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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VOICING

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Astrology, 383:mind the words: Will, Desire, Light and Plan. In voicing it thus, I but step down and distort theDiscipleship1, 392:teacher. Deal with them clearly and with truth, voicing your answers aloud so that you can hearDiscipleship1, 514:you. Of its value, I know you are assured and in voicing the expression of your need, I am onlyDiscipleship1, 514:voicing the expression of your need, I am only voicing your own deepest wish. From May 1934 to MayDiscipleship2, 57:Hierarchy (symbolized by me) and the subsequent voicing by me of certain Words of Power were allExternalisation, 378:though small, group among the world leaders is voicing certain general propositions which must beExternalisation, 388:both Invocations and believing that you are voicing the unified will and desire of humanity itself.Externalisation, 396:the spiritual demand for life and liberation, voicing the "massed intent" of humanity. If bothExternalisation, 599:new group of world servers, and in His Person voicing their demand for the recognition of theFire, 611:from the Christian angle, and Paul was but voicing an occult truth when he enunciated the factsPsychology2, 374:agony of the astral awareness of this dilemma, voicing itself in the agonizing words: "My God, MyRays, 303:appeal of the mass of men, and the intelligent voicing of demand by those prepared intelligently toRays, 549:they succumb to irritation and find themselves voicing that irritation in loud words or in angryRays, 554:Group of World Servers, directing their efforts, voicing their aims and stimulating theirRays, 758:of men, let light descend on Earth," we are, voicing one of the great needs of humanity and - ifRays, 759:you are in a position to reach) to a united voicing of the Invocation on the same day [760] inSoul, 17:correct or incorrect, merit experiment and test. Voicing what should be the attitude of mind for
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