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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WATCH

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Astrology, 438:on to the mountain top from whence he can watch the recession of the waters. Thus does he knowAtom, 19:see somewhat His intelligent activities, and to watch His plans working towards fruition. Even ifAtom, 106:in connection with our own personal problems. Watch the throngs in the streets of any great city,Atom, 106:discrimination which is so essential. If you watch the development of a little child you willAutobiography, 13:four years old. From another angle, if I did not watch myself with the greatest care, I wouldAutobiography, 23:such as this man handing over my father's watch to my grandmother remain in one's memory whilstAutobiography, 30:I collected everything she had of value - wrist watch, brooches, rings, etc., etc., and disposed ofAutobiography, 113:good but it made her suspicious and she began to watch me more closely and to befriend me stillAutobiography, 130:of cans. Visitors to the factory were brought to watch me and then I paid the price of my good workAutobiography, 221:they were in and see some of the people and watch how they live and what [222] they do at differentAutobiography, 222:the awnings and drink coffee and just sit and watch the people and listen and talk. So that is whatAutobiography, 230:[230] with us have been in the position to watch and recognize certain developments which under theBethlehem, ix:more bitter cup might be withdrawn, Ye could not watch with me one little hour Until the Dawn! SoDiscipleship1, 10:individual in the group and his group relations. Watch with care your thoughts anent each other,Discipleship1, 32:have, therefore, been permitted to share in and watch the work of the Hierarchy to the extent ofDiscipleship1, 77:danger for the would-be initiate. I warn you to watch for the indications of these conditions andDiscipleship1, 88:of humanity. But I would ask each of you to watch your emotional life and reactions with greatlyDiscipleship1, 88:with greatly increased care; I would ask you to watch particularly for the least outcropping ofDiscipleship1, 98:are retreating; some few are approaching and I watch with interest the waxing and the waning ofDiscipleship1, 112:Preserve ever the attitude of the onlooker and watch not for results. They will be there but atDiscipleship1, 113:in the light for as long a period as you can. Watch your thought processes as you do this and noteDiscipleship1, 118:of real benefit to others as they study them and watch the reactions called forth. It is of value,Discipleship1, 141:is better and will continue to be so, if you watch with care and keep the earlier rules I gave youDiscipleship1, 198:the critical, analytical mind. This leads you to watch and criticize and to argue with yourself andDiscipleship1, 209:It is these centers which indicate to us who watch the point in evolution, the immediateDiscipleship1, 218:which radiates from the Lord of Life. Watch your physical strength somewhat and live not at so highDiscipleship1, 223:serve will increase... Again I would ask you to watch your health but principally - in these daysDiscipleship1, 229:aspects of your nature which I ask that you watch and register and record during the coming year.Discipleship1, 238:teacher ever to criticize. It is his function to watch over the chela and in the light of wisdomDiscipleship1, 263:was anticipated by your soul or by those who watch upon the inner side of life. The day ofDiscipleship1, 266:third stage of the meditation work assigned... Watch the meditation work with care and communicateDiscipleship1, 270:pass unrecognized by you. Therefore, my brother, watch with care your daily life and note theDiscipleship1, 282:work. E'en if you do not understand, I who watch and guide can see the germ of the neededDiscipleship1, 295:psychology; you would find it of interest to watch the impact of your second and fourth ray energyDiscipleship1, 302:known only to you and to those who guide and watch the footsteps of all aspirants, must work out inDiscipleship1, 327:the word "exaggerated" in connection with the watch that I want you to make over all words andDiscipleship1, 335:and every glamorous, personality reaction and watch the light which will stream in from every side.Discipleship1, 336:not so distant time preparation for initiation. Watch this with care and discover for yourself theDiscipleship1, 356:instructions directly. Follow them with care and watch for the vitalization of the physical body asDiscipleship1, 398:previous three years, and that my heart, as I watch your steps upon the Way, goes out to you withDiscipleship1, 434:those who (as time elapses) I shall send to you. Watch for them; recognize them and help them. ThisDiscipleship1, 477:your pledge was noted and recorded. Those who watch have realized that your determination is asDiscipleship1, 507:say to you except that, with understanding, I watch and wait. This is not the time for furtherDiscipleship1, 513:what the sun is to the gardens of the world. Watch the rays of light pouring out over the garden,Discipleship1, 535:boat rocks on the waters of the lake, slowly you watch the dawn awaken in the east behind theDiscipleship1, 596:fusion of soul and personality. We who teach, watch and guide the esoteric development of man, knowDiscipleship1, 620:growth which the Masters have been forced to watch and foster, the failures they have had to noteDiscipleship1, 627:Have you any idea, my brother, with what care I watch the work of this group of disciples? I watchDiscipleship1, 627:I watch the work of this group of disciples? I watch with patient attention, not because of anyDiscipleship1, 