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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAR

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Psychology1, 172:proved better than had been anticipated. The war, which devastated the world, cleared away muchPsychology1, 174:its thought and its achievements rather than by war. Yet the ideal of a superman is a true ideal,Psychology1, 198:the animal form of the human being in the Great War, for instance. In the war the blood ofPsychology1, 198:being in the Great War, for instance. In the war the blood of thousands was poured out upon thePsychology1, 199:in events which occurred during the original "war in heaven," when Michael and his angels were castPsychology1, 199:of Days," the problem of pain, of bloodshed, of war and of suffering must remain an inscrutablePsychology1, 240:has also been initiated, and in the great world war, in the steel factories and the other factoriesPsychology1, 301:our modern civilization), we should have made war impossible, we should have reduced crime to aPsychology1, 349:produced the European wars and the great World War. This ray will continue declining for anotherPsychology1, 349:of physical violence and the prevalence of war. Humanity is now so much more responsive [350] toPsychology1, 394:language of the ancient scriptures, there "was war in Heaven"; "the sun and his seven brothers" didPsychology1, 394:been peace and understanding, but at times, war and disruption; this is made abundantly clear byPsychology2, 11:There will follow then the eradication of war and the establishing of those conditions of peacePsychology2, 37:and fought them both. Loaded with the panoply of war, he stood midway, looking two ways. The clashPsychology2, 43:The choosing of the middle way; Peace and not war; The good of the Whole and not the part. RayPsychology2, 299:crisis when the soul and personality are at war, when the battle for reorientation is at itsPsychology2, 310:conflict was fought out in the world war, which was the imposition of a tremendous test andPsychology2, 311:humanity, as a whole is concerned. The world war was a climaxing point in the process ofPsychology2, 311:scale, that which was worked out in the world war is being worked out in their lives. They are busyPsychology2, 363:it. Oneness with all I seek, yet form divides. War upon every side I find, and separation. Alone IPsychology2, 363:soul to form. 'Both sides are one. There is no war, no difference and no isolation. The warringPsychology2, 363:and no isolation. The warring forces seem to war from the point at which you stand. Move on a pace.Psychology2, 363:vision and you will find, not two but one; not war but peace; not isolation but a heart which restsPsychology2, 366:does not inflict defeat upon those who are at war, but which results in that triple victory of thePsychology2, 578:upon the physical plane and this led to the war between the two great schools of the mysteries -Psychology2, 629:chapter was written prior to the declaration of war in 1939.) 1. The World Situation The bringingPsychology2, 630:world would be, in the one case, devastated by war, with its consequences of famine and pestilence,Psychology2, 630:the race and to its development of a disastrous war or wars, and the equally disastrous conditionPsychology2, 637:agency of the men of good will) that - without war, without arousing hatred between men, andPsychology2, 640:separativeness, to hatred, party strife, civil war, widespread economic distress, terror of aPsychology2, 641:hundreds of men and women have failed to stop war, solve the economic problem and release humanity.Psychology2, 642:an incredibly large number of people who hate war because they regard all men as brothers, but whoPsychology2, 645:in numbers as a result of the agony of the world war, but, feeling isolated and alone, they havePsychology2, 668:barriers among men, thus causing separation and war. Where there is an appearance of a group orPsychology2, 677:of the helpless, of personal ambition, and of war will no longer be tolerated. The time must comePsychology2, 714:by action - which lead them into the impasse of war and into any form of destructive activity. ThePsychology2, 733:to mean merely an enforced freedom from war, and an expediently enforced pacifism, but theRays, 12:human awareness and responsiveness. This world war and its inevitable consequences - good and bad -Rays, 70:will later appear as a definite result of the war. The Atlantic Charter and the Four Freedoms,Rays, 75:lying behind the present holocaust (World War II) has been the necessity for the [76] destructionRays, 86:been such an outstanding characteristic of this war (1914-1945) are the outward and visible sign.Rays, 87:will be an interim between the darkness of the war with the evil history of the past, and theRays, 122:first is the tremendous stimulation which the war, its demands and its consequences have given toRays, 145:in time and space"; its members watch the great war and conflict proceed on Earth between theRays, 165:place. This we call death. In cases of death in war, for instance, it is not then a case of theRays, 227:itself out after the processes of the world war (1914-1945). Rays, 232:upon the cosmic ladder of evil. Hence the war. I only mention this as a striking example of the oftRays, 235:been more evident to the Masters than today. The war might be regarded as a revolt by the form sideRays, 237:intermixture of races through the processes of