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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VULCAN

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Astrology, 13:of in the ancient teaching as "veiling either Vulcan or Uranus." This hint or inference has alwaysAstrology, 13:of working with the moon) let them work with Vulcan when dealing with the undeveloped or averageAstrology, 50:2. The Great Bear Aries Libra Sun, veiling Vulcan Second Creative Hierarchy (the 11th) Unknown TheAstrology, 66:to 1. Aries Mercury 4th Virgo Same ray 2. Taurus Vulcan 1st Pisces Same ray 3. Gemini Venus 5thAstrology, 67:rays, is as follows: Taurus and Pisces, through Vulcan and Pluto, are related to Ray 1.Astrology, 68:1. Aries Mars Mercury Uranus 2. Taurus Venus Vulcan Vulcan 3. Gemini Mercury Venus The Earth 4.Astrology, 68:Aries Mars Mercury Uranus 2. Taurus Venus Vulcan Vulcan 3. Gemini Mercury Venus The Earth 4. CancerAstrology, 68:Related to 1. Aries Uranus 7th none 2. Taurus Vulcan 1st Pisces Same ray 3. Gemini The Earth 3rdAstrology, 68:every case. Ray 1 - Taurus and Pisces, through Vulcan and Pluto. Ray 2 - Leo and Virgo, through theAstrology, 70:with the crystallizing and destroying forces of Vulcan and Pluto. The influence of Vulcan reachesAstrology, 70:forces of Vulcan and Pluto. The influence of Vulcan reaches to the very depths of his nature,Astrology, 78:land of light." The Sun (standing here for Vulcan, which is a sacred planet) governs a center inAstrology, 79:is consciously that of the functioning soul. Vulcan was one of the first creative workers amongAstrology, 86:Sagittarius, the Archer Venus Mars Jupiter Vulcan Mars Earth V. Concrete Science Leo, the LionAstrology, 99:speak of one of the hidden planets, Uranus or Vulcan. These are interchangeable in their use and itAstrology, 114:has said and it is widely accepted that Vulcan, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune do not govern signs butAstrology, 126:Esoteric - Pluto. The Earth. The Moon (hiding Vulcan) and Venus. As you know, Pluto stands forAstrology, 126:stands for the sphere of experience; the Moon or Vulcan stands for the glorification, throughAstrology, 127:to achieve release and the "uplift of matter" in Vulcan. Through the Earth - under the influence ofAstrology, 132:rewards the disciple, and the experience which Vulcan confers. Vulcan has been hitherto hidden, butAstrology, 132:and the experience which Vulcan confers. Vulcan has been hitherto hidden, but its influence hasAstrology, 132:the radiance of the Sun, the soul. The light of Vulcan and the light of the Sun are one light andAstrology, 132:the Sun are one light and these three - Mercury, Vulcan and the Sun - stand for a synthesis and aAstrology, 132:Mercury and it "falls" into the background and Vulcan too becomes invisible and only the SunAstrology, 141:Saturn is both exoteric and esoteric; in Taurus, Vulcan has both an esoteric and hierarchicalAstrology, 166:Sagittarius, Capricorn Initiation 1st and 7th Vulcan - Uranus - Pluto Taurus, Libra, Pisces Astrology, 166:ray influence, expressing through Pluto and Vulcan, is only felt in a positive manner upon the PathAstrology, 166:discovery of Pluto and the sensed power of Vulcan, veiled by the potency of Mercury and hiddenAstrology, 195:directed purpose." Within our solar system, Vulcan and Pluto are expressions or custodians of thisAstrology, 195:comes to our planet and hence to us via Aries, Vulcan and Pluto. You have, therefore, the followingAstrology, 196:and the great divine experiment is initiated. Vulcan and Pluto are related to the two Pointers andAstrology, 219:student must be called out. These planets are Vulcan, Neptune or Uranus. These three create andAstrology, 221:Sign Ray School 1. Venus Taurus 5th Orthodox 2. Vulcan Taurus 1st Hierarchical. Esoteric 3. The SunAstrology, 224:will aspect or the influence of the first ray (Vulcan) blended with the seventh ray (Uranus)Astrology, 263:the result of the union of these two. The Moon (Vulcan) - This is the esoteric ruler. TheAstrology, 263:of first ray energy, manifesting through Vulcan. The Moon rules the form and it is the will of GodAstrology, 264:upon the probationary path; that the energy of Vulcan is potently making its presence felt, andAstrology, 269:first Ray of Will or Power reaches us through Vulcan and through Pluto. The real reason for this isAstrology, 273:thought-form control, and also as veiling both Vulcan and Neptune, connects the force of Virgo withAstrology, 274:such. [274] Virgo is related to Taurus through Vulcan which brings in what might be called theAstrology, 274:imparted or stimulated by energies pouring from Vulcan. You can realize that these are first rayAstrology, 274:Therefore, you have: Taurus - Illumination. Vulcan - First ray or endurance. Third CreativeAstrology, 280:system. There is consequently only one planet, Vulcan, which is distinctly and purely first rayAstrology, 375:going on at this time in a most potent manner. Vulcan controls the anvil-like processes of time andAstrology, 382:two planets. Venus is its exoteric ruler and Vulcan its esoteric and hierarchical ruler. We touchAstrology, 385:consciousness. The esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan, the forger of metals, the one who works inAstrology, 386:[386] that which is beautiful and useful. Vulcan is, therefore, that which stands for the soul, theAstrology, 386:This is in reality a reference to the art of Vulcan who rules the inner man and guides hisAstrology, 386:rules the inner man and guides his fashioning. Vulcan also rules nations at a certain stage ofAstrology, 386:though woe betide those through whom wars come. Vulcan then takes