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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VOICES

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Astrology, 326:demanding to be saved have cried aloud. Their voices penetrate into the formless world and thereAstrology, 523:This is slowly coming to pass and the selfish voices of the blind idealists, the fearful and theAutobiography, 41:around me and to hear the Voice - after the many voices of nature and within myself were stilled. IAutobiography, 50:however, they are only wanting to hear their own voices and know everything, then I am helpless andAutobiography, 111:and I lived in a constant riot of children's voices. The little town was typical - shops with falseAutobiography, 290:disciples, initiates and Masters; loud voices are everywhere to be heard demanding attention toBethlehem, 28:on our way to "that which is within," and many voices are today proclaiming this. We are on thatBethlehem, 44:inner voice which can be heard when all other voices are stilled. When that voice is heard we comeBethlehem, 47:ready to respond. Such is the situation now. The voices of these individuals who have entered intoBethlehem, 52:to hear the Voice which can tune out all other voices, and as they learn to register the SoundBethlehem, 167:the wonder of what the World-Savior does, and voices it in words which I quote: "...the great mindBethlehem, 234:a time of inexplicable miracles, healing, and voices, and a strange mastery over Nature itself, andBethlehem, 268:silence" - when a man has quieted all the outer voices. The attainment of the faculty ofBethlehem, 269:is developed. Nor is it listening to the many voices which can make themselves heard when a manDestiny, 26:of marching armies, the thunder of the many voices and the stress of the worldwide economicDestiny, 98:This is slowly coming to pass and the selfish voices of the blind idealists, the fearful and theDiscipleship1, 15:psychic impressions has to be tuned out; so many voices clamor for attention, so many impressions -Discipleship1, 74:if the world aspirants and disciples make their voices adequately penetrating. . . . In this timeDiscipleship1, 140:that which your soul demands. Let not the lesser voices of the loved and near deflect you from yourDiscipleship1, 164:my voice and to group impression but also to the voices of those who will be attracted to the groupDiscipleship1, 451:themselves and is safe, provided that the voices of those who see the [452] vision of the futureDiscipleship1, 519:year and stand detached, Let not the lesser voices crowd out the voice of your [520] soul or myDiscipleship1, 675:cold is it and a place of many sounds and voices. The voices of the many sons of God, left playingDiscipleship1, 675:is it and a place of many sounds and voices. The voices of the many sons of God, left playing onDiscipleship1, 679:of glamor snap. Forward I rush. "Myriads of voices speak and halt me in my tracks. The thunder ofDiscipleship1, 679:clear, and in its tones and overtones the little voices of the little forms dim and fade out. IDiscipleship2, 550:and who stand close to the outer door. Their voices may not penetrate too far and thus disturb theDiscipleship2, 764:with the Master. The rewards of solitude. The voices heard in the silence of solitude. The silenceEducation, One of:close relationship. These key people make their voices heard and evoke attention; their ideas areExternalisation, 62:can intervene if the world aspirants make their voices penetrate. Will this be possible? The forcesExternalisation, 70:close relationship. These key people make their voices heard and evoke attention; their ideas areExternalisation, 99:has to still his lower nature and quiet the voices of his own ideas in order to understand andExternalisation, 172:the worker to respond, therefore, to the inner voices and to serve dispassionately and selflesslyExternalisation, 175:guidance and vision. There is great confusion of voices. Those who know the least speak ever theExternalisation, 192:evoked, recognized and listened to, and not the voices of the separative exponents of any ideology,Externalisation, 215:governments, and the prey [215] of the loudest voices. It is of value to you to get this pictureExternalisation, 229:from the many minor issues, the many clamoring voices, and from the widespread concentration uponExternalisation, 274:the appearance of the Lord of Civilization Who voices and engineers upon the physical plane theExternalisation, 301:World; They can only be reached by the united voices of the Hierarchy and of humanity speaking inExternalisation, 302:glamors, revenge or self-pity, then their voices will be added to those of the other free peoplesExternalisation, 312:[312] is the purpose of the new Invocation. It voices intent, makes demand and pledges cooperation.Externalisation, 387:task we are all called, and to it there are many voices calling today; there are thousands who haveExternalisation, 475:arrest the descent of evil into manifestation. Voices of leaders and humanitarians everywhere wereHealing, 398:by the clairvoyant and the hearing of voices by the clairaudient, and also by trickery. Note that IHealing, 688:sources and must not be confused with the little voices of little men. Hercules, 41:meet him oil the Way. Across the waters came the voices of the Sisters seven, singing around theHercules, 74:writing, or he learns to sit and listen to "voices", he becomes astrally clairvoyant