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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WARFARE

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Autobiography, 303:in fact karmically necessary [303] and military warfare on the physical plane might have beenAutobiography, 303:on to the physical plane in actual military warfare. This explains many things. It meant that theBethlehem, 18:has been to reveal this; also to point out the warfare between the lower and the higher man,Discipleship1, 440:the direct contact and the immediate work in the warfare now raging between the Forces of Light andExternalisation, 171:was, as you know, inevitable, but physical warfare could have been avoided if right psychologicalExternalisation, 341:falls into three stages: The stage of physical warfare in which we are now engaged and from whichExternalisation, 341:will work out on mental and emotional levels of warfare, instead of physical. The task ofExternalisation, 390:The need to bring the present strife and warfare to an end and so release mankind from an evil pastExternalisation, 395:of Light and the Forces of Evil. To end this warfare rapidly, and with success, leaving a wide openExternalisation, 434:right choice, so that - without physical plane warfare - they would bring about the needed changesExternalisation, 571:obsolete but precious ideas, and his constant warfare on conditioning glamors and illusions meet,Fire, 429:the two, and thus the old gap and the ancient warfare between science and religion will be inGlamour, 39:two opponents, who have for long ages waged warfare in the field of your life, and so may you [40]Healing, 591:will be apparent on the surface that this dual warfare is to be expected. Under the first categoryHealing, 591:expected. Under the first category there is the warfare which takes place in the personality lifeHercules, 13:is reached, the great labors start, and the warfare is consciously in progress. The man is torn inHercules, 18:vital and divine, and the consequent inner warfare which grows out of this realized duality.Intellect, 92:within ourselves of duality, and of a state of warfare between the two aspects of which we areMagic, 117:to those ideals, comes the frequent clashing and warfare between those actuated by the principlesMagic, 117:race are governed by the soul consciousness this warfare is inevitable and cannot be avoided. WhenMagic, 226:the battleground, and on it is fought the warfare which eventuates in the final release of theMagic, 228:The soul must govern and its instrument in the warfare is the consecrated mind. Magic, 409:the formation of political parties, the class warfare which is so rampant today, and the splittingMeditation, 41:the idealists (right or wrong) and their bitter warfare. What was the world war but the culminationPsychology1, 119:mysterious sense two beings, and that it is the warfare between these two which has led to all thePsychology1, 119:referred to this when he spoke of the eternal warfare going on between the carnal mind and thePsychology1, 206:forces in the nature make life one perpetual warfare and unrest for the fourth ray man; thePsychology2, 17:at first seem to clash, and then later a steady warfare is set up with the disciple as the onlookerPsychology2, 47:and blend. The trumpet call goes forth: 'The warfare is no more. The battle ends. The glamor andPsychology2, 222:conflict. This, on the form side, leads to warfare, struggle and the building of forms which mustPsychology2, 340:interrelations, interpenetration, internecine warfare, and interdependence until such time as thePsychology2, 403:view to each other. The same cleavage and even warfare is to be found within the confines of thisPsychology2, 641:Yet the chaos grows; the hatreds increase; the warfare spreads; past efforts seem futile to stemPsychology2, 706:Conflict, turmoil, opposed loyalties, inner warfare and a collision of divergent views. A
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