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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VITAL

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Externalisation, 333:is clear and the inspiration [333] is fresh and vital. But the moment that the consciousness of theExternalisation, 350:of the [350] Buddha? Will their massed intent be vital enough to enable the Christ to becomeExternalisation, 350:public. Do you see, therefore, the imminent and vital possibilities? Do you recognize the urgencyExternalisation, 372:the humanitarian and spiritual standpoint, the vital problem after the war will be the restorationExternalisation, 382:effort and, at the end, death, is of more vital usefulness today than a futile doing of the thingsExternalisation, 414:minds. As They draw nearer we vision a new and vital world religion, a universal faith, at-one inExternalisation, 421:festivals, but will be recognized to be also of vital importance. They will establish the divineExternalisation, 491:other groups and in different lands are also a vital part of hierarchical effort. Externalisation, 514:for each one linked to Him becomes, in a vital sense, a cell in His Body. This the initiate PaulExternalisation, 518:always I appeal to you to remember, for it is of vital importance. It is the fact that in theExternalisation, 518:This will be tremendously increased during the vital and unusual cycle upon which we entered inExternalisation, 533:wrote for initiates to whom love was a growing, vital concern, and to whom love and its practiceExternalisation, 539:better than was anticipated, and this new and vital realignment between the Hierarchy and HumanityExternalisation, 561:unified grasp of living conditions and of a vital situation. These instructions can aid all earnestExternalisation, 586:is alert and active; the new ideas and the vital fresh concepts are foremost in his mind. [587] HeExternalisation, 611:in the world Scriptures; this may produce a vital change in the preconceived ideas of humanity.Externalisation, 616:sense of general frustration, and another very vital question arises: For what period of time mustExternalisation, 630:We come now to the fifth prerequisite: a vital and sure belief in humanity as a whole. There mustExternalisation, 673:which I dealt will be used in a new and more vital manner. These energies are ever present and everExternalisation, 673:of substance on matter or of the action of the vital or etheric body upon matter; they are theFire, 48:that they demonstrate as the sumtotal of the vital life of a solar system, of a planet, of theFire, 81:so aptly expressed it. 35, 36 34 "Prana, or the vital principle, is the special relation of theFire, 89:and their relation to the assimilation of the vital essences by the bodily frame. They are on theFire, 90:Body and Prana 1. Solar Prana This is that vital and magnetic fluid which radiates from the sun,Fire, 91:Body and Prana 2. Planetary Prana This is the vital fluid emanated from any planet, whichFire, 92:with man: Solar devas, who transmit the vital fluid which circulates in the etheric body. PlanetaryFire, 99:etheric center and the dense physical organ. The vital essence from the sun is passed into theFire, 100:spleen to that at which the prana entered. The vital fluid circulates through and between theseFire, 114:one of the seven sacred planetary chains, is of vital importance at this time to the planetaryFire, 186:the Divine Manasaputra? These are questions of vital moment, and in their due comprehension comesFire, 262:2. The astral or emotional body. 8 3. Prana, or vital energy. 4. Etheric body. The microcosmFire, 265:with the lowest: 7. The etheric body. 1. The vital body. 6. Prana. 2. Vital force. 5. Kama-manas.Fire, 265:etheric body. 1. The vital body. 6. Prana. 2. Vital force. 5. Kama-manas. 3. Desire Mind. 4. LowerFire, 266:body. Linga Sharira. 3rd Principle - Prana. Vital energy. 4th Principle - Kama-rupa. The energy ofFire, 294:of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion is of vital moment. Two main ideas must always be borne inFire, 297:fourth cosmic ether, is in this fourth round, a vital factor in planetary evolution. When theFire, 301:human and deva units upon a planet make the body vital of a planetary Logos, whilst the sumtotal ofFire, 303:(or desire-mind principle) is one of the most vital to man then the period or cycle in which a manFire, 312:manifestation - that which is analogous to the vital heat, activity and radiation of a human being,Fire, 315:magnetic interaction and is the source of all vital growth; at the achievement of the desired goal,Fire, 342:Whence comes this fire? Where originates this vital heat, or vibratory activity, which isFire, 351:them with our own system so that one complete vital body forms the manifestation of this mightyFire, 356:and not to the remainder of the cellular vital substance of His vehicles. Man has a body made up ofFire, 356:In this unit there are certain areas of more vital importance than other areas from the standpointFire, 357:seven and a lower three. The lower centers were vital in the last solar system (from the esotericFire, 362:the most, and which is temporarily of the most vital importance to the planetary Logos, is theFire, 402:essences into their synthesis. This has a vital bearing upon our subject, for resolution is as yetFire, 413:Logos, and know His plans; They are the vital activity of the planet, and in a subtle sense theyFire, 432:the force of the Logos of the fourth Ray is a vital factor