andExternalisation, 35:opportunity concerns the spirit aspect or the vital impulsive life aspect of divinity; that theExternalisation, 42:As purely physical healers, dealing with the vital forces of the physical body, and with their ownExternalisation, 60:effort to understand the nature of prana or of vital etheric energy, and the three qualities whichExternalisation, 82:quiet - and if you fill your days with vital occupation and true service, guarding with care allExternalisation, 88:the history of the world, under instruction and vital aid from Shamballa. [89] I. The ShamballaExternalisation, 95:realize that the illumination of the mind is a vital and essential factor. There are, therefore,Externalisation, 96:Picture Let me now present you with another vital consideration. Looking back over your individualExternalisation, 103:the physical plane, and this is brought about by vital recognition and an expression of theExternalisation, Esoter:when dangerous and terrible, have developed two vital characteristics in humanity. One has been theExternalisation, 169:as to humanity, invoking as it does great and vital potencies and indicating process (Sacrifice)Externalisation, 223:and give it active potency; it can then become a vital link between the subjective world of energyExternalisation, 223:to say today in this connection. A great and vital thought-form is in process of construction uponExternalisation, 232:of the higher spiritual values. These are the vital factors in the life of humanity; the death ofExternalisation, 279:apparent that Those Who formulated this new and vital Invocation believed firmly in the power of
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