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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIVIFYING

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Discipleship2, 129:soul body. This produces, when correctly done, a vivifying of the sutratma and links theExternalisation, 654:I am here referring to the use of stimulating, vivifying, fructifying and mutable energies underFire, 97:fire generated, assimilated and radiated; fire vivifying, stimulating and destroying; fireFire, 1220:on the head of a man. Outgoing energy 6th Ray. Vivifying factor. 4. Law of Repulse. The Law of allHealing, 125:with the energy of the heart and with the vivifying force of its embodied life. In connection withMagic, 364:throughout the entire body of the Logos, and vivifying therefore even the tiniest atom in thatMagic, 594:and only after repeated failure, does the [594] vivifying life course through the entire body andMeditation, 74:in ordered progression until it is focused and vivifying the head centers. Earlier we divided theMeditation, 102:centers of an undesirable character, or be a vivifying factor, acting as a [103] stimulating andMeditation, 199:of the force tapped, and its exhilarating, vivifying and stimulating effects will be closelyPsychology2, 118:with a pot of water Outpouring Energy Sixth Ray Vivifying Life We come now to the consideration ofSoul, 101:the expression of the life soul, that sentient vivifying duality which we call prana. This dualTelepathy, 154:Logos, reduced within limits, animating, vivifying and correlating all the seven [155] planes (in
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