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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAVE

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Bethlehem, 166:one's failure. But to rise upon the crest of the wave, to be accorded public recognition, and toBethlehem, 275:kingdoms because he can go forward upon the wave of God's life in full consciousness. He can shareDiscipleship1, 231:at rest upon a sea of blue. And then a tidal wave. But after that the calm. The boatman chants: TheDiscipleship2, 430:that you are in the vanguard of the evolutionary wave. I would like, in this instruction, to giveDiscipleship2, 502:Shall he demonstrate the power of the seventh wave which will carry him forward much further uponDiscipleship2, 745:the OM and feel the impact of [745] the tidal wave (if I may so call it) of spiritual energy,Externalisation, 605:of those who are on the crest of the human wave of civilization is very close at hand. 4. Finally,Externalisation, 698:and social organizations. Then - under a great wave of spiritual inspiration - the divine spirit ofFire, 364:in an earlier system; They passed out of the wave of manasic influence as far as Their own NatureFire, 742:His centers. They come into a scheme on a wave of manasic energy from the head center of the Logos,Fire, 842:been one-sided, and hence their entering on a wave of energy into this scheme in order to "round"Fire, 845:of his own line as ruler of a kingdom or life wave in the system, and not just in a scheme. 5. TheFire, 893:degree. The second great life impulse, or life wave, initiated by our planetary Logos, when broughtFire, 1041:with its own rotary motion in space. As the wave lengths of the light from the constellations, andFire, 1041:better understood, and as the effect of those wave lengths or light vibrations (which are eitherFire, 1042:to the solar system), have upon it, and whose wave lengths it will not transmit, whose rays ofFire, 1145:and ready, therefore, to be transferred into a wave of a higher vibratory capacity. Enter the HallIntellect, 43:investigation of man, and (on the crest of the wave of human evolution) the great Groups inIntellect, 249:than to tell them they are going down in a tidal wave, or will be submerged in the catastropheMagic, 307:self-absorption and this we term a panic or a wave of unrest. The fact that the working out may beMagic, 347:There may demonstrate such a factor as a crime wave, but there will also demonstrate an increasingMagic, 487:or will you arrest it? Arrest it by a rush and wave of love for the party implicated, that envelopsMagic, 487:build a counter stream of thoughts which (on a wave of love) you send your apparently erringMagic, 622:suffering and carry man along whilst the tidal wave of the spiritual realization sweeps over theMeditation, 262:the sake of men who are pressing forward on the wave of evolution. Through meditation has the GreatRays, 173:leading members of the forefront of the human wave at present in process of evolution. Beyond thisRays, 560:(the "flower of the race" or the "crest wave," as it is called) expressed an active intelligence.Reappearance, 52:of those who are on the crest of the human wave of civilization is very close at hand. 4. Finally,Soul, 66:permeates all matter and pervades all space by wave motion, without limit in the universe. It
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