hold and - since the Middle AgesAstrology, 386:come," under human control. In the present war, Vulcan is concerned along with Venus in theAstrology, 386:man and man, between nation and nation whilst Vulcan establishes relation between the fourthAstrology, 386:the fourth kingdom in nature and the first. Vulcan, as we shall see later, is governed by the firstAstrology, 387:in the sky." Hierarchically also the ruler is Vulcan, conditioning the planet and determining theAstrology, 392:ruler of Taurus, we find ourselves confronted by Vulcan, one of the veiled and hidden planets andAstrology, 392:known or understood. I have earlier referred to Vulcan as the Fashioner of divine expression. In aAstrology, 392:a peculiar sense, the energy which streams from Vulcan is fundamentally the strength and potencyAstrology, 392:the form in order that the soul may be set free. Vulcan is the ray or planet of isolation for, in aAstrology, 392:of the mineral kingdom and of the activity of Vulcan, the fashioner), raises His eyes upward toAstrology, 393:what it is He has to do. Such is the test of Vulcan, ruling Taurus, of the soul, ruling desire, ofAstrology, 393:place eventually to the light of the Sun, for Vulcan is a substitute for the Sun; it is spoken ofAstrology, 393:Illumination. Exoterically - the physical Sun. Vulcan - The one who reveals that which is deeplyAstrology, 393:the fifth (through Venus) and the first (through Vulcan). These two when viewed in combination withAstrology, 394:"bull-headed" and because the hammer aspect of Vulcan will be dominant. Because he has a measure ofAstrology, 394:He must transcend the destructive side of Vulcan and so of the first ray and instead work as aAstrology, 395:The Moon is also present but again veils Vulcan, whose influence we have already considered. TheAstrology, 399:of the form and in this case veils or hides Vulcan - which might be expected. The Moon, therefore,Astrology, 400:Heaven" and thus irradiated and glorified. The Vulcan and Taurus activity. The exaltation of theAstrology, 404:and in this sign - through His agents, Venus and Vulcan, typifying the form and the soul - willAstrology, 423:Taurus Scorpio Sagittarius Venus Mars Jupiter Vulcan Mars The Earth V. Concrete Science LeoAstrology, 482:one within our sun's orbit, composed of Vulcan, Pluto and the Earth. In the Archives of the GreatAstrology, 506:planets are, as you know, seven in number: Vulcan Mercury Venus Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus [507]Astrology, 509:is not tuned to the reception of the rays from Vulcan, Uranus or Neptune whilst Pluto at presentAstrology, 509:rightly to respond. The three veiled planets - Vulcan, Uranus and Neptune are all sacred planets,Astrology, 509:embodying first, seventh and sixth ray energies. Vulcan is never an exoteric ruler and only comesAstrology, 513:earlier, they are as follows: Sacred Planets 1. Vulcan 1st ray 2. Mercury 4th ray 3. Venus 5th rayAstrology, 517:- Esoteric Planets Head Center - first ray - Vulcan Ajna Center - fifth ray - Venus Throat Center -Astrology, 590:Sagittarius, the Archer Venus Mars Jupiter Vulcan Mars The Earth V Concrete Science Leo, the LionAstrology, 645:(C.F. 299) 24. "Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Vulcan are still developing the mind principle."Astrology, 645:to those functioning in the Venus, the Vulcan, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Earth andAstrology, 650:to be discovered. The Sun (Substituted for Vulcan) Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus Mars The MoonAstrology, 650:In this cycle: The mineral kingdom - Pluto and Vulcan The vegetable kingdom - Venus and Jupiter TheAstrology, 652:[652] The Seven Planets, Centers or Schemes Vulcan - the sun exoterically considered. Venus. Mars.Astrology, 666:of the first law, that of Vibration. It is Vulcan and Neptune in opposition which is as yet anAstrology, 667:I, 451) "Jehovah was identified with Saturn and Vulcan." (S.D. Vol. I, 632) "In time the planetAstrology, 675:- Appendix - Suggestions for Students The Planet Vulcan References in The Secret Doctrine and AAstrology, 675:Fire "Jehovah was identified with Saturn and Vulcan." (S.D. I, 632) [676] "Vulcan is within theAstrology, 676:with Saturn and Vulcan." (S.D. I, 632) [676] "Vulcan is within the orbit of Mercury." (C. F. 206,Astrology, 676:of the first law, that of Vibration. It is Vulcan and Neptune in opposition, as yet anAstrology, 676:an incomprehensible idea to us." (C. F. 597) "In Vulcan, the sons of Mind have nearly completedAstrology, 692:to those functioning in the Venus, the Vulcan, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Earth andAstrology, 693:Chain - 4th Globe Mars - 4th Chain - 4th Globe Vulcan - 3rd Chain - 4th Globe Venus - 5th Chain -Astrology, 693:upon the 3rd subplane of the astral plane. Vulcan (1st) - The School of Fiery Stones. There is aAstrology, 693:scheme are called 'the living stones'; on the Vulcan they are called 'fiery stones.' [694] JupiterDestiny, 83:Nation). Taurus - with its rulers, Venus and Vulcan (the Nation). Leo - with its ruler, the SunDestiny, 84:France. Ray 1. - Will or Power, via the planet Vulcan. There is in the first ray - as it expressesDestiny, 84:the first ray - as it expresses itself through Vulcan - very little of the Destroyer aspect asDestiny, 87:Nation). Taurus - with its rulers, Venus and Vulcan (the Capital). Leo - with its ruler, the SunDestiny, 88:radio by Marconi. Ray 1. - Will or Power, via Vulcan, the forger and the worker in metals whoseDestiny, 90:presents two aspects and the Moon veils both Vulcan and Uranus. Ray 7. - Order and Magic, via
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