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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WATCHFUL

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Discipleship1, 345:Continue so to do and preserve ever a watchful spirit so that your high standard can be maintained.Discipleship1, 551:you, and I shall be glad, through suggestion and watchful cooperation, to aid you on your way. IDiscipleship1, 577:done on all planes. This constant attention and watchful waiting must be emulated by all disciples.Discipleship1, 647:least resistance; there also lies the need for watchful supervision. This I think you know andDiscipleship2, XII:as prescribed by a Master and used under his watchful eye, just as there are many medicinesDiscipleship2, 475:for you at this time. It will entail a task of watchful observation, of a determined going out toDiscipleship2, 497:case in reality. You have walked ever under my watchful eye, but there was little that I could doDiscipleship2, 588:and the arousing of glamor but - if you are watchful and alert - you can soon become aware of it.Glamour, 142:Unless the members of the group are exceedingly watchful and unless they cultivate the habit ofHealing, 365:or to the imposition upon them of their own watchful souls [366] which throw obstructions in their
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