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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Astrology, 466:and turn his back upon the past and find his way on to that section of the Path wherein he learnsAstrology, 468:points of crisis. There is, as I have said, no way of handling this Science of Triangles at lengthAstrology, 476:are instrumental upon the final stages of the Way in enabling the disciple or initiate to utilizeAstrology, 476:the seven stations of the Cross which mark the way of an advancing world Savior. In connection withAstrology, 480:The rising sign, as it indicates the way of the soul. The place of the three Crosses (the CardinalAstrology, 481:is too vast and all I seek to do is to point the way towards a new science and towards thoseAstrology, 488:the focal point of transmission, because in this way it will be discovered which ray energy is inAstrology, 500:to a new life and a better and more simple way of living; new values will be released andAstrology, 503:is an inadequate definition and is only in any way to be understood, if you bear in mind thatAstrology, 513:rulers, indicates soul purpose and points the way to the future, offering opportunity. 6. TheAstrology, 516:requires a golden thread whereby he can find his way out of the caverns of bewilderment and theAstrology, 523:The keynote of this world center is "I light the Way" and this is the privilege of the States ifAstrology, 525:This could be seen working out in a demonstrable way in the two great guiding groups of worldAstrology, 542:human spirit in a more definite and arresting way and involves an orientation towards freedom whichAstrology, 543:control will take the place of the "lighted Way." The earthy aspect of Capricorn, the lowestAstrology, 543:(and there are many such) represent the "lighted Way" were so imprisoned in their environment andAstrology, 546:and a triumphant religious ideal is on its way to manifest; in Germany, ancient crystallized formsAstrology, 555:fundamentally "the beginning of the endless Way of Revelation" which starts when Nirvana is enteredAstrology, 557:of Being - "the ONE proceeds upon the higher Way and passes on to [558] realms unknown e'en to theAstrology, 562:fast. These blended lights reveal the Lighted Way. The man beholds himself taking this other Way,Astrology, 562:Way. The man beholds himself taking this other Way, the Way of lighted wholes; this leads from formAstrology, 562:man beholds himself taking this other Way, the Way of lighted wholes; this leads from form to soul,Astrology, 562:thus his steps and backward moving on the Way (the reversed wheel of the zodiac, A.A.B.) he forwardAstrology, 569:and uncomfortably recognized and the higher way and the spiritual vision is contacted. Desire givesAstrology, 571:progress in their attempt to tread the occult way. They are mentally focused in their attitude; theAstrology, 571:mentally focused in their attitude; the higher way is recognized by them; the vision has been seenAstrology, 573:of the disciple a vision of the "endless Way of which Nirvana is but the beginning." [574] HeAstrology, 582:out our obligations and not to obstruct in any way those activities and relationships which tend toAstrology, 586:- The Nature of the Will There is only one way in which focused evil will, with its responsivenessAstrology, 593:at in reality is the objective of that "endless Way of which Nirvana itself is but the open door" -Astrology, 593:which Nirvana itself is but the open door" - the Way to the higher evolution for which ourAstrology, 609:somewhat clearer to you: This is the only way that I can give you an idea of the distribution ofAstrology, 615:from form and focused in itself. This, by the way, is a definition of meditation from the angle ofAstrology, 616:beginning am. I am the outward and the inward Way and back into the point of concentration and fromAstrology, 617:Yet at the same time it is not identified in any way with the process. These mutations, producingAstrology, 623:of the fusion of the occidental or the mystic way are dominant in this cycle. The Buddha summed upAstrology, 654:Child, I God. I matter am. Libra - I choose the way that leads between the two great lines ofAstrology, 657:Taurus. They are therefore in the Milky Way. They are thus considered (Alcyone, in particular) asAstrology, 666:Law of Sacrifice and Death is... in a mysterious way the reverse of the first law, that ofAstrology, 676:Law of Sacrifice and Death is 'in a mysterious way' the reversal of the first law, that ofAstrology, 679:is regarded as the central group of the Milky Way. Note: The Pleiades as the central group of theAstrology, 683:into the seven head centers in much the same way as in the human being after the fourthAtom, 16:any aspect of that truth in a perfectly unbiased way. Some people have a wider horizon than others,Atom, 18:of the atom, [18] and has wandered a long way during the past fifty years from the standpoint ofAtom, 18:to us a world which is not blindly going on its way, but which has back of it some plan, someAtom, 19:consciousness in its many forms, ranging all the way from those types of consciousness which weAtom, 26:vision and hope for. The third stage lies a long way ahead, and may be considered by many a vainAtom, 31:it would be impossible to deal adequately in any way with this stupendous subject, even were IAtom, 32:last week I endeavored, in a broad and general way, to point out to you that there were three linesAtom, 35:of transition; the old order changeth; the old way of looking at