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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WALK

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Externalisation, 687:(the entire Hierarchy) when again He would walk with Them in the plain sight of humanity. HeExternalisation, 689:Lodge to "clothe itself in matter and work and walk on material levels" than for the Black Lodge.Fire, 750:the stage where, like the infant, he could not walk alone, he was obliged, in the higher paths, toGlamour, 38:has been somewhat dissipated and the group can walk in the "lighted Way" with freedom, then willGlamour, 48:and unrest, desiring and demanding to walk free and that no authority be imposed upon you, see thatGlamour, 49:this "narrow, razor-edged path," one learns to walk with discipline and discretion and [50] withGlamour, 76:proceed to strip him and thus release him to walk in the wilderness. There, in what is calledGlamour, 98:in some light and illumination so that men may walk from henceforth more truly on the Way inGlamour, 187:the inner spiritual plane and in helping them to walk in the light. The illusion of power, theGlamour, 191:found that lighted center within himself and can walk in its radiating light, he is then in aGlamour, 219:and inevitably it will vanish and the man will walk free from that particular hindrance. This mayGlamour, 235:disappear from all your lives so that you may walk freely in that light and use that light forHercules, 41:next?" "Within the light shall you see light; walk in that light and there see light. Your lightHercules, 99:and till our lands and sow the needed seeds and walk in peace together. The lion is dead and greatHercules, 114:of God, learn wisdom, balance and the way to walk with God. From out the Council Chamber of theHercules, 130:hind legs of the boar, and compels the beast to walk down the mountainside on its front legs, andHercules, 131:be reversed by a higher court; that truth may walk the earth in many an unlikely guise. The questHercules, 160:had to sit in silence, he was not allowed to walk or speak; he had to be, to work and to watch,Hercules, 228:in by that which appears and because he can walk one-pointedly in the Light, he becomes a worldIntellect, 60:past fields of endeavor. He finds that he can walk with God, dwell in Heaven, and be aware of a newIntellect, 80:[80] "dwelling ever in the Eternal," man will walk the earth and fulfil his destiny. The instinctMagic, 5:chosen a certain way and who are pledged to "walk in the light." I seek in this book to do fourMagic, 61:Then he can know himself as light itself, and walk in that light and transmit it likewise toMagic, 144:brings light to those who need it, to those who walk in darkness. I deal not here with light as theMagic, 240:he draws a veil over the world and forces men to walk in the great illusion. It is interesting toMagic, 244:determine it. With conscious purpose he longs to walk in the dark places of incarnated existenceMagic, 306:and makes it impossible for him to see clearly, walk surely, and cognize Reality. It is part of theMagic, 336:in nature. It will be an age wherein men will walk in the light, for it will be a world ofMagic, 355:clouds have rolled away, and henceforth he can walk in the light. Let it here be remembered thatMagic, 355:it here be remembered that this very freedom to walk in the light carries with it its own problems.Magic, 469:sound forth. "Enter the cave and find your own; walk in the dark and on your head carry a lightedMagic, 585:the aspirant has need to cultivate a capacity to walk alone, if he has to [586] develop the abilityMagic, 613:It is that period of time wherein the half-Gods walk; it is the time wherein truth is only dimlyMagic, 630:that inner detachment which enables a man to walk at liberty in the kingdom of God. But what of thePatanjali, 313:saints of God, the great "Cloud of Witnesses" walk. He can, therefore, through its medium, becomePatanjali, 314:into those worlds where the Masters work and walk. This point needs emphasis for there is tooPatanjali, 315:circles as Mahatmas or high adepts - able to walk through space unseen, are immediately brought toPatanjali, 319:worlds and of those pure spirits who work and walk in them is achieved, for Atma or spirit shinesPatanjali, 330:its real significance. Levitation, the power to walk on water, and ability to withstand thePatanjali, 331:the pilgrim for so long. When the aspirant can walk in the light, having found the light (theProblems, 21:Britain and the other nations of the world could walk the way of life together with littleProblems, 125:bring it into being; they are the ones who walk the torrid, unhappy streets with agonizing humanityPsychology1, 53:for all to hear, and the Master will arise and walk among His builders in the full light of thePsychology1, 65:was light. In Him was life. Within His light we walk. [66] His symbol is the thunder, the Word thatPsychology1, 116:before group realization. As long as you walk on that plane and function on that level ofPsychology1, 156:cannot tell you. The planetary Logoi themselves walk in the light of that sublime Consciousness,Psychology1, 406:the ancient glamor, the aspirant is enabled to walk in the light. The Monadic ray influences thePsychology2, 33:ever in the high and lofty place, yet oft can walk on earth in light phenomenal. The Blessed OnesPsychology2, 353:out his arms and cries: I cannot stand and walk alone. And standing thus, a cross is formed and onPsychology2, 361:to third ray aspirants: "Cease from thy doing. Walk not on the Path until thou hast learnt the artRaysis found; he will then no longer need to walk in the dark. This repolarization is brought about inRays, 60:to enlightened will. He can now be trusted to walk and work alone because he is unalterably oneRays, 144:into and form part of the light of Shamballa and walk in those "radiant halls where move the LightsRays, 190:the veils, giving access to the several courts. Walk on that path, wielding destruction andRays, 198:himself, or as he visions the goal and seeks to walk the Path. That is a familiar condition and oneRays, 258:more advanced aspirants can form part if they "walk humbly with their God." This, my brother, isRays, 330:spiral, this again will happen. The Masters will walk openly among men. Secondly, the HierarchyRays, 357:personality is soul-dominated and who [357] "walk ever in the light." It will therefore be obviousRays, 539:his own effort - able to see more light, to walk in a greater light, to prove more adequately thanRays, 582:of drowning or of submergence"; he can now "walk on the surface of the sea and with safety proceedRays, 619:again to the high place of sacrifice and walk openly with men on Earth." His heart, embodying as itRays, 667:discontinued, for the "new man" has to learn to walk, to talk, and to create; the consciousness isReappearance, 7:and felt thousands of years after They no longer walk among men. Again and again, They have comeReappearance, 48:we are told that Christ might come in Person and walk among men as He did before. This has not yetReappearance, 121:life, this will again happen. The Masters will walk openly among men; the Christ will reappear inReappearance, 151:the response of spiritual Beings Who can again walk openly among men, and thus establish a closeReappearance, 166:these hindrances will be overcome; they must walk clear-eyed through world difficulties and passReappearance, 185:the changes which will enable the Christ to walk again amongst us. This will come about if theySoul, 125:light so that one could float in the air or walk on the water. Christ walked on the water (Matt.
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