in the initiation. It is through theFire, 440:now coming into power, and which is therefore a vital factor in the immediate evolution of man. TheFire, 454:as the receiver, storer, and transmitter of the vital fluids of the system. The foundation of theFire, 488:I. All matter is living matter, or is the vital substance of deva entities. For instance, a plane,Fire, 489:pointed out - the transmitters of prana, or the vital, animating substance, and hence they setFire, 495:such as gold and silver, which play such a vital part in the life of the race, and are the mineralFire, 504:and its relation to the second fire is one of vital import to three types of people: Those who areFire, 525:light, and enjoy an ever increasing freedom, and vital existence. The true significance of theFire, 560:Out Specific Purpose We touch here upon the most vital element in the building of thought-forms. InFire, follow:economy of the system as the transmitter of the vital pranic fluid; the vegetable kingdom isFire, 584:the working of this, the fourth law. It is of vital moment in this fourth chain. As regards humanFire, 604:distinction between the dense physical, and the vital body. Only as we become polarized in theFire, 604:understand the function of the Lord Agni as the vital life of the cosmic etheric, as the vitalityFire, 630:Great Bear). The seven Sons of Fohat find their vital force emanating from: The cosmic physicalFire, 630:and the "Fiery Lives" are real, and conscious, vital Existences. Thus we see the Logos manifestingFire, 641:and incidentally in a home. This is of very vital import, for it means that they are connected withFire, 651:the war was a great occult event, and caused a vital change in many of the plans and arrangementsFire, 729:the Not-Self, and the intelligent link in a very vital sense. He is Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, inFire, 753:taken dense physical bodies. They work on the vital etheric levels, and dwell in etheric bodies.Fire, 785:is one of great importance, for it marks the vital circulation throughout the entire vehicle of aFire, 785:to the etheric body which circulates the vital force or prana of the sun. A similar linking up withFire, 787:In all the work of form-building, certain very vital occasions occur which concern the Ego evenFire, 788:the standpoint of the lower self, the two most vital moments in the work of the reincarnating Ego,Fire, 794:their case to a point where all that represents vital energy has left, all solar live has passedFire, 830:This brings about a threefold display of vital force which causes the disintegration of the formFire, 891:for they are connected with the lesser vital portions of the physical body of the planetary Logos,Fire, 899:by three lines of force. This planet has also a vital relation to the sixth logoic principle, orFire, 917:manifested. The accretion of matter around the vital body, and the densification of substanceFire, 917:and the densification of substance around the vital etheric nucleus are in themselves the result ofFire, 917:degree as constituting part of a still greater vital body, will the true methods of the greatFire, 917:first subplane or the first etheric plane. The vital form building energy of the three ensuingFire, 944:withdraws at the moment of death. This is the vital point. The "thread" of life there, by the timeFire, 947:have arisen as to the the purpose of the vital fluids of the universe and this has added to theFire, 949:the aspirant and the initiate) will come much of vital interest to the careful student of analogy.Fire, 952:the place of man in the cosmic plan becomes more vital and apparent when it is realized that one ofFire, 954:energy which they emanate, and which constructs vital thought forms, runs counter to that of theFire, 954:their thought forms accurately, and to hold in vital form those thought constructions whereby theyFire, 955:necessitate a clear comprehension among such vital thinkers and workers, of the power of thought;Fire, 956:whatever that may be, holding it through his own vital energy in its due form, keeping it vibratingFire, 962:it forms a center of communication between he vital energy of the spinal column (the kundaliniFire, 970:not through any mental apprehension or "vital desire," but because it is the thing to do. In thisFire, 977:forms. It will be apparent, therefore, how vital is this matter, and how influenced men and womenFire, 978:factors for this question of group work is of vital importance and much is hoped from it in theseFire, 979:that the form, instead of being a constructive, vital, helpful force, is a destructive one in theFire, 984:93 In this connection, therefore, owing to the vital practical value of this section, and to theFire, 986:is. He works [986] through group centers and vital points of energy, and from thence produces, inFire, 996:his servants. This thought brings us to the vital and real distinction between the white brotherFire, 1005:of manifestation") shall neither die for lack of vital sustenance nor return to him with itsFire, 1005:has failed in its purpose form a drain upon his vital force. He, therefore, sees to it that theFire, 1013:VII The dual forces on the plane whereon the vital power must be sought, are seen; the two pathsFire, 1016:the produce of his thought, and the prey of a vital form, and of certain "devas of the waters" whoFire, 1023:that we are now dealing with etheric matter and vital energy, and are therefore concerning
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