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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Bethlehem, 26:to the Center where Christ may be found is the way of the soul, the lonely way of self-unfoldment,Bethlehem, 26:may be found is the way of the soul, the lonely way of self-unfoldment, of self-effacement and ofBethlehem, 26:and of self-discipline. It is the way of mental illumination and intuitive perception. InitiationBethlehem, 28:preparatory to this undertaking. We are on our way to "that which is within," and many voices areBethlehem, 29:this time, and there is reward at the end of the way. Some day, sooner perhaps than many may think,Bethlehem, 33:the greatest of the divine Messengers, but the way of that Messenger had been prepared beforehand,Bethlehem, 35:approaching the end of the long and weary [35] way of evolution, is ready to re-enact the sameBethlehem, 35:religious experience is the only legitimate way to the comprehension of dogmas." (Pavel Florensky,Bethlehem, 39:perspective. One is that each age provides its way out. This, Christ meant when He said, "I am theBethlehem, 39:out. This, Christ meant when He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." (St. John, XIV, 6.)Bethlehem, 40:set up will carry him forward along that Way which leads from one high peak of attainment toBethlehem, 40:Light-bearer, and one who can light the way for others. The illuminati have ever led the raceBethlehem, 40:of racial and individual possibility. The Way from the Birth at Bethlehem to the Crucifixion MountBethlehem, 40:at Bethlehem marked the beginning of the long way of tragedy of the Savior. It made Him "a man ofBethlehem, 41:the kingdom of God. Christ came to reveal the way into that kingdom. This initiating soul, as weBethlehem, 44:is full of good men who are probably a long way from being initiates. Neither is the initiate aBethlehem, 44:to its existence shall not be disappointed. The way into the kingdom is found by questioning andBethlehem, 46:example of the Christ indicate to humanity the Way that must be trodden. This leads away from theBethlehem, 47:ancient needs in new terms and in a more vital way. Those Leaders who mould the spirits of men areBethlehem, 50:factors which are germane to all of them. The Way into the kingdom is universal, and man himself isBethlehem, 51:"The treading of the Path" is a familiar way of describing the approach of a human being to theBethlehem, 51:are journeying hither and thither. We are on our way, widening our horizons. We are also preparingBethlehem, 51:for many. "To every man there openeth A way, and ways and a WAY. And the high soul takes the highBethlehem, 51:every man there openeth A way, and ways and a WAY. And the high soul takes the high way And the lowBethlehem, 51:ways and a WAY. And the high soul takes the high way And the low soul gropes the low; And inBethlehem, 51:and fro, But to every man there openeth A high way and a low. And every man decideth The way hisBethlehem, 51:A high way and a low. And every man decideth The way his soul shall go." - John Oxenham. [52]Bethlehem, 52:for ancient Asia in the past was TAO, or the Way. It stood for that ancient Way which the InitiatesBethlehem, 52:was TAO, or the Way. It stood for that ancient Way which the Initiates of the far East trod andBethlehem, 55:determining - far more than we can realize - the way that we should go. Christ came in the fullnessBethlehem, 58:of the peoples, and then passed on their way, leaving the seed sown, to germinate and bear fruit.Bethlehem, 65:and fulfilment, and to indicate to us the Way: He came to give us an example, so that we could beBethlehem, 66:with His Mother, journeys the last part of the way. Consecrated from past aeons to this very workBethlehem, 66:the House of Bread, where in a peculiar way He Himself was to become the "Bread of Life" (St. John,Bethlehem, 68:Today the teaching of the Path and of the Way to God is engrossing the attention of the aspirantsBethlehem, 74:subjected. Humanity can journey from Galilee by way of Nazareth. Gold, the thing that today seemsBethlehem, 79:the background; to organize our lives in such a way that we can live as souls, giving due time toBethlehem, 80:Christian - an inferiority which Christ in no way taught. He calls us to holiness of life andBethlehem, 81:there is difficulty and danger in the outlined way to the center. Much is to be overcome and faced.Bethlehem, 81:to the majority. It is difficult to fight one's way to that stage of experience where the divineBethlehem, 88:and it is through the heart that we find our way to the Heart of God. Only through love can Love beBethlehem, 90:Messenger from the Center, but this in no way detracts from the status and work of Those WhoBethlehem, 90:saw mortal existence as it was and pointed the way out. But the principle of Love - the fundamentalBethlehem, 91:producing cruel and separative results, in no way alters the fact that behind all these idealisticBethlehem, 99:Christ. The baptism of John was a step upon the way into the center, and of more generalBethlehem, 102:the full implications, and the picture of the way which lay ahead of Him could not have dawned uponBethlehem, 103:the thought of the Passion. Suffering is the way to the revelation of Messiahship!" - Ibid., p.Bethlehem, 104:marks an increase of light which shines upon our way and develops that inner radiance which enablesBethlehem, 105:a revelation of the path to be trodden on our way there. It is an expansion which enables us toBethlehem, 111:the most difficult parts of the long way of return. Christ was ever lonely. His spirit drove HimBethlehem, 113:primitive compels him to regard things in this way 'magically.' What in our more developed and moreBethlehem, 115:through the medium of the human form, we in no way belittle Him or His achievements. The furtherBethlehem, 124:(who stands as the symbol of the disciple on his way towards perfection) faced a similar issue withBethlehem, 125:is spirit and is immortal. As one studies the way in which Christ met this temptation one isBethlehem, 125:and remains undeveloped as to detail. The way out, in this particular temptation, is dual: toBethlehem, 126:cycles of rank materialism - such is the cyclic way we walk, and such is our history. ButBethlehem, 130:But to Him, there was only one kingdom and one way into the kingdom, and one God Who was bringing,Bethlehem, 131:Himself His divine humanity. And yet, as is the way with all the [132] liberated sons of God, HeBethlehem, 132:God, He could not rest until He had shown us the way. He had to transmit the great energy of theBethlehem, 140:of thought, he should be responding in some way to ideals as they are presented to him by the [141]Bethlehem, 146:...And, to know Rather consists in opening out a way Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape ThanBethlehem, 154:for it means [154] "rejoicing in the way," and wherever we find reference to the basic dualities ofBethlehem, 155:divinity are portrayed for us in such a way that the lesson (and the possibility) cannot be evaded.Bethlehem, 165:acceptance. Disillusionment is a stage on the way to reality. The hatred of those who are not yetBethlehem, 165:worldly success, and pass along the triumphant way of His entry into the Holy City, withoutBethlehem, 166:the world, at an intermediate stage on His way to the Cross. The agony of loneliness in the GardenBethlehem, 167:Christ demonstrated an entirely new and unique way in which to speak and to meet the masses, asBethlehem, 170:and consecrated service, and thus we find our way - through service to our fellow men - into theBethlehem, 170:- through service to our fellow men - into the Way that Christ trod. Following in His steps, weBethlehem, 170:Each can stand as a beacon light, pointing the way to the center from which the Word goes forth;Bethlehem, 170:to the Cross experience, through the triumphal way of acclamation and the sorrowful ways ofBethlehem, 178:(mostly virgin-born and done to death in some way or other in their efforts to save mankind) is soBethlehem, 189:until the last weary pilgrim shall find his way home. (The Secret Doctrin, Vol. I, p. 229.) TheBethlehem, 191:more imperfect theophanies, which prepared the way for it by molding the human nature whichBethlehem, 192:adherents as time elapsed. Christ in this way precipitated the kingdom of God upon earth. It hadBethlehem, 194:by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which he hath consecrated for us through the veil,Bethlehem, 196:thought we have a definite demonstration of the way in which all ideas (intuitively perceived andBethlehem, 198:for human freedom, and that God is in no way responsible for human sin." - A Student's PhilosophyBethlehem, 200:the many crucified world Saviors prepared the way for Christ. Men are definitely saved from eternalBethlehem, 200:consciousness, and because of this we are on our way towards a period of greater spirituality and aBethlehem, 201:for human beings to demonstrate to them the Way that they must go - from the cave of Birth to theBethlehem, 204:possible parallel between this and the Christian way of forgiveness. Both methods are whollyBethlehem, 205:spent in contact with other human beings. The way in which we handle this daily problemBethlehem, 206:that divinity manifests itself [206] in the same way that the divinity of Christ expressed itself;Bethlehem, 206:watchfulness over words and deeds lest in any way we should "offend one of these little ones" (St.Bethlehem, 206:of God's kingdom upon earth. He showed us the way in which humanity could enter that kingdom - byBethlehem, 206:Christ. Each one of us has to tread the way of the cross alone, and enter God's kingdom by right ofBethlehem, 206:God's kingdom by right of achievement. But the way is found in service to our fellow men, andBethlehem, 206:enter in. But he has first to suffer. It is the Way. It is through supreme service and sacrificeBethlehem, 207:that led Him from point to point upon the way, and from altitude to altitude, until no bonds couldBethlehem, 210:who can love one another as Christ loved us. The way into that kingdom is the way that Christ trod.Bethlehem, 210:loved us. The way into that kingdom is the way that Christ trod. It involves the sacrifice of theBethlehem, 211:died in order to bring to our notice that the way into the kingdom of God was the way of love andBethlehem, 211:that the way into the kingdom of God was the way of love and of service. He served and loved andBethlehem, 211:He fed them, and sought in every possible way to call attention to the principle of love as theBethlehem, 212:all the time Christ has told us that love is the way into the kingdom, and that the fact of theBethlehem, 220:each son of God at different stages upon his way of initiation prepares for this final lonelinessBethlehem, 222:until all the sons of God shall have found their way back to the Father's home. This thirst for theBethlehem, 223:as citizens into the kingdom. But this is the way of Crucifixion. Only when we can utter the fiveBethlehem, 223:understand the meaning of God and His love. The way of the Savior becomes then our way. God's life
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