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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WATCHING

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Astrology, 372:growing fact, registered and noted by the watching Hierarchy and making certain major changesAutobiography, 61:and His children. I know that He stays on guard watching "until the last weary pilgrim has foundAutobiography, 130:to a group talking about me in this way and watching me squirm. The comments had been particularlyAutobiography, 143:absorb my vitality. Day after day by careful watching, by never permitting her to take violentAutobiography, 149:my heart. For forty-five minutes I sat on my bed watching them trying to break down those veryAutobiography, 204:up nights in my room with three sides of glass, watching for the lights of the car that wouldAutobiography, 248:and the nature of adeptship in the eyes of the watching public. I am, therefore, entirelyBethlehem, 72:the angel of the Lord to the shepherds who were watching in the fields by night. "And this shall beBethlehem, 72:Luke, II, 12.) Here was a sign given to those watching ones, two or three, who were ready toBethlehem, 72:The larger number, who were interested and watching, needed a more concrete and more easilyBethlehem, 239:historical Savior, the founder of Christianity, watching over His Church; Christ, the mystic,Destiny, 19:with His assistants and with the aid of the watching Members of the Hierarchy, are not discouragedDestiny, 76:The simple interpretation of this is that we are watching the beginning of a new phase and cycle inDestiny, 120:Once the second initiation has been taken, the watching Hierarchy can begin to note the constantDiscipleship1, 54:around among those whose lives I have been watching - sometimes for several incarnations. AmongDiscipleship1, 98:noting the pulsation of your light - not in watching the detail of your daily living. That is notDiscipleship1, 168:a second ray emotional vehicle requires careful watching so as to preserve the first ray balance asDiscipleship1, 192:elementary, stage of alignment. The work of watching each day your use of energy, and yourDiscipleship1, 226:[226] of their aspirants (whom they have been watching) for the stage of accepted discipleship. InDiscipleship1, 233:which require most careful handling and watching. Your astral or emotional body is on the sixth RayDiscipleship1, 248:most carefully followed and attempted with due watching of the effects. This entire meditation isDiscipleship1, 327:coming year, brother of old, assume the task of watching with care every statement made and everyDiscipleship1, 385:of its door closed. Then picture yourself as watching the slow opening of the buds, until little byDiscipleship1, 396:underrated. There can be many close to one and watching over one in a fog, and yet they can remainDiscipleship1, 433:this is the way the Hierarchy works, [433] watching and suggesting and developing the innateDiscipleship1, 501:is a powerful asset but requires most careful watching and skillful harnessing. When not rightlyDiscipleship1, 518:more easily "discovered and disclosed" to the watching eyes of all of us and this is due entirelyDiscipleship1, 549:lines of impressionability. These require watching and necessitate correct interpretation. UponDiscipleship1, 573:meditation in the heart and not in the head, watching carefully for any physiological effects of anDiscipleship1, 578:disciples have to learn? Such intervention by a watching Teacher or Master is something whichDiscipleship1, 618:key to your successful service, and the careful watching of your lower sixth and third rayDiscipleship1, 685:their consciousness the idea of contribution, watching their thought life with care, so that thereDiscipleship1, 738:and progress made. He has instead the task of watching closely their note or vibration and ofDiscipleship1, 780:and the nature of adeptship in the eyes of the watching public. I am, therefore, entirelyDiscipleship2, XII:and the breathing exercises useful while he was watching [XIII] the effects. For example: He knewDiscipleship2, 79:Master would view your day's endeavor, how your watching environment would have reacted to yourDiscipleship2, 346:one imposed upon him within an Ashram or by the watching Master. All these points of revelationDiscipleship2, 366:a life-pattern which will be indicative to the watching Masters as to the point in evolutionDiscipleship2, 515:heart and the throat. It will require careful watching of process, results in the centers andDiscipleship2, 545:of the astral body. Of one thing we who are watching the disciples of the [546] world today areDiscipleship2, 563:of the Masters from the task of instructing and watching over their junior disciples. The seniorDiscipleship2, 655:and in the distress which comes from watching others suffer. You have stood steady, and in yourDiscipleship2, 669:response to events which is a guarantee to the watching Master that your stability is assured andDiscipleship2, 727:that period to attend to the business of life, watching yourself with care. Then the door of theEducation, 76:Their standard of values becomes distorted by watching those with whom they live, and much of it isExternalisation, 21:and the magnetic appeal was from the side of the watching Elder Brothers. Today, so numerous areExternalisation, 114:II - The General World Picture Today we are watching the death of a civilization or cycle ofExternalisation, 115:all most familiar in our own experience and in watching it in others. But we need to remember thatExternalisation, 126:wide extent of the cleavage, which induced the watching Hierarchy to permit a direct inflow