642:noted when the point of tension is adequate. Watch for these experiences - intuitive, telepathicDiscipleship1, 647:enough, this fact indicates to those of us who watch on the inner side that your monadic ray is theDiscipleship1, 650:this you can so well do. Have patience as you watch this group work unfold, for as yet you see notDiscipleship1, 701:their nature is accentuated. The Master has to watch carefully to see that he does not undulyDiscipleship1, 701:them. The individual disciple has, therefore, to watch the effect of three groups of energies whichDiscipleship1, 757:nature. They work very closely with him and watch over the other disciples in the group [758]Discipleship2, 428:to call it to your attention; it is for you to watch and interpret current events, and it is forDiscipleship2, 449:or where? What is your daily focus as you watch yourself each day of living? Where, each day, hasDiscipleship2, 460:and deal with man's next definite step forward. Watch this process with care in your life. YourDiscipleship2, 461:basic problem. Because of this, you will have to watch the earlier effects of this group meditationDiscipleship2, Esoter:for this quality of spiritual stability that we watch. The field of your work remains the same; itDiscipleship2, 506:all the thoughts of reality which come to you;. watch the reactions produced in your vehicles ofDiscipleship2, 537:are apt to affect many others besides yourself. Watch for the proof of the correctness of this lastDiscipleship2, 547:that? As the minutes tick away the passing hour, watch for the minute when My voice is heard. WhenDiscipleship2, 564:such important progress that I shall have to watch more closely over you. That also lies in yourDiscipleship2, 564:condition. One thing, however, you will have to watch with care. As you know, and as I pointed outDiscipleship2, 598:aspect of Love, and for these reactions you must watch and endeavor always to lay your emphasis notDiscipleship2, 621:attitude: "I am identified with others" and so watch to see if he is, being at the same timeDiscipleship2, 684:somewhat the problem of the Master. He has to watch the effect of all the energy which flows fromDiscipleship2, 685:where theology is concerned indicates (to us who watch) a great measure of emancipation and ofDiscipleship2, 697:of karmic law. That is a sorry spectacle to watch, for it means that the physical elemental isDiscipleship2, 716:month - I climb the mountain top with others and watch the sun. I descend into the valley [717]Discipleship2, 719:but simply as a demanded duty. I would have you watch yourself with extreme care and I would askExternalisation, 104:of these words can be gained if you will watch the effect that you produce in your environmentExternalisation, 141:- The General World Picture 1. A close personal watch over every word said or written, so thatExternalisation, 517:the close sound of His feet. These Servers who watch on the inner side, the disciples and initiatesExternalisation, 517:disciples and initiates engaged in this work, watch with loving care all [518] who struggle in theExternalisation, 518:So it goes, and a new form takes its place. Watch and see it this is not ever so. In the infancy ofFire, 127:the warnings that may reach him from Those who watch, and if this is carried on for a long periodFire, 242:principles of allied constellations and systems watch the progress of the evolution of the Son withFire, 416:and the mystery of the long and painful watch kept by the SILENT WATCHER, 48 has its origin in theFire, 755:(as far as they can vision it) of Brotherhood. Watch [756] the signs of the times, and be notFire, 839:provides the fuel. * * * The Sons of God still watch. The work nears its final consummation. TheFire, 1194:himself, invisible to uninitiated mankind, to watch over and protect it. Sambhogakaya is the same,Fire, 1271:burning-ground, and blazes forth to those who watch as a radiant flaming sun. He... and draws theGlamour, 17:and also its difficulties. You will have to watch with care for the undue stimulation of yourGlamour, 34:of these words which you so lightly use. Watch yourselves and your daily life with discrimination,Glamour, 85:of evolution. Upon the Path, one begins to watch for and to discover the effects of force; oneGlamour, 152:to an almost alarming extent. So, my brothers, watch yourselves with care and remember that just inHealing, 242:and think, as you study cases and types, as you watch the characteristics and qualities of thoseHealing, 346:of pain and suffering, and those who nurse and watch know this well, but there is no real pain orHealing, 549:from radiation) the nervous system; he will watch with care the nervous system and the blood streamHerculesHigh Place." "Let him proceed upon his way, but watch his steps." [2] The swiftly passing aeons ranHercules, 2:Then will he find the object of his search. Watch o'er his steps and, when he has an understandingHercules, 16:it to me. This I can use with power. O gods, watch my high deeds." And then, and only then, theHercules, 55:from wiles too subtle for thy comprehension. Watch well. The second thing that I would say to theeHercules, 55:wisdom, understanding, skill and opportunity. Watch well. I fear, my son, that you will fail toHercules, 160:to walk or speak; he had to be, to work and to watch, because one cannot enter the fifth kingdom inHercules, 187:what is meant by the wielding of forces if you watch your speech. Why do you raise your voice whenHercules, 187:with energies and you are misusing energies. Watch yourself and begin to work in the world ofInitiation, 65:of Teaching Three departments of instruction watch over three parts of man's development. First:
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