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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WATER

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Astrology, 35:Saturn Color - Yellow Jnanashakti Force of mind Water Atmic plane 5 9 IV Human Hierarchy TheAstrology, 35:- Red Kundalinishakti Energy of matter Form Water Astral Plane 2 12 VII Elemental lives The BasketsAstrology, 82:the inner light; until the man has lifted up his water-pot and joined the ranks of those who areAstrology, 82:and joined the ranks of those who are the Water-bearers, and then the flowing of the stream of lifeAstrology, 82:the flowing of the stream of life will fill his water-pot and drain the rancid pool and cleanse itsAstrology, 86:the Lion Sagittarius, the Archer Aquarius, the Water-Carrier Sun Jupiter Uranus Sun Earth Pluto VI.Astrology, 97:the death through earth and the death through water - burning, suffocation and drowning - but, inAstrology, 97:planetary centers: The death by drowning or by water in Pisces releases man again into that greatAstrology, 102:in nature. Humanity has "emerged from rock and water and brings its habitation with it" (as the OldAstrology, 122:is unable to free itself from "contact with the Water." That point is eventually reached and isAstrology, 134:of the Zodiacal Constellations Aquarius, the Water Carrier This constellation is one of supremeAstrology, 136:the developed Aquarian puts all he has into his water pot, storing it there for service and givingAstrology, 138:soul of humanity to express itself more freely. Water being the symbol of substance and of materialAstrology, 141:spiritual aspiration and become carriers of the water of life to humanity, joining thus the ranksAstrology, 144:man stands free. Substance, the ocean of life, water, the symbol of desire and the impulse toAstrology, 146:ends. He is hindered neither by earth nor water (Capricorn and Pisces); [147] he has surmounted theAstrology, 150:is upon the Fixed Cross, the words come forth: "Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men."Astrology, 153:sign of the Crocodiles which live half in the water and half on dry land; it is spiritually theAstrology, 154:the Mutable Cross, man, the blend of desire (water) and the animal nature (earth), and upon theAstrology, 157:leads us into arid ways in search of food and water. This is the "need for green," but the Goat isAstrology, 167:in touch with the "man, bearing a pitcher of water," Aquarius, and in the upper room introducedAstrology, 174:Sagittarius Aquarius The Lion The Centaur The Water-Carrier The Man The Archer The ServerAstrology, 220:goddesses who have leapt from earth (Virgo) to water (Pisces) untidily give birth to the Fish GodAstrology, 220:to the Fish God (Christ) who introduces the water of life into the ocean of substance and thusAstrology, 223:through the tests in Scorpio. Earth and water (Taurus and Scorpio) must be blended and related andAstrology, 224:be brought under the influence of the purifying water in Scorpio. Baptism by water (a name for theAstrology, 224:of the purifying water in Scorpio. Baptism by water (a name for the second initiation) needs aAstrology, 231:Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Fire and water will then blend, veiling the past which hasAstrology, 241:- Cardinal Cross - Equilibrium. Aquarius, the Water-Carrier - Fixed Cross - Initiation. TheseAstrology, 241:- Supermind - Cause of synthesis. Aquarius, the Water-Carrier - Universal Mind - Soul. These threeAstrology, 273:Cross. He Who shows the light and gives the water - Aquarius - Fixed Cross. All these signsAstrology, 275:you know, the God of the waters, and the term "water" covers many angles of the esoteric wisdom,Astrology, 281:- ruler and the conveyor of Expansion Earth Water Fire Air Hidden Christ Hidden Savior HiddenAstrology, 287:with the thought of purification - one is water and the other is fire. It is in this connectionAstrology, 287:other is fire. It is in this connection that the water signs, Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces, areAstrology, 287:always carries forward esoterically that which water has begun. In Cancer, the purificatory watersAstrology, 288:the wheel reversed, the fire takes the place of water and burns away all dross. Purification of theAstrology, 317:and the symbolism which underlies the three water signs is most interesting in one particularAstrology, 317:thus indicating freedom from matter. The three water signs give us, therefore, a brief and symbolicAstrology, 318:of these signs rising. You have two signs of water and earth (Cancer and Virgo) in the stage ofAstrology, 333:The earth bound soul The one who crosses the water The Conqueror of Death Fluid Initiated 11.Astrology, 566:the city to find the man "bearing a pitcher of water" upon his shoulder. This is the symbol of theAstrology, 566:- the sign in which the universality of the water of life will become a factor in humanAstrology, 566:the same idea when He spoke of Himself as the "water of life," assuaging the thirst of humanity.Astrology, 587:fire, just as ancient Atlantis was destroyed by water. But, fiery goodwill and the consciousAstrology, 590:the Lion Sagittarius, the Archer Aquarius, the Water Carrier The Sun Jupiter Uranus The Sun TheAstrology, 594:upon the mountain-top (Capricorn) and which the water cannot quench (Aquarius). These are theAstrology, 654:yet on that light I turn my back. Aquarius - Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.Astrology, 678:the Messiah is always connected with water, and with baptism. (Vol. II, 413) The second racialAutobiography, 17:in