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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WATCHES

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Autobiography, 168:His. He does not permit me to make mistakes and watches over the final draft with great care. It isAutobiography, 271:which have brought them into the work. He watches his helpers for signs of spiritual unfoldment andDiscipleship2, 602:will be ready for a major step onwards. A Master watches his disciples long before they are awareFire, 765:heat can be felt by the One Who approaches and watches. This is the second cycle, and is calledFire, 766:through the intensity of heat. The One Who watches, seeing the work accomplished, fans the centralFire, 820:"The Lord of Life Himself sits at the heart and watches. The Lords of solar fire pursue their taskFire, 839:the distance 'twixt the altar and the One Who watches. The fivefold fire dynamic begins to flickerFire, 840:Thus the command goes out from One Who watches, silent hitherto, through countless aeons. They sendFire, 1015:found." "When the fire descends from the One Who watches above, the wind suffices not to blow itGlamour, 186:the simplicity of His present way of life as He watches and waits for the return of His people toHealing, 364:contact between the dying person and the one who watches, and the level upon which that contact isInitiation, 69:of some initiate or more advanced disciple, who watches over his younger brother, and isInitiation, 183:is given. Then the Teacher stands aside and watches the aspirant achieve. As he watches, heInitiation, 183:aside and watches the aspirant achieve. As he watches, he recognizes points of crisis, where theMagic, 168:his Ego, with the group plans and ideals, and he watches his reaction to life's occurrences andMagic, 169:acts on that assumption and with care he watches his acts, guards his words, and controls hisPatanjali, 57:a pupil up to the door of initiation and who watches over him in all the initial and subsequentPatanjali, 410:produced by thought or desire; he therefore watches every emanation of force issuing from him, andPsychology1, 70:Form and its soul are merged. The inner vision watches o'er the fusion, knows the divine relationPsychology1, 397:shall there be the knowledge dim of Him Who watches over all. Always the urge to gather and amass.Telepathy, 98:in evolution. It is the aura which a Master watches, and this is a factor of major importance in
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