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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAITED

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Autobiography, 53:salvation. It was not proper. But I prayed and waited and believed that some day I would get "aAutobiography, 85:group and silently, stolidly and politely waited for me to get through. When it was all over and IAutobiography, 97:in the Lord and in my friends and so I just waited. In the meantime "Aunt Alice" got in touch withDestiny, 6:the great Lord of the World has patiently waited. The call has now gone forth. Its first faintDiscipleship1, 369:the Trestle Board. Within the Middle Chamber waited those who had to build the Temple according toDiscipleship1, 369:he who had it were not there. The Master Workman waited." "The one who sought the needed knowledge,Discipleship1, 369:Master Workman in the face. And still the Master waited. Then recollection came and active work." Discipleship1, 372:usual earlier one, "and still the Master Workman waited". Discipleship1, 391:This release will give you much that I have waited to see expressed in your life. To assist you inDiscipleship2, 36:have you evidenced any desire so to work. I have waited to see if the initiating impulse would comeDiscipleship2, 36:from you without any prompting by me. I have waited in vain. I told you elsewhere that "an AshramDiscipleship2, 173:For nearly two thousand years he has waited to bring that mission to fruition; it has marked alsoDiscipleship2, 409:to the Hierarchy; in silence that Hierarchy has waited, until the number of "enlightened souls" wasExternalisation, 165:Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, has long waited. The patience and sustaining love ofExternalisation, 321:of the One for Whom the centuries have long waited, to Whom prophecy in all lands, the rapidlyExternalisation, 537:heaven and new earth" for which men have so long waited. This will take time, but the new energiesExternalisation, 537:of the love principle, as the Hierarchy waited for the results and effects of this direct impactExternalisation, 594:The great moment for which He has so patiently waited has almost arrived; the "end of the age" toExternalisation, 607:From the quiet mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity, and where HeFire, 12:its place, each in the sphere ordained. They waited for the sacred flood to enter and to fill. TheFire, 18:Stanza V The moment manvantaric, for which had waited all the Triads, the hour that marked theFire, 18:the Word, seeking the adding of the power, had waited for millennia, passed in a flash of time, andFire, 19:prepared. The upper was resigned. The great Five waited for the point of equidistant merging. TheFire, 592:will come the chance for which they will have waited, when they can again swing into the current ofFire, 687:them to enter, as the nirvanis in this system waited until the three lower planes became adequateFire, 699:have achieved, and who - in this round - waited for a specific moment at [700] which to enter, andFire, 838:the altar for the Lords. The sacrificial fire waited in its high place and the steady glow beneathFire, 839:for which the Lhas in Their high place have waited. They may not enter yet the forms prepared, butFire, 1088:the product of an earlier system, and only waited for the time in the present system when the formsHealing, 441:may be for him and those around him the long-waited-for and joyous consummation? Can you notHercules, 14:and liked him well. "Your name?," he asked and waited for an answer. "Herakles", the answer came,Hercules, 96:I seek to pass this Gate?" and speaking thus he waited, listening for a voice. "What do I here, OHercules, 126:a snare with skill, and wisely hid, and then he waited in a shadow dark for the coming of the boar.Hercules, 126:the boar. And hour by hour went by, and still he waited till the dawn drew near. Out from its lairHercules, 126:hunger. And in the shadows near the snare waited the son of man. Into the snare the boar fell andHercules, 140:one head, two grow apace." Expectantly Hercules waited. "One word of counsel only I may give," theMagic, 499:may be for him and those around him the long waited for and joyous consummation? Can you notProblems, 137:more abundantly" for which they have so long waited and which He promised should be theirs? WillPsychology1, 396:the portal, laden with naught of earth. They waited and discussed. The rest of those who werePsychology1, 396:to the divine command and halted. There they waited, standing before the portal of the Path,Psychology1, 397:the Word went forth to the revolting three, who waited still without the gates: "Hold what you haveRays, 257:both Shamballa and the Hierarchy have unitedly waited and of Whom the doctrine of the Messiah andReappearance, 12:the gentle Carpenter of Galilee. And so, He has waited. But His hour has now come, because of theReappearance, 38:The great moment for which He has so patiently waited has almost arrived; the "end of the age" toReappearance, 54:From the quiet mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity and where
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