war; this also signifies progress and is preparatoryRays, 287:have recovered from the chaos and cruelty of war, and when the new and higher spiritual influencesRays, 330:of the Earth through the medium of the world war (1914-1945) and through the suffering to whichRays, 346:after the drastic experience of the world war (1914-1945); it is for this that information such asRays, 389:gave the earlier exoteric information, the world war took place, the forces of hidden evil [390]Rays, 401:trouble; during the past crisis of the world war (1914-1945) it reached most serious proportions.Rays, 410:a result of the frightful testing period of the war, 1914-1945), the Hierarchy - far earlier thanRays, 499:the spiritual reason which lay behind the world war. The "sharp shears of sorrow must separate theRays, 553:that major destructive agency, the world war (1914-1945). As these energies occultly "fell into theRays, 570:of material and purely selfish ends, will be at war with the new and inner realization; theRays, 581:has precipitated a reflected vortex in the world war, and which is responsible for the presentRays, 602:two important facts: The fact that the world war (1914-1945) was quite unavoidable, though theRays, 603:to fight out the issues involved in the world war upon the physical plane, at the same timeRays, 603:discriminative choice. This led to the great war in the fourth race which culminated in the Flood,Rays, 603:be symbolically expressed. In the climaxing war of the immediate past, the mental plane was theRays, 604:focus of the amalgamated forces, for [604] the war was in reality a clash of ideologies and hasRays, 606:century, this materialism led to the world war which was in reality the expression of a shiftingRays, 607:and finally emancipation; which produces war in some form or another, then rejection, and finallyRays, 610:reactions; it will be some time before the war truly is brought to a finish. There could, however,Rays, 612:(wisely or unwisely), seeking a solution. The war has produced much good - in spite of theRays, 612:spite of the destruction of forms. The causes of war are better understood; the issues involved areRays, 621:and conquest has been an ideal. The world war (1914-1945) marked a culminating point in the work ofRays, 624:Conflict operating violently through the world war (1914-1945) in order to bring to an end theRays, 624:and of tension led to the explosion of the world war; nevertheless, after due process of pain, ofRays, 625:is conditioned by this ray. During the world war, Italy had a king, a dictator, and a pope, andRays, 626:planet do not greatly fear a renewed outbreak of war upon the physical plane. There are manyRays, 626:revolt of the masses against physical plane war, the general fatigue of the nations and the use ofRays, 628:all the nations which were implicated in the war. Any prospect of internal harmony is still farRays, 634:also, during the years immediately following the war, under the control of a glamor imposed by theRays, 636:the Forces of Light were arrayed in the last war. The United Nations has already made a majorRays, 639:into harmony and peace. Conflict produces: War - Renunciation - Liberation. Humanity is subjectedRays, 640:the Hierarchy does not foresee the immediacy of war; war can be averted if [641] the nations areRays, 640:Hierarchy does not foresee the immediacy of war; war can be averted if [641] the nations are fullyRays, 641:themselves what action they should take. In the war raging today between conflicting ideas, it isRays, 646:produced two potent results: first, the world war was precipitated and, secondly, the fission ofRays, 722:What They decided to do led to the world war, to a demonstrated cleavage between right and wrong,Rays, 730:causes; for instance, mankind is concerned with war and with horrified preparations for more war,Rays, 730:war and with horrified preparations for more war, and is not primarily occupied with that whichRays, 730:is not primarily occupied with that which causes war and which, if rightly handled, would preventRays, 730:war and which, if rightly handled, would prevent war. Let us consider some few aspects of theRays, 741:will confront humanity before so very long. The war of 1914 - 1945 is over; its aftermath ofRays, 741:for supremacy is equally as bad as the past war; the effects are more lasting, because the war hasRays, 741:war; the effects are more lasting, because the war has been largely transferred to the mentalRays, 741:to the mental plane. The physical effects of war are far more easily obliterated than are theRays, 748:these clashing ideologies and the result of the war among the world religions have started menRays, 749:Revelation of Cleavages The result of the world war, of disease, famine and pain, has developed aRays, 753:which precipitated upon the world the horrors of war, with all its attendant disasters. [754] TheRays, 760:spiritual results of the present century. The war itself has cleared the way for them. They are aRays, 760:They are a natural and normal outcome of the war and have arisen (with the exception of the GreatReappearance, 23:which the Christ faced during the years of war when the need of humanity forced Him to decide toReappearance, 23:of centuries of selfishness and of the world war, the unique sensitivity which men everywhere wereReappearance, 30:activity of the Christ. The agony of the war, and the distress of the entire human family led
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