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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WATCHED

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Astrology, 158:Everest is amazingly symbolic, and it is being watched with much interest by the Hierarchy, for inAstrology, 208:a disciple. From that angle he is meticulously watched; he learns the meaning of the wordAutobiography, XI:subjective. We have seen the outer [XI] effects, watched the outer comings and goings, helped herAutobiography, 12:in the usual luxury of my day and class; I was watched over with the greatest care - but withinAutobiography, 26:rebellion and consequent punishment. As I have watched the life of my own three girls in the UnitedAutobiography, 35:case" and one who would have to be carefully watched and handled. I was intensely aliveAutobiography, 67:The voyage took three weeks in those days and I watched him with disdain all the time. From myAutobiography, 78:one important thing as I sat with these men and watched them pass over to the other side and it wasAutobiography, 81:She was a very good Christian. She loved me and watched me grow up with much interest. She was myAutobiography, 101:as she went through a terrible experience, and I watched her - as a result of five years patientAutobiography, 129:here." He never intruded again but he kind of watched over me. I always had cans to label and I amAutobiography, 129:find its way mysteriously on to my stool. They watched out for me in all kinds of ways and I wouldAutobiography, 129:my mind to bear on the problem of packing. I watched the other [130] packers. I studied everyAutobiography, 136:my duty as a mother and as a housekeeper. I had watched a woman of my acquaintance who had fiveAutobiography, 143:and for which I had to find application. I watched my own life. I studied the three girls in thisAutobiography, 154:pails, so I began at the very bottom, and I watched the people - most of them unknown to me - withAutobiography, 242:those of us who love him) translated for me. I watched him sometimes in a cosmopolitan crowd andAutobiography, 256:of the Hierarchy. Knowing all this and having watched the ill effects of the usual teaching givenAutobiography, 273:is not yet very powerful but he is carefully watched by the Master because potentially he is anDiscipleship1, 98:the soul. I have, therefore, been near you and watched at intervals the tide of life roll over you;Discipleship1, 98:have noted your progress and your delay. I have watched you succeed and I have seen you fail. ThisDiscipleship1, 123:by me but by no one else. I have stood by and watched and at times have strengthened you when andDiscipleship1, 155:I, who for years (longer than you know) have watched over your progress, am standing by withDiscipleship1, 186:as you may grasp this fact. Since 1917, I have watched your progress and your work. This willDiscipleship1, 225:TO L. F. U. August 1937 BROTHER SERVER: I have watched you for some years now, little as you mayDiscipleship1, 262:personality during the past three years. I have watched you now for seven years and you have brokenDiscipleship1, 282:I have made no change in your meditation. I have watched you for results in two respects. I haveDiscipleship1, 291:the ranks of men for those who can be used, have watched the progress of disciplining. These areDiscipleship1, 294:your mind more firmly in the head. I have watched the result with attention. The past six monthsDiscipleship1, 357:glamor - faintly misty traces - which must be watched with care lest they form a thickening cloudDiscipleship1, 398:joy. It is not often that I thus write. I have watched you stand amidst the wrecking of much thatDiscipleship1, 449:was your reaction to the ---. For several days I watched your inner turmoil and distress until youDiscipleship1, 458:of you is really alone. All of you are seen and watched and, on the inner planes, you walkDiscipleship1, 486:MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I have for some time watched you with concern, not because of any failureDiscipleship1, 534:and not the quiet of a stagnant pool. I have watched you, my brother of old, for nine years, forDiscipleship1, 548:Disciples - K.E.S. May 1936 MY BROTHER: I have watched over you with a good deal of close attentionDiscipleship1, 560:or in what field it is to be rendered. I have watched you grope your way into increased usefulnessDiscipleship1, 578:1937 MY BROTHER AND CHOSEN FRIEND: I have watched you with care and understanding during the pastDiscipleship1, 716:He is an example of instability but is carefully watched by the disciple who has transcended thisDiscipleship1, 788:real values. Knowing all the above, and having watched the ill effects of the usual teaching givenDiscipleship2, 475:what I have referred to in my own mind as I have watched you, as a very well-managed inferiorityDiscipleship2, 514:forcing him to "struggle into the light of day," watched by those who understand and by those whoDiscipleship2, 515:my brother of long standing. That I am. I have watched you with loving understanding for a veryDiscipleship2, 526:and - because of its intense