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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIVEKANANDA

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Patanjali, 58:of the terms used in the Sanskrit. Only Vivekananda, among the many translators, gives thisPatanjali, 99:all that man can know whilst in manifestation. Vivekananda in his commentary says as follows: "ThePatanjali, 100:soul) alone is excepted from this definition.)." Vivekananda apparently here translates purusha asPatanjali, 217:synonymous terms. This is by no means the case. Vivekananda points this out in his commentary onPatanjali, 228:of the life and light of the spiritual man. Vivekananda says, speaking technically (and it is goodPatanjali, 246:and outgoing, but is fully "fixed in attention." Vivekananda translates "dharana" as "holding thePatanjali, 259:called "nirodha." It must be remembered that (as Vivekananda says): "If there is a modificationPatanjali, 291:knowledge) (Tatya), That effulgent Light (Vivekananda), The Light from the top of the headPatanjali, 291:The Light from the top of the head (Vivekananda), The coronal Light (Ganganatha Jha), The Light ofPatanjali, 340:of the illumination (of intellect)." - Tatya. Vivekananda expresses the sutra in the followingSoul, 96:Soul and its Mechanism - Soul, Ether and Energy Vivekananda, who did so much to reveal the soul ofSoul, 97:back to its original state, is called Prana... - Vivekananda, Swami, Raja Yoga, pp. 29, 30. A moreSoul, 159:Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe) Raja Yoga, Swami Vivekananda The Serpent Power, Arthur Avalon (Sir John
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