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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VOLATILE

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Astrology, 149:or Common Cross as difficulty, the versatile and volatile mind (unstable and dark) and as sex. Fire, 477:of form. Finally liberation, escape of the volatile essence, and the gathering of the residue backFire, 484:being resolved into its essential duality. The volatile stage, which concerns primarily theFire, 490:sheath, seeking to imprison the escaping volatile essence as the form disintegrates. This hindersFire, 491:consequent escape (through radioactivity) of the volatile essence. At all the different stages, theFire, 493:atom which produces radiation or the escape of volatile essence. Speaking cosmically, and regardingFire, 579:A condition of nebulosity of a pronouncedly volatile condition, marked the first round and race.Fire, 702:be yet awhile) attention will be turned to the volatile essences of the body, to the heart centerFire, 896:which are linked to all fiery essences, being volatile and the result of heat. Etheric matter, orFire, 1061:of that which is unorganized. Third, that the "volatile essence," or the spiritual essential Life,Fire, 1063:been turned with adequate frequency, so that the volatile life-essence is ready to escape from thatMeditation, 56:itself the Lords of the mysterious Pentacle, the volatile essences of the emotional plane, theRays, 590:correspondence as a symbol of its nature. It is volatile, easily dispersed, is the receptive agent
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