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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VOLUNTARY

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Astrology, 261:dedicated to the service of humanity and with a voluntary reorientation of his energies so thatAutobiography, 194:world and it is owing to their disinterested and voluntary help given steadily over the years thatAutobiography, 198:promptly serviced. We have kept the school on a voluntary basis financially and make no charge forAutobiography, 294:its services; the work is carried forward on a voluntary basis. A yearly statement is sent out andAutobiography, 294:for the minimum of salary. This is part of their voluntary contribution to the work. Discipleship1, 128:and to submit to the inevitable, even if voluntary, group discipline. I have also questioned it,Discipleship1, 128:your acquiescence in the matter has been quite voluntary and that you have signified yourDiscipleship1, 129:opportunity by a temporary acquiescence and a voluntary obedience to prove to you that there is aDiscipleship1, 134:patient application and an unquestioning but voluntary obedience? Let not world glamor overcome youDiscipleship1, 137:I would ask you right at the beginning for your voluntary acquiescence in the suggestions I shallDiscipleship1, 189:function adequately unless there is willing and voluntary cooperation between the units who composeDiscipleship1, 214:the solar plexus and transmuting its force. In a voluntary obedience to the suggested work (and notDiscipleship2, 551:effects of occult obedience - in itself a voluntary response to the power of the life of theExternalisation, 330:should be applied from the very start; right voluntary help should be enlisted; sound financialFire, 417:region of freedom and light, from which he is a voluntary exile himself, to every prisoner who hasFire, 419:his share in the work of his group. Only the voluntary merging of interest and of aim is of value,Fire, 738:Devachan. They will have to pay for their sins, voluntary and involuntary, later on. Meanwhile theyFire, 752:Them, during Their period of incarnation and voluntary sacrifice, the great Prototype of theFire, 1013:attributes. Objectivity may then ensue as a voluntary offering to the good of the group orInitiation, 82:or another, and always must this sacrifice be voluntary. He who treads the Probationary Path andMagic, 166:time as their use of their apparatus becomes voluntary they would be well advised to train theirMagic, 167:the use of the subjective instrument becomes voluntary and a man knows how it should be employed,Magic, 167:is a characteristic of the soul, he enters into voluntary and intelligent control of his instrumentMeditation, 318:But this obedience will not be compulsory but voluntary, for each pupil will realize the necessityMeditation, 320:their divisions will be supported through the voluntary contributions of people, and through aMeditation, 332:remains but the life of the Spirit, and the voluntary giving of that life for the helping of theRays, 26:provided you seek to make practical and voluntary application of these rules in your daily lives.Rays, 696:with those worlds in the future will be purely voluntary and for purposes of service. I prefer theSoul, 116:volition and ideation and the origination of voluntary movements. The notion of Consciousness,
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