his day for several of the municipal water systems of Great Britain. He had a large family. HisAutobiography, 39:it was three feet across. This bowl was full of water. Standing ahead of the crowd and in front ofAutobiography, 52:to the words of Christ where He says, "I am the water of life." Joyously they translated it as "eauAutobiography, 52:had to reprint, making Christ say, "I am living water" - "eau vivante," which somehow is notAutobiography, 70:children and women (in those days) carrying water-pots on their heads; water buffaloes and queerAutobiography, 70:those days) carrying water-pots on their heads; water buffaloes and queer carriages, such asAutobiography, 222:on the sides of the hills reaching down into the water. I know nothing more beautiful to look atAutobiography, 225:that the morning he spent with Robert was a high-water mark of his European trip. Dr. Assagioli isAutobiography, 233:into the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the water-carrier, the sign of universality, for water is aAutobiography, 233:the water-carrier, the sign of universality, for water is a universal symbol. Prior to His deathAutobiography, 233:death Christ sent His disciples out to find the water-carrier who led them to an upper room whereBethlehem, 19:zodiacs, is that of a man bearing a jar of water. The message of that age is one of unity,Bethlehem, 19:there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he enterethBethlehem, 19:that house in the zodiac which is called "the Water-carrier," and wherein also we shall all sit atBethlehem, 45:of God,' and this birth is spoken of as that 'of water and the Spirit,' ( St. John, III, 3.5.) thisBethlehem, 96:He was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto Him,Bethlehem, 98:We are entering into the sign Aquarius, the Water Carrier. This sign stands symbolically for groupBethlehem, 98:to enter this sign, about two hundred years ago, water became for the first time of generalBethlehem, 98:for sanitation and irrigation. The control of water and its utilization as a means ofBethlehem, 98:on a worldwide scale became possible. The use of water in our homes is now so universal that weBethlehem, 98:saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water: but one mightier than I cometh, the latchedBethlehem, 98:of John the Baptist, which is the baptism by water. The baptism of Jesus Christ, which is that ofBethlehem, 99:feeling nature is [99] first developed, and water has ever been the symbol of that nature. TheBethlehem, 99:and calm which can descend upon a man, make of water a most apposite symbol of this interior subtleBethlehem, 99:John the Baptist therefore gave the baptism of water which testified to the purification of theBethlehem, 100:means discrimination. We have seen that water symbolizes the emotional nature, and that theBethlehem, 106:it was the chosen sign at this initiation. Water, as we have seen, is the symbol of the emotionalBethlehem, 144:to Cruden's Concordance, means "taken out of the water." We have already seen that water is theBethlehem, 144:out of the water." We have already seen that water is the symbol of the fluidic emotionalBethlehem, 181:elements of life, Fire, Earth, Air and Water." - The Celestial Ship of the North, by E. V.Bethlehem, 182:of Aquarius, the sign of the man carrying the water-pot, to which Christ referred when He sent HisBethlehem, 182:there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he enterethBethlehem, 194:evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.' But when we learn that the MithraicBethlehem, 194:being sprinkled with blood, and washed with water, it is clear that the author of the EpistleBethlehem, 240:the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction.' - The God Who Speaks, by B.Bethlehem, 244:laughter where the bubbles flow From the divided water and the sun Turns them to crystal: life andDestiny, 146:The Lion disappears and he who bears the water pot stands forth and starts upon his mission." ThoseDestiny, 146:see this happening upon every side today. The water-carrier (another name for the world server) isDestiny, 146:But, they all carry the pitcher containing the water of life upon their shoulder, reverting to theDestiny, 150:symbolically speaking, be absorbed into the water-pot carried on the shoulder of Aquarius in theDestiny, 150:is distinctive of this sign, for Aquarius is the water-carrier, bringing the water of life to theDestiny, 150:for Aquarius is the water-carrier, bringing the water of life to the people - life more abundantly.Destiny, 150:Aquarian Age, the Risen Christ is Himself the Water-Carrier; He will not this time demonstrate theDestiny, 151:the upper chamber to which the man carrying the water pot and typifying Aquarius led the disciples,Discipleship1, 53:rayed forth the light and distributed the water of life in a wide and general distribution withDiscipleship1, 127:comment about him: "He has reached his high water mark for this life. Further instruction is notDiscipleship1, 231:month - A barrier of stone. A flood of cleansing water, and then the Vision. The pilgrim then canDiscipleship1, 385:the field and finding, instead of the mud and water which had been anticipated, a firm Path whichDiscipleship1, 387:is reached what I might call a definite high water mark of achievement, and the age at which thisDiscipleship1, 387:This inhibits further progress. When the high water mark is reached after the age of 55-70, theDiscipleship1, 387:of the needed duties of a full life. This high water mark has been reached for you in the ordinary
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