orHercules, 77:he must decide which voice, of all the many voices, will arouse the obedience of his heart. ProvideHercules, 96:the need, for it hath heard a voice, aye, many voices, telling you of need and urging you toIntellect, 222:you upon my typewriter I can hear all sorts of voices and words and sounds which are not physical.Magic, 136:in the failure to turn the inner ear to those voices on the subtler planes which utter "the WordsMagic, 142:felt on the physical plane. Only when the many voices of the lower nature and of our environmentMagic, 386:with clamor snap. Forward I rush. "Myriads of voices speak and halt me in my tracks. The thunder ofMagic, 386:clear, and in its tones and overtones the little voices of the little forms dim and fade out. IMagic, 469:cold is it and a place of many sounds and voices. The voice of the many sons of God, left playingMagic, 584:and is thus deaf to all lesser alluring voices. This again brings loneliness and produces thatMagic, 633:to the incoming Aquarian vibration register the voices of the leaders of the other two groups, butPatanjali, 216:to the egoic impression or swayed by the million voices of earth. It apparently has no voice of itsPatanjali, 336:by the aspirant when he realizes that when the voices of desire (astral voices or vibratoryPatanjali, 336:realizes that when the voices of desire (astral voices or vibratory response to the second aspectPatanjali, 336:in manifestation 2. The Astral Light Light The voices of desire The reflection of the secondPatanjali, 337:to develop the power to distinguish between: The voices of earth - physical, The voices of desire -Patanjali, 337:between: The voices of earth - physical, The voices of desire - astral, The speech or formulatedPatanjali, 337:of Raja Yoga, however, there are three main voices or sounds with which he is temporarilyPatanjali, 361:worlds of form and their presiding deities whose voices seek to lure the aspirant off the path intoProblems, 9:in a demand for beauty, leisure and culture; it voices the opportunity to work creatively andProblems, 16:to greater depths than in the last war. The voices of the old order and the demand of theProblems, 16:Because they have been so long established, the voices of the conservatives carry weight andProblems, 31:in their might in every nation and make their voices heard? Will they have the strength, theProblems, 170:Unity The world today is full of warring voices; everywhere there is an outcry against worldPsychology1, 98:not of this physical world; they hear sounds and voices which emanate from those who are not usingPsychology1, 358:sheltered, fall from their high places, and the voices of men are lost in the crash and thunder ofPsychology2, 136:the truth is that he is deceived by the many voices, because the Voice of the Silence has beenPsychology2, 168:it will surely measure up to my desire.' Loud voices, and a movement from outside the darkenedPsychology2, 168:on chord, they speak their thought to me. The voices which I hear intrigue and draw me, and withPsychology2, 352:side. Let the ears be closed to all the outer voices, and the hands clenched, the body braced, andPsychology2, 477:placed there because they "saw things" or heard voices, or dreamed dreams, and because [478] theyPsychology2, 480:state) becomes aware of inclinations, urges, voices, clearly impressed commands, revelations ofPsychology2, 482:are too many disciples in the world today whose voices are ringing loudly and clearly along thePsychology2, 482:or to differentiate between the various sounds, voices and so-called inspired indications whichPsychology2, 482:acquiescence, the sensitively inclined person voices his submission, but fails to recognize thatPsychology2, 484:guided, often of being directed, by illusionary voices. Frequently the heads of the organizationPsychology2, 486:introspective, negative life are today hearing voices, receiving guidance and obeying impulsesPsychology2, 489:can also be simply a sensitivity to the voices and injunctions and well-meaning intentions of goodPsychology2, 665:must be attentive to the cry of humanity as it voices its highest hopes, longings and desires. ThisRays, 9:voice of its 'lunar lords' will stifle all other voices and the man be swept back into InertiaRays, 10:"formless One" above the strife of all the lower voices, comes the opportunity for the aspirant toRays, 192:of the Black Lodge. This [192] Lodge uses the voices of lying propaganda, the Word of death (whichRays, 200:sentence could be paraphrased as follows: The voices and the Voice fade out. The AUM is replaced byRays, 200:center of that OM the brother stands. The many voices of the world, the flesh and the devil are noRays, 201:the AUM and all things come to be; He it is Who voices the Word, the OM, and God incarnate inRays, 291:the Sound of many waters and the Word of many voices. Great is the confusion but still theRays, 291:More loudly comes the voice; then suddenly the voices dim and listening now gives place to knowingRays, 759:But the Invocation is not vague or nebulous. It voices the basic needs of mankind today - the needReappearance, 46:New Group of World Servers. In His Person, He voices their demand for the recognition of theSoul, 23:or soul. The West, however, has its dissenting voices. There is the introspective school ofTelepathy, 30:the present time. Keep an attentive ear to the voices which issue forth from the world of spiritual
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