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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAKE

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Astrology, 374:for our planet as a whole, bringing in its wake universal awareness and the new modes of expressingAutobiography, 92:in an effort to recover their past incarnations wake up to the fact that if they once sawAutobiography, 124:This would not be necessary if the Church would wake up and give a seeking, urgent humanity what itBethlehem, 131:[131] Self-love but serves the virtuous mind to wake, As the small pebble stirs the peaceful lake;Discipleship2, 737:that, having decided, he now moves slowly in the wake of that energy. There are deep significancesExternalisation, 177:country is involved, and ruin stalks in the wake of war; the stopping of imports or of exports inFire, 1272:These are They who sleep, yet not so deep. They wake enough to guard Themselves from straying o'erHealing, 598:and epidemics which usually follow in the wake of war has been partly due to the use of thisMagic, 126:they carry destruction and disaster in their wake, and the black magician is eventually submergedMagic, 504:It will be found, for instance, that many people wake with an almost painful start just as theyPsychology2, 290:what he sought, followed with swiftness in His wake. The Lord Who in this world of ours knew mind
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