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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WARN

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Atom, 65:form of the Christian faith. Here I must warn you not to misunderstand me. I am not trying to proveDiscipleship1, 77:lies real danger for the would-be initiate. I warn you to watch for the indications of theseDiscipleship1, 608:you) , that illusion can then step in? I would warn you against two such illusions: [609] TheDiscipleship1, 741:experiences. This has been done as the need to warn aspirants anent this matter is great. TheDiscipleship2, 459:also holds for you much anxiety and of this I warn you, for to be prepared is - in the case ofDiscipleship2, 653:the Ashram with which you are affiliated. Oft I warn and urge disciples to concentrate upon theirExternalisation, 233:they have purchased at such a cost? I would warn you not to be glamored by the false premise thatExternalisation, 557:play the part of interested onlookers. I would warn you that, if you do succeed in any measure ofFire, 967:its relative refinement. It is necessary here to warn the student against the error of making anyGlamour, 142:between the shoulder blades. I would, therefore, warn each and all of you to proceed with theIntellect, 150:term, we may call 'illumination'." He goes on to warn us also that "we may, to be sure, brush theseMeditation, 92:briefly indicate certain menacing conditions, to warn against certain disastrous possibilities, andMeditation, 195:me illustrate, for clarity is desired. I must warn you however to bear in mind that no importanceMeditation, 237:color has certain effects when applied I would warn you that it will be necessary to interpret theRays, 227:and XI will truly comprehend my meaning. I would warn you again that the obvious significance of
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