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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WARRANTS

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Autobiography, 10:as the bad, are a total which matters and which warrants remembrance. The first enables us toAutobiography, 284:unity, then the man is an adult being. He warrants the name of "personality" and has brought aboutBethlehem, 57:the time is ripe and the need of the people warrants it, He comes forth for the saving of the soulsBethlehem, 245:regard as desirably immortal? What in each of us warrants persistence? Surely none of us seek toBethlehem, 275:of immortality. This last thought is one which warrants our attention. Arresting in itsDiscipleship1, 71:the integration of humanity in the three worlds warrants definite changes in technique though notDiscipleship1, 73:upon which they found their work. This comment warrants your attention. Later, when the neededDiscipleship1, 189:faithful adherence to the ordained duty. This warrants a further fanning of that flame by those ofDiscipleship1, 237:which may be said. The progress you have made warrants my giving you a meditation to be followedDiscipleship1, 253:series of life episodes. This thought warrants your careful consideration. Only thus can your wordsDiscipleship1, 266:willingness have been voluntarily given. This warrants a greater effort on my part - an effortDiscipleship1, 280:A living organism and not a vital organization warrants consideration, and its life seems worthDiscipleship1, 562:rightful place. The fact is that discipleship warrants recognition. There is no false pride inDiscipleship1, 733:the disciple's mind the type of question which warrants his thought and then to stimulate hisDiscipleship2, 56:consciously share, for their stage in evolution warrants it. Men can today grasp the objective,Discipleship2, 272:and then await the time when your inner growth warrants a fresh approach to their interpretation.Discipleship2, 488:bigger than the present equipment of brain cells warrants. Therefore, knowledge and registeredDiscipleship2, 561:your encouragement. The loneliness of your life warrants at times my endorsing any spiritualDiscipleship2, 761:and wise disciples, and that this urgency warrants an intensified training given disciples such asExternalisation, 109:point achieved in racial evolution. This today warrants the building of a better vehicle for humanExternalisation, 552:Recognizes that man's point of development warrants this. Presents a nearing opportunity forExternalisation, 699:is a statement that, any initiate will tell you, warrants your closest attention and considerationGlamour, 48:importance to yourself and to others that it warrants your sacrificing the group integrity in orderGlamour, 263:repudiated. That is a statement of moment and warrants your careful consideration. It is concernedHealing, 50:the objective of producing harmony. This point warrants thought. On the astral plane there willHealing, 117:dangerous psychological condition and one which warrants trained scientific handling. That isHealing, 258:a way larger than our particular subject perhaps warrants. [259] Healing, 431:with the Art of Dying. Nevertheless it warrants careful thought. Magic, 152:of the entire magical work. Therefore, this Rule warrants the closest consideration and study.Magic, 265:his need, to be discarded or used as occasion warrants. Magic, 316:- of those surrounding him. This phrase warrants careful study. Sensitive. There is always aMagic, 428:must engross your attention. This and this alone warrants the expenditure of all that any of youPsychology1, 114:of the group, and a breaking of this silence warrants their elimination from the group. ThePsychology1, 157:world. The scope of that imparted vision warrants careful study, and the proffering of the divinePsychology1, 298:humanity out of the present impasse. This fact warrants remembrance, and is often forgotten. TherePsychology1, 318:achievement of the Monads of Intelligence. This warrants thought. It is a relative achievement, forPsychology2, 131:therefore, a definitely scientific endeavor and warrants the attention of the best minds. It shouldPsychology2, 250:Hence the occult paradox stated above, which warrants the attention of artists. Another factor uponPsychology2, 373:there is a line of special energy flowing which warrants the attention of disciples who arePsychology2, 449:been so definite and so real. This situation warrants certain reactions. Of what nature shouldRays, 101:This is an important distinction and one which warrants careful thinking. The lesser lives (whichRays, 114:rate of intelligence of the modern applicant warrants a change, and as time goes on the presentRays, 334:which takes place upon the mental plane and warrants the well-known phrase "the five worlds ofRays, 409:consciousness during the last twenty-five years warrants more information; so many aspirants wereRays, 430:world picture. This picture is taking shape and warrants recognition. It involves the Jews (who areRays, 498:race is now at the point of development which warrants complete change in the approach to divinityRays, 692:for you to consider, and what I have here given warrants sound reflection and much thought. It isSoul, 50:Eastern wisdom offers an interpretation which warrants consideration and which will appear when weSoul, 72:and scientists, which evades negation and warrants recognition by humanity. Dr. RichardTelepathy, 75:their high point of spiritual unfoldment which warrants their being the custodians of mysterious
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