of theExternalisation, 150:attract a response from the waiting, watching Hierarchy and bring about a much closer and likewiseExternalisation, 354:strength of your own souls, confidence in the watching Hierarchy and confidence in the Plan. TheExternalisation, 446:relations. The Hierarchy stands - no longer watching and waiting, but acting today with impellingExternalisation, 461:in the Polish race over boundaries will need watching, as these attitudes can be exploited by theExternalisation, 555:or initiates who happen to be interested and watching the Triangles or the Goodwill movement willExternalisation, 575:on earth where He has been for many generations, watching over the sons of men; the words [576]Externalisation, 597:because He has always been here upon our Earth, watching over the spiritual destiny of humanity; HeExternalisation, 668:by fear, by starvation, by insecurity, by watching others suffer innocently, and the chaos producedFire, 28:Fifth. They passed from stage to stage. The watching Lords, recognizing the rupas formed, gave aFire, 63:plane congenial to its own nature, and has been watching since over the interests of humanity, andGlamour, 126:thralldom of illusion are indications to the watching Hierarchy that a man is ready for theHealing, 261:great spectacular and symbolic happening and are watching it in process. The liberation of theHealing, 313:definite therapeutic value. But careful watching and balancing will be required - balancing againstHealing, 461:is, per se, vacated when death is assumed by the watching authorities, but that, nevertheless, theHealing, 462:person will know exactly whether they are watching a great and final withdrawal from presentHerculesdays and caught the great presiding Elder's watching eye, he who eternally presides within theHercules, 2:towards the place of death and sacrifice. The watching Teacher saw a man emerge from out thisHercules, 40:three great sons of God awaited his return, watching his progress through the waves. He rode theHercules, 55:still he sought on every hand. The Teacher, watching from afar, sent Nereus to see if he could aid.Hercules, 57:spoke no word, but left him there to learn. The watching Teacher, from afar, noted the moment ofHercules, 58:he again started to make his way. The Teacher, watching from afar, spoke to his seeking pupil theseHercules, 95:gifts of war and warriors, and as he stood the watching gods marked his firm step, his eager eye,Hercules, From n:great Presiding One called unto him the Teacher watching over Hercules. "The time is drawing near,"Hercules, 226:the power to do two things and proves to his watching master, Eurystheus, that his refocused andInitiation, 6:we give the surest guarantee to the watching Teachers of the race that we are ready for a freshInitiation, 12:aided by the advice and suggestions of the watching Teachers of the race) he has reached a pointInitiation, 15:It simply marks the recognition by the watching Teachers of the race of a definite point inMagic, 63:on. Once however that he grasps the fact he is watching the effect of the cyclic impulses and theMagic, 129:when recognition of faithfulness comes from the watching Hierarchy. Give this Instruction carefulMagic, 129:through this testing it is made apparent (to the watching Guides) who, in every group, are capableMagic, 138:with on the inner planes and are noted by the watching guides of the race. I would like hereMagic, 153:during the coming age, it is the will of the watching Gurus and Rishis that they be left freer thanMagic, 153:the love and wisdom and understanding of the watching Elder Brothers are back of every aspiring SonMagic, 276:for it is the hope and the belief of the watching Brothers that men will transcend all undesirableMagic, 375:[375] knows himself to be the unlocking Unity, watching the phenomenal phantasmagoria of life inMagic, 400:nation, but are gathered and chosen, not by the watching Hierarchy or by any Master, but by theMagic, 402:distinctiveness of thought. After noting and watching this trend of affairs for another one hundredMagic, 595:Great Ones give them no sign, nor indicate Their watching care. They will not and They need notMagic, 622:has been undertaken. That they are there, the watching guides may suspect, but even they have notMeditation, 24:child from one to seven years. At this time the watching Teachers of the race see the indwellingMeditation, 25:mental and later with the egoic bodies. To the watching Guides of the race, the indwelling Flame orMeditation, 121:and open therefore to the attack of the watching denizens of other planes. A condition of ignoranceMeditation, 269:plane, thereby demonstrating to the eyes of the watching Hierarchy that the pupil has somewhat toMeditation, 277:through meditation which will enable their watching Teacher to bring about certain effects. By theMeditation, 311:despair and useless self depreciation, then the watching Teachers of the race know that the workMeditation, 338:at the direction of the Master. By the constant watching of all desires, motives and wishes thatProblems, 145:Who has stayed with us for two thousand years, watching over His people, inspiring His workingPsychology1, 108:with world problems, and with the work of watching over the destinies of the prominent worldPsychology1, 112:change than is now deemed possible by the watching Hierarchy. Some of the teaching is of immediatePsychology1, 350:more responsive [350] to ray influences that the watching Hierarchy (through egoic stimulation andPsychology2, 93:or works out within himself, but also before the watching world, that great symbolic drama which we
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