difficulty - I have watched over you for the past four years with moreDiscipleship2, 534:inner adjustment. Is this not so, my brother? I watched with love and understanding, for thatDiscipleship2, 594:service unprecedented in your experience. I have watched your development during fifteen yearsDiscipleship2, 602:of the Master. All in this group have been watched by me for many years and in three cases forDiscipleship2, 628:- W.D.S. September 1943 MY BROTHER: I have watched with interest as you have made many drasticDiscipleship2, 642:You have stood in the midst of your world and watched it come down, crashing around you; you haveDiscipleship2, 690:is a much harder task, as you know well, having watched the struggles of L.T.S-K. for so many yearsDiscipleship2, 723:plane life. Talk this over with A.A.B., who has watched you with loving concern for many years andDiscipleship2, 752:ago as your desired keynote. For years I have watched the intensification of your spiritual lifeDiscipleship2, 756:needed steps toward adjustment. For years I have watched you. You have made steady progress in allEducation, 73:selected children. These children must be watched from babyhood, their parents must be willing toEducation, 83:of right instinctual reactions will be watched and cultivated; in the later grades, in what isExternalisation, 213:we, the teachers of the race of men, have watched certain great world (or planetary) tendenciesExternalisation, 456:countries. But behind all this activity, watched over by the spiritual Guides of the race butExternalisation, 529:and the admission of new personnel is being watched over and directed by the forty-nine Masters whoExternalisation, 607:mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity, and where He has trainedExternalisation, 607:the rapidity of communication, His part will be watched by all, and the prospect must surely, forFire, 12:of the cosmic fire, the devas of fohatic heat, watched o'er the forms that formless stood, waitingFire, 18:hour. The seven Lords of the seven spheres watched breathless the result. The [19] great Lord ofHealing, 286:orthodox care; results will have to be carefully watched and noted on both sides. Any group whichHercules, 16:equipped. The gods stood round his Teacher, and watched his antics and his joy. He played beforeHercules, 54:One, within the Council Chamber of the Lord, had watched the labors of the son of man who is a sonHercules, 58:with the weight of worlds. Hercules. trembling, watched and gauged the measure of the load andHercules, 61:are blended. [61] The Symbols Eurystheus, having watched Hercules achieve mental control and thenHercules, 77:who is a son of man and yet a son of God, both watched and listened and, listening, heard a voice.Hercules, 78:And from a distance the quarrelling maidens watched. Artemis, the fair, bending from out the moonHercules, 95:One, within the Council Chamber of the Lord, watched the tired warrior rest and watched hisHercules, 95:of the Lord, watched the tired warrior rest and watched his thoughts. He said then to the TeacherHercules, 141:when the beast would sally forth. In vain he watched. The monster stayed within its fetid den.Initiation, 199:or the mainspring of action. Speech will be watched, and an endeavor will be made to eliminate allInitiation, 200:any case whatsoever a physical center) will be watched, and the life thereby influenced andIntellect, 200:into objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner willMagic, 426:and whose growth into the world group will be watched over by one or more working disciples. ButMagic, 631:who refuse to be separative and whose words are watched so that no evil is spoken; these are theMeditation, 36:as aforesaid... Until now the Teachers have only watched and guided without definitely dealing withMeditation, 99:or interpretation. What must therefore be watched? The attitude of the emotional ovoid and itsMeditation, 183:and reaction will be closely studied and watched. It is hoped that the benefit to both groups willMeditation, 199:and stimulating effects will be closely watched. The centers will be studied in their relation toMeditation, 295:Later, when the [295] Schools are organized and watched over by a Master in physical planeMeditation, 316:pupil. This life of service will be carefully watched and recorded. One thing to be noted here isProblems, 55:of right instinctual reactions will be watched and cultivated; in the later grades, in what isPsychology1, 330:of humanity into three types of aspirants: Those watched from a distance by the guiding Hierarchy.Psychology2, 196:be most significant. This possibility must be watched. This week should be regarded asRays, 640:humanity will choose to go. General trends are watched and possibilities are considered; theRays, 766:its light. The door is there, unseen, unknown, watched by the Lords of Flame. Deep in the heart ofReappearance, 54:mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity and where [55] He hasReappearance, 55:the rapidity of communication, His part will be watched by all and the prospect must surely, for
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