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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WARNING

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Atom, 112:meditation. I would like here to sound a word of warning. Avoid those schools and methods whichAutobiography, 203:of view of the dangers of promiscuity plus a warning as to homosexuality, which is one of theBethlehem, 221:consists of definite action in the face of the warning voice of conscience. He had spoken the WordDestiny, 65:particularly the United States, and the physical warning as to this danger was given to them in theDiscipleship1, 77:It may serve to carry its lesson and its warning. Several lives ago, my Master saw in me aDiscipleship1, 474:of your life, therefore, I would say a word of warning and of guidance. Live not so utterly withinDiscipleship1, 608:the germ of a new field of glamor. I speak this warning, for you have such an innate tendency to beDiscipleship1, 618:I say not this in other spirit than that of warning you, and I am happy to see you again within theDiscipleship1, 619:in life and this, in spite of the very definite warning your true friends gave you, out ofDiscipleship1, 631:should give you much - of encouragement, of warning, of truth and of necessity. You could, myExternalisation, 4:ignorant, and warrant the sounding of a note of warning and of caution. A third factor is asExternalisation, 17:of techniques, by criticism and defamation, by warning and the cult of fear, and the insistence onExternalisation, 238:attention to the broadcast from Great Britain, warning the Germans to take cover when they hear theExternalisation, 334:is here that I feel the need to utter a word of warning. This coming in will greatly strengthen theExternalisation, 443:spoken in terms of farsighted vision and warning by the Christ centuries ago, anent the man whoFire, 50:reached in any way be appraised. A word of warning should here be interpolated: Just as it is notFire, 127:the reality of this dire disaster and sound a warning note to those who approach this subject ofFire, 162:them into play. I sound here a solemn word of warning. Let a man apply himself to a life of highFire, 305:of Soul-Knowledge in a Heavenly Man. A word of warning should here be sounded. Though all theseFire, 306:its greater sphere. Having sounded this note of warning we can now proceed with the concludingFire, 389:here to take the opportunity to sound a note of warning to students in connection with the chartsFire, 546:It would be wise to sound a note of warning here in connection with this question of egoicGlamour, 17:and with your fellow group members. One word of warning only will I give. Success along this lineGlamour, 151:importance in this work and to repeat my earlier warning: Will you remember that the effort to freeHealing, 313:undesirable conditions. Fevers not only give warning of the presence of that which causes distress,Hercules, 78:Artemis. And Artemis, the fair, spoke words of warning to the son of man. "The doe is mine, soHercules, 122:future; not the chart of the personality. This warning is covered in a positive statement by theInitiation, 69:wishes to see a disciple for commendation, warning, or to decide if initiation is desirable. TheIntellect, 97:unselfish living, and sounding a quick note of warning when there is deviation from the strict pathIntellect, 220:rhythmic. I would like here to sound a note of warning as to the practice of [221] breathingIntellect, 222:experience of these cases leads me to sound this warning, for in the majority of cases ofIntellect, 231:am God' meditation contains a lure as well as a warning. It is quite true that the time must comeMagic, 136:New Age. [136] I here seek to sound a word of warning: In the failure to respond, in the failure toMagic, 341:The Present Age and the Future Certain words of warning I would like to give and also aMagic, 480:but the paragraphs above dictated hold warning for the careless and much instruction for theMeditation, 6:alignment. Think this out, but one word of warning I give. Seek not to work out hypotheses ofMeditation, 27:fourth period approaches. I would here sound a warning. All this proceeds not in ordered sections,Meditation, 88:but at this juncture it may be wise to sound a warning note, to point out certain dangerousMeditation, 119:far as then may be. I sound, however, a note of warning, I indicate the way, - the teachers on theMeditation, 133:and I hint at them solely for the purpose of warning and guidance, and not to cause alarm. You canMeditation, 134:the fire. It is the man who persists in spite of warning and of pain who eventually becomes aMeditation, 155:of the forms in order, but first I would give a warning. I do not intend to outline forms, or toMeditation, 176:proceeding further I seek to sound a note of warning as to the danger that lies in the calling andMeditation, 311:valuable lessons, when a mistake is deemed but a warning signal that averts from disaster, and whenPsychology2, 509:the soul for the purpose of giving instruction, warning or command to its instrument, man, on thePsychology2, 708:trouble. It might be well to add here a word of warning. We must be careful not to let our desireTelepathy, 17:the medium of instinctual love, a most definite warning. The solar plexus is involved where the
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