things is proving false orAtom, 40:only just out of its range, may try this way and that to get a hitch on. If so, the microbe, atAtom, 46:I have sought to emphasize can be traced all the way up, through the atom of the chemist andAtom, 47:It involves much internal activity. The second way the human atom grows is through its interactionAtom, 55:the objective form in a much more illuminating way than does the dictionary. He says: "An idea is aAtom, 58:dealt with the atom per se, but have in no way considered its building into form, or into thatAtom, 78:and which seems to some of us the clearest way of explaining the mystery of the universe. We haveAtom, 79:emotional, and physical, in exactly the same way as the electrons were held revolving around theirAtom, 85:he demonstrates, nevertheless, not in one way, nor in two, but in three. In man, therefore, in deedAtom, 85:as must be apparent to all thinkers, the only way in which we can know God is through the study ofAtom, 99:is only possible, really, to define two in any way with clarity. [100] Absolute consciousness, toAtom, 102:nature. It is responsive in a different way to the mineral. In the animal kingdom a third reactionAtom, 104:one thing apparent to all of us who are in any way interested in the faculty of awareness, and whoAtom, 109:As the atom of substance has to find its way into some form, and add its quota of vitality to aAtom, 110:but as an atom, and he is commencing, in a small way, to make a conscious response to that greaterAtom, 112:particular individual. We need to find our own way of concentrating, to ascertain our own method ofAtom, 112:is life. The goal will not be achieved that way. [113] For most of us the intellectualAtom, 132:is the air. Just as man is beginning to find his way through the development of the intuition on toAtom, 132:has been working along this line in a valuable way, and teaching that the physical eye is capableAtom, 134:Path, calling it by different names, such as the Way, the noble Eightfold Path, the Path ofAutobiography, 4:to Their existence, and I would like to make the way easier for them. This I will enlarge uponAutobiography, 5:world war (1914-1945). Thank God, we are on our way to better things. The group who have shared ourAutobiography, 5:few is of encouraging importance. We are on our way towards brotherhood. The third thing which IAutobiography, 8:which is leavening humanity. And yet the mystic way of introspection and of divine union mustAutobiography, 8:and of divine union must precede the occult way of intellectual realization and divine perception.Autobiography, 8:humanity as a whole. The mystic and the occult way, the way of the heart and the head, must fuseAutobiography, 8:as a whole. The mystic and the occult way, the way of the heart and the head, must fuse and blendAutobiography, 10:either stands the test [10] and indicates a way out, or fails and we go down, temporarily at least.Autobiography, 12:and they do belong to themselves in a way with which no one can interfere but which is seldomAutobiography, 13:the word in its true sense) have ranged all the way from the very lowest type of person on throughAutobiography, 20:and autographs of my spiritual companions on the Way. I wish I had it now for it would tell meAutobiography, 22:God must antedate the conscious treading of "The Way," which leads to revelation. Perhaps the timeAutobiography, 24:what it is that conditions the memory in this way; why some things register and others do not. MoorAutobiography, 24:English houses which should not be homey in any way and yet manage to be so. It was notAutobiography, 24:garden, outside the library windows. In its way Moor Park was a show place and on certain SundaysAutobiography, 29:did), "I bank on you, Alice. Go your own way. It will be all right with you." The third person wasAutobiography, 30:of carefully reading her record. In this way, I found out that she did know that I had taken allAutobiography, 38:of the Masters be proved and proved in the right way - through the lives and testimonies of thoseAutobiography, 40:recognition. I knew at the same time that in no way was our Christ belittled. I got a glimpse ofAutobiography, 43:then started for us. We each of us went our own way. It turned out that our interests were totallyAutobiography, 52:in occult books is the word "Path," meaning the Way back to our Source, to God, and to theAutobiography, 55:my talk and my effort worked well until half way through there came a point where I had determinedAutobiography, 56:the night afterwards, in horror at the terrible way in which I had said it. This ridiculous rhythmAutobiography, 57:I never present truth (as I see it) in such a way that it is dogmatic. I often tell people: "FiveAutobiography, 59:the ditch and then the battery proceeded on its way. I never heard the end of that episode from theAutobiography, 60:great Plan, all souls eventually find their way back to [61] Him. I know that the Christ life inAutobiography, 61:techniques very often and I believe that God's way is often the best and that He often leaves us toAutobiography, 61:best and that He often leaves us to find our own way home, knowing that in all of us there isAutobiography, 61:"until the last weary pilgrim has found his way home." I know that all things work together forAutobiography, 67:to look after me as he could go no further on my way. Autobiography, 68:but I felt miserable and [68] helpless. On the way to Meerut from Bombay he had told me bluntly,
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