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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VOID

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Astrology, 546:spirit. This call can sound forth clearly in a void and be evoked by time and circumstance -Bethlehem, 220:all possible reactions failed to fill the sensed void. He seemed deserted, not only by humanity,Bethlehem, 250:else all that we see going on around is void, futile and senseless. It was this command of HimselfDiscipleship1, 477:work which I am doing is oft rendered null and void by your inner antagonisms and your outerDiscipleship2, 258:whereas when Christ experienced the "great void of darkness" and chanted aloud the occult mantramInitiation, 132:meaning of "Peace." He stands, as it were, in a void, or in a vacuum, wherein naught seemingly canIntellect, 139:transported high above all the faculties into a void of immense solitude whereof no mortal canIntellect, 262:soul in pain Through a world of words which are void and vain. 0 never while shadow and light areMeditation, 65:are correctly constituted, or rendered null and void and neutralized should the groups containRays, 199:initiations. Veil IV. That "unknown impenetrable Void, the utter darkness of negation" which ThoseSoul, 108:concerns himself with one, leaving the others void of the animating breath (prana), as so many
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