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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAR

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Externalisation, 138:which have led to the development of the present war are well known. All who are conscious of andExternalisation, 138:All who are conscious of and observers of the war within their own natures, between personalityExternalisation, 138:fact constitutes the difference between this war and the last, in 1914. It indicates a triumph forExternalisation, 138:time factor must be considered, for a prolonged war may cause a change in this desirable attitude,Externalisation, 141:events and a right preparation whilst the war lasts, so that any weakening of the gained spirit ofExternalisation, 155:the suffering inflicted (as, for instance, in war time) and the greater the process of terrorism,Externalisation, 171:seeds of evil are in every country; those who war against that which is good are numerous in everyExternalisation, 171:is good are numerous in every land, whether they war with aggressive and planned intent, whetherExternalisation, 172:pain which are felt by all those upon whom the War has had its dire effects, and upon whom it hasExternalisation, 173:situation, thus precipitating the world into war, hate and cruelty. The fusion of many minds intoExternalisation, 175:mental distress everywhere, occasioned by the war and also by the desire of the well-intentioned toExternalisation, 175:There have been periods of danger, difficulty, war, famine and distress, but none which conditionedExternalisation, 176:a futile effort to keep out of trouble and avoid war; dominant groups are swinging many nationsExternalisation, 177:is involved, and ruin stalks in the wake of war; the stopping of imports or of exports in manyExternalisation, 177:constant risk of becoming actively a part of the war faces every country not yet actually in theExternalisation, 177:is added to these problems, where the nations at war are concerned. Humanity must face up to theseExternalisation, 177:inevitable and undeniable - that the world is at war and everyone is involved. Externalisation, 178:humanity made its decision to fight, and the war broke out: one group, the instigators of the war,Externalisation, 178:war broke out: one group, the instigators of the war, fighting to acquire material power, the gloryExternalisation, 179:good people are pacifically minded and all hate war. This is a fact which the academic idealist andExternalisation, 179:murder with murder (which is their definition of war) is sinful; that war is evil (which no oneExternalisation, 179:is their definition of war) is sinful; that war is evil (which no one denies) and that one must notExternalisation, 179:of love can put the world straight and end the war. Such people, fighting the existent fact of war,Externalisation, 179:war. Such people, fighting the existent fact of war, usually do little or nothing concrete to rightExternalisation, 179:right the wrongs which are responsible for the war, and permit their defence - personal, municipal,Externalisation, 180:[180] that it is motive that counts. War can be and is mass murder, where the motive is wrong. ItExternalisation, 180:and the control of men's minds and liberties. War is always evil, but it can be the lesser of twoExternalisation, 180:of two evils, as is the case today. The present war, if carried forward to a successful completionExternalisation, 180:They are based also upon an unrecognized fear of war and upon an individual inertia which prefersExternalisation, 181:from evil doing. The tendency to fasten the war on Hitler and his gang of evil men should not blindExternalisation, 182:of the nations increased, and thus the present war (beginning in 1914) is the inevitable result ofExternalisation, 182:desire march towards their inevitable finale - war and chaos. The economic situation also providesExternalisation, 182:upon the side of the spiritual values. The war between the pairs of opposites - materialism andExternalisation, 183:clearly what adjustments will be made after the war, because a vision of the future world policyExternalisation, 184:of the world has been built around the theme of war; its points of crisis have been the greatExternalisation, 185:are heard in approximately twenty countries; war rises up from the waters, marches over the landsExternalisation, 188:the ruthless savior of mankind; the beauties of war, of struggle and of physical strength will beExternalisation, 188:exist only to be slaves of the superior race. War is to men what childbirth is to women. War is aExternalisation, 188:race. War is to men what childbirth is to women. War is a natural process and therefore eternallyExternalisation, 189:planes over the countries of Europe and who wage war on women and children are the product of anExternalisation, 192:difficulties confronting the nations when the war is over may seem insuperable but - given vision,Externalisation, 197:have been crippled thereby. At the close of this war all the nations will be in financialExternalisation, 198:goodwill little can be effected after the world war. The great need will be for men of vision, ofExternalisation, 200:Federal Union of the great democracies after the war. This might include the British Empire as aExternalisation, 203:problems, and solution is inevitable when the war is over. When these problems are rightlyExternalisation, 203:itself into two parts: The present period of the war itself, until the defeat of Germany and theExternalisation, 206:on Earth. Today, in the interim period of the war, preparation for reconstruction can go forwardExternalisation, 206:into activity with the note of sacrifice. The war has exacted much of that from them. The clarionExternalisation, 206:past centuries, culminating in the present world war, are the joint errors and mistakes of humanityExternalisation, 208:Peace must not be imposed by those who hate war. Peace must be a natural outcome and expression ofExternalisation, 208:will be required, because the nervous strain of war and pain and anxiety, fear and underfeedingExternalisation, 208:Human beings will be the same as before the war, except for exhaustion and a willingness on theExternalisation, 208:in conclave. Nations will have to shift from a war footing to settled peace activities, and fromExternalisation, 208:activities, and from the organized tensions of war to the comparative relaxations of peace.Externalisation, 209:The interim between today and the cessation of war. This must be used in the following ways: ToExternalisation, 209:in all countries after the cessation of the war. [210] The interim between the end of the physicalExternalisation, 215:is a strictly human conflict and not a European war. Every nation has its selfish, aggressiveExternalisation, 218:more clearly to the bewildered. A horror of war and a longing for peace are no excuse for slackExternalisation, 221:This world crisis and the present world war will, it is hoped, awaken men to the realization thatExternalisation, 221:and the unavoidable results of pain, suffering, war, disease and death. This situation is thereforeExternalisation, 222:many orthodox Christians, who regard this world war as indicating the end of the world and asExternalisation, 224:agonized longings of the masses, who [224] hate war, desire quiet, and demand peace and good livingExternalisation, 234:conditions Germany has assembled her potent war machine, after years of scientific and plannedExternalisation, 234:talking and wishful thinking of those who hate war and who at the same time swell the tide ofExternalisation, 234:I tell you that all nations hate and oppose war; even Germany, behind the imposed terror, shrinksExternalisation, 235:you who are not participating in this planetary war? I speak with clarity because I seek to arouseExternalisation, 236:of battle and under the impact of the German war machine. It will emerge into realization whenExternalisation, 237:I bring to you some of the contrasts in this war, in all simplicity and in an effort to enable youExternalisation, 237:common sense) that their preparations for war proved inadequate in the face of German preparedness.Externalisation, 237:preparedness. They were not one-pointed in their war effort, for the higher value of worldExternalisation, 244:and against which Germany today rallies her war machine. Externalisation, 246:for instance, of little children in this great war, and of the defenceless refugee, he does notExternalisation, 247:- no matter what they may be - to bring this war to an end. Vast sections of humanity can do noExternalisation, 248:swelling the tide of the national effort to end war through the tangible victory of the Forces ofExternalisation, 248:though it can again be called into use after the war is over. I give you now another set of phrasesExternalisation, 250:of the new Invocation. I said earlier that the war could have been averted from expression on theExternalisation, 253:of human beings are truly recognized. Those who war against the race of men and who seek to wrestExternalisation, 257:material expressions) and their manifestations - war, fear and cruelty. They are united by oneExternalisation, 259:Prince of Peace will lead His people - through war - to peace. Those who think only in terms ofExternalisation, 267:a higher level of expression. Unless this world war has in it the seeds of a revelation of a higherExternalisation, 275:motion which will end the rule of evil and bring war to an end through the victory of the Forces ofExternalisation, 276:with the Forces of Light to bring this planetary war to an end. Look for a moment at the four wordsExternalisation, 277:when there are right human relations. Peace and war are not a true pair of opposites. Peace andExternalisation, 277:change, peace and movement, are the real ones. War is but an aspect of change, and has its rootsExternalisation, 304:His people - as the Prince Who leads through war to peace. [305] The whole problem before theExternalisation, 311:The doing of everything possible to bring the war to an end. Every physical plane method must beExternalisation, 313:activities with which they were engaged when the war started; some take refuge in a determinationExternalisation, 320:living. I mean exactly that, my brother. The war is not yet decided. There is a widespread feelingExternalisation, 320:the determination to take no real part in the war, except what can be done safely and at the leastExternalisation, 322:assisted me to write. These will serve (when the war is over) to lead humanity forward and nearerExternalisation, 322:the task immediately ahead at the close of the war is clearly indicated. 2. The founding and theExternalisation, 323:in a period much more difficult than the pre-war period. The nucleus of this group [324] exists,Externalisation, 324:which can come into being at the close of this war. A focused will or intention, a convinced mind,Externalisation, 325:infinitely more difficult than it was before the war. It can only be done if each servant of theExternalisation, 326:I would remind you that there would be no world war today if Germany had not marched on Poland. TheExternalisation, 330:touch - some of which were formed prior to the war and are perforce inactive. The Units of ServiceExternalisation, 331:in the future. Work done by you prior to the war is thus to be continued, and along similar lines.Externalisation, 334:of goodwill in the world at the close of the war - which will be one of the major tasks of the newExternalisation, 339:the seriousness of the present situation. The war is not yet won. At the time of writing, in spiteExternalisation, 340:is, therefore, to be expected. The course of the war hitherto has demonstrated this. When, the
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