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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VITALIZE

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Astrology, 42:centers and manifest subjectively; they warm and vitalize groups of forms; they [43] flower forthAstrology, 211:opposites, and its effect is also definitely to vitalize the blood stream; it vitalizes, purifiesAstrology, 689:of living Fire, manasic and electric fire; They vitalize the body of the Heavenly Man and hold allDiscipleship1, 144:people. For the work which you seek to vitalize, look not for the sweet, the gentle, the kind andDiscipleship1, 321:center at the back of the neck and each day vitalize that center so that the creative work isDiscipleship1, 543:one great Form appeared. Sound the O. M. and vitalize the pictorial vision which you have succeededDiscipleship1, 621:of gold. I choose the color rose, for it will vitalize the astral counterpart of the heart center,Education, 53:has opened a channel so that the love petals can vitalize the astral body of humanity, thus leadingExternalisation, 161:Spirit of Peace will, when the right time comes, vitalize the responsiveness of humanity, via theExternalisation, 330:activity. Thus this group will be ready to vitalize people and groups everywhere with whom they areExternalisation, 505:levels with those lesser angels or devas who vitalize thought-forms and who keep alive the thoughtsFire, 38:vitalizing fire. These fires animate and vitalize the objective solar system. They are the sumtotalFire, 41:Macrocosm The internal fires that animate and vitalize shew themselves in a twofold manner: [42/43]Fire, 388:of living Fire, manasic and electric fire; They vitalize the body of the Heavenly Man and hold allFire, 389:planetary Logos He is at present endeavoring to vitalize. These points are, as may be inferred, tooFire, 427:To employ the electrical force in the air to vitalize, rebuild, and heal the physical body; thenFire, 567:mental matter consciously or unconsciously? Do I vitalize my thought-forms with a high or a lowFire, 567:Do I realize the power of the will to vitalize? Do I destroy thought-forms when they haveFire, 708:with the material of that subplane, and vitalize it with Their Own energy. They form a new andFire, 735:back to the atomic subplane where it will still vitalize the permanent atom and hold it connectedFire, 924:along three main lines. They are the devas who vitalize and produce the energy of all forms ofFire, 949:and away from the old stream, which tends to vitalize and feed the evil form, and one moreFire, 968:according to the ability of the man to vitalize and hold in coherent form his idea. Most of theFire, 979:to build his lecture and which he is going to vitalize. Out of all the thought matter of the worldFire, 1201:centers and manifest subjectively; they warm and vitalize groups of forms; they flower forth andHealing, 2:body, which has one main objective. This is to vitalize and energize the physical body and thusHealing, 17:every aspect of the form nature. It can then vitalize it with its potency, and can also eliminateHealing, 212:from themselves. They endeavor consciously to vitalize the centers, to burn away the protectiveHealing, 223:energized; the emotional demands enormously vitalize the solar plexus center, and the center at theHealing, 463:- sufficient to preserve consciousness, to vitalize the various physical processes, and to initiateHercules, 201:of [201] spiritual energy, which will save and vitalize all lower kingdoms of nature. The SecondInitiation, 55:levels, in connection with the lesser devas who vitalize thought-forms, and thus keep alive theMagic, 19:being the apparatus utilized by that energy to vitalize the body, to produce its coordinatedMagic, 103:and to those spiritual energies which seem to vitalize the personality, leading consequently toMagic, 152:and conscious purpose behind it, serves to vitalize the centers and fill each of them with dynamicMagic, 158:morning meditation he is learning to build and vitalize thought-forms, his work might assumeMagic, 180:will have the ability temporarily to create and vitalize these thought-forms, and [182] so enableMagic, 191:aspect as is the case in many practices used to vitalize the centers. The two facts of importanceMagic, 207:effect upon the physical body, and devitalize or vitalize the etheric body correspondingly. ThereMagic, 267:and the life poured into the form serves only to vitalize the atoms in substance. The potency ofMagic, 285:The centers have three main functions: First, to vitalize the physical body. Second, to bring aboutMagic, 368:known to others among the sons of men. Then you vitalize the thought-form with the power of yourMagic, 487:when first you meet and contact it. Will you vitalize it, or will you arrest it? Arrest it by aMagic, 589:the one, spiritual life can begin to flow in and vitalize all the centers, and through the other,Meditation, 189:of the man, and his power to control and vitalize. [190] Meditation, 334:eating of only those vegetables and fruits that vitalize. Careful judgment shown in the choice ofPsychology1, 85:show his capacity to build thought-forms and to vitalize them. This I dealt with in A Treatise onPsychology1, 152:they preserve their relative distances, and vitalize their planets, but at the same time theyRays, 568:unfoldment; they create the needed new forms and vitalize and qualify that through which the
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