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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VITALITY

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Meditation, 183:They are the custodians of prana, magnetism and vitality, just as man is the custodian of the fifthMeditation, 218:Aspect Spirit Matter Mind Consciousness Vehicle Vitality Self Not-Self Relation between 2. Ray ofMeditation, 229:when dealing with the life side, and in terms of vitality when dealing with intelligence, or theMeditation, 232:as you call them, through magnetism and through vitality and intelligence. To put it quite briefly,Meditation, 243:or of congestion? Is the patient lacking in vitality? What is the value of his magnetic action onMeditation, 245:as a transmitter of prana, the life force, vitality or magnetism, or as the vehicle which links theMeditation, 328:of the etheric body and its allied subjects of vitality and magnetism. Study of geology; of thePatanjali, 198:is usually regarded as the dissipation of the vitality or the virility of the animal nature. ThePatanjali, 305:paralleled by the spleen, which is the organ of vitality, of prana or physical sun force, in thePatanjali, 328:controlled by the mind via the brain; it is the vitality which brings into activity thePatanjali, 369:cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live, and the support ofPatanjali, 396:cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live, and the support ofPatanjali, 397:result personality. 3. The will to live mental vitality. 4. The outward going life the object. WhenPatanjali, 397:It is kept in manifestation through mental vitality. This has been demonstrated time and again inPsychology1, 56:the animal kingdom as regards its possession of vitality, sentiency, and potential mind; with thePsychology1, 56:mind; with the vegetable kingdom as regards vitality and sentiency; and with the mineral kingdom asPsychology1, 56:and with the mineral kingdom as regards vitality and potential sentiency. The soul is also thePsychology1, 101:of the light which promotes and nurtures growth, vitality and fertility in the kingdoms of naturePsychology1, 219:Each kingdom is a reservoir of power and of vitality to the next kingdom which emerges under thePsychology1, 220:the kingdom of souls draws sustenance and vitality, and in the interlocking and interrelation ofPsychology1, 374:We talk of the necessity of increasing human vitality and the vitality of animals and plants; thePsychology1, 374:necessity of increasing human vitality and the vitality of animals and plants; the quality of thePsychology1, 374:of animals and plants; the quality of the vitality producing factors - food, sun and the coloredPsychology1, 418:Color: Red. Human Principle: Prana or life-vitality. Divine Principle: The One Life. Spirit. ThisPsychology1, 420:Sense: Smell. Esoterically, this principle of vitality or prana is seated in the center at the basePsychology2, 65:energy cross: these are the current of physical vitality or life and the current of thePsychology2, 65:spleen is the organ in which planetary prana or vitality is received and passed. This enters inPsychology2, 66:centers. The etheric body intensifies its vitality, and the physical body is consequentlyPsychology2, 68:structure [68] of the physical body, plus the vitality which animates that body, and, secondly, thePsychology2, 406:the physical outer form, [406] the sum total of vitality or the etheric body (which science todayPsychology2, 418:of such a nature that there is a low vitality, a lack of desire impulses, a failure to registerPsychology2, 419:trouble is frequently overcome by increasing the vitality of the body, building up the ethericPsychology2, 419:are rapidly yielding to treatment. Lack of vitality, immaturity, depression based upon a weak vitalPsychology2, 480:people into a state of lowered spiritual vitality, accompanied usually by lowered physicalPsychology2, 480:accompanied usually by lowered physical vitality. This condition is widespread and based on wrongPsychology2, 487:and - at the same time - lowering their physical vitality. The impact of the higher spiritualPsychology2, 512:affecting the whole of humanity. The physical vitality of the races is low, or it is being whippedPsychology2, 512:Instead of drawing upon the resources of vitality, stored up in the soil, in food, fresh air andPsychology2, 512:problems confronting the Hierarchy. How can the vitality of the human family be restored? How canPsychology2, 598:is today enhanced by the fact that the physical vitality of the race is so lowered and also soPsychology2, 624:of group activity, group coherency and group vitality. The mystic therefore suffers as a result ofRays, 82:the warmth which lies behind all growth, and is vitality itself. [83] This initiate realization isRays, 129:with the soul - find its sustenance and vitality by the inflow of the intuition and of theRays, 232:will energy of Shamballa and to the life-giving vitality, but have used it in keeping with theirRays, 481:and only those can escape the effect of the vitality of their own centers who are definitely 'LordsReappearance, 82:referred. His outpouring love and spiritual vitality (augmented by the energies of the Spirit ofReappearance, 132:in the life of Christ and to express the vitality of the truth that "no man liveth unto himself"Soul, 63:of intellect and matter being that of organized vitality, occupying the whole domain of animal andSoul, 68:and this subtle, hidden and yet always revealed vitality is the final essence of everything that weSoul, 79:a universe animated by forces. Speed, activity, vitality, transportation, the transmission ofSoul, 88:faculties of the soul, such as mentality, vitality, memory, etc., to different parts of the brain.Soul, 150:from the strength of His personality and vitality. In all the paintings of Christ He is shown withTelepathy, 25:substance. These two types of force are of a vitality, potency and substance so subtle and fineTelepathy, 143:form is qualified then by the general life and vitality of the plane on which the Dweller in theTelepathy, 165:in its lowest expression of physical life and vitality, and finally as the "point of sensitivity."
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