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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAXES

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Astrology, 120:the personality dims and the light of the soul waxes. The fluidity of Pisces and the undevelopedAstrology, 353:lessens and wanes whilst that of the soul waxes and grows. There is much to be learned from theDiscipleship1, 715:terms: "The point of light shines forth. It waxes and it wanes. The point becomes a line throughDiscipleship2, 561:therein intensifies. The radiation of the Ashram waxes to a great intensity. The tiny beam of lightFire, 709:is formed of pure electrical manasic force, waxes ever brighter until it produces an answeringFire, 939:ceases. The vitality in the etheric body waxes dim, and the processes of destruction begin. The EgoFire, 939:of obscuration comes in. First the physical body waxes weak and useless; then the Ego withdrawsMagic, 98:As its illumination increases, as its light waxes more potent, its effect upon [99] the subhumanMeditation, 36:of vibratory capacity. The egoic fire waxes ever greater until the work is done, and thePatanjali, 313:care, the power of the spiritual light grows and waxes and develops a dual function. The aspirantRays, 302:again. What seest thou? A point of light which waxes and which wanes and makes the darkness darker.Rays, 729:and the light in which the initiate walks waxes ever brighter and brighter. Light reveals to himRays, 769:within the glowing arc, O Pilgrim on the Way, waxes and wanes as application hard or not betrays
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