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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WASTED

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Discipleship1, 25:by the ignorant which is responsible for the wasted effort and the foolish impulses whichDiscipleship1, 361:country. All flows over the spillway and is wasted. This must be rectified, my brother. One of theDiscipleship1, 361:wealth of your occult information which is being wasted and causing conditions which will lead toDiscipleship1, 586:is dawning upon your consciousness that you have wasted quite a number of years in criticizing yourDiscipleship2, 551:profit thereby. Some years ago you would have wasted time and strength in inner worry, inFire, 750:and not that they suffer their bodies to be wasted by fasts and penances. He that hath no feelingHealing, 480:of causes. It is for this reason that I have wasted no time with the details of disease, withMagic, 183:demonstrate in his life, and eliminate those wasted moments, moods and thought periods which soMagic, 183:and so save themselves much distress of mind and wasted motion. The Master looks for the light inMagic, 274:through His life, informs seven solar systems is wasted energy. On our planet, only such greatMeditation, 109:The dangers are, therefore, practically those of wasted time, of an intensification of a vibrationPsychology2, 96:chose to wander forth into the far country. He wasted and sacrificed his substance through the usePsychology2, 361:much time, being commensurate with the time wasted in building up the agelong glamor. The third rayPsychology2, 374:[374] furious driving of himself and others, his wasted efforts, and his lack of understanding of
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