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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Discipleship1, 44:Gita has been the book which has embodied this way superlatively. Others emerged along the way ofDiscipleship1, 44:this way superlatively. Others emerged along the way of the mind and were the intellectual Knowers.Discipleship1, 44:Knowers. Theirs is the more strictly occult way and it has become increasingly the way of ourDiscipleship1, 44:occult way and it has become increasingly the way of our present day aspirants. The reason for thisDiscipleship1, 44:mental plane. Some of the individuals on this way of the mind were Sankaracharya, the Apostle Paul,Discipleship1, 44:Eckhart. Today, many are coming out along this way under the name of science. There were also thoseDiscipleship1, 46:I offer instruction. I indicate [46] the way to the goal and to the field of service. I point outDiscipleship1, 46:in my plans. Beyond thus indicating the way and the service, I will not go. It is for all of you,Discipleship1, 46:and in the closest understanding the way that my suggestions and my hints should be utilized. I doDiscipleship1, 48:to their own - handling them in a weak or stupid way (from the angle of the disciple) and makingDiscipleship1, 48:can achieve at any given time, then pursue your way and leave your brother to pursue his. "Better aDiscipleship1, 48:and the refusal to criticize, in no way prevents service to each other or constructive groupDiscipleship1, 51:than to his divine characteristics? In what way does criticism interfere with true spiritualDiscipleship1, 51:Is it simple self-defense? or is it the easiest way to attain peace? or is it a spiritualDiscipleship1, 55:You are adult men and women and know the Way. The practical application of the ancient Rules isDiscipleship1, 56:fatigue need not necessarily impair in any way his usefulness. With many people, physicalDiscipleship1, 59:the indifference of a psychologically developed "way of escape" from that which is not pleasant;Discipleship1, 63:need. Have I not had to study all of you this way? Think this out and ponder upon the implications.Discipleship1, 69:and is anxious to see with clarity the way that he should go. It is this realization which drivesDiscipleship1, 79:us together enter into the Light and tread the way to world peace and not to personal illuminationDiscipleship1, 80:such a simple rule - apparently simple? In this way the etheric body of this group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 85:his reactions and more ready to grasp and see a way out of the immediate impasse than the mystic orDiscipleship1, 92:of the Presence becomes potent and active in a way which I may not describe to you, or he dropsDiscipleship1, 93:in words and was not, therefore, revealed in any way. The few possible symbolic hints and meaningsDiscipleship1, 94:sincerely and definitely moving forward upon the Way. I would remind you here that many, many livesDiscipleship1, 95:and almost unapparent [95] growth. You are in no way unique or far ahead of the senior worldDiscipleship1, 100:will seem to hinder you. Again I point the Way to you and again I wait. Will you intensify yourDiscipleship1, 101:this? Will you aid Our work in every possible way, both as personalities, dedicated to service, andDiscipleship1, 101:to service, and as souls who walk the lighted Way? The need of humanity for love and light, theDiscipleship1, 106:but - in the thought of being - find your way into the center of life from which all occult work isDiscipleship1, 106:exercise which seems to me to be for you the way. Understand that an interlude is being given toDiscipleship1, 106:achievement still remains and hinders you on the way of realization. One thing I would remind youDiscipleship1, 107:of the head type." Therefore, for you the way of release is the way of Love and the note of loveDiscipleship1, 107:Therefore, for you the way of release is the way of Love and the note of love should color all yourDiscipleship1, 109:the Path of Discipleship. He can then find his way also into the group of one of the Great Ones,Discipleship1, 113:of mine, will you remember that the lonely way is also the lighted way. Loneliness is an illusionDiscipleship1, 113:remember that the lonely way is also the lighted way. Loneliness is an illusion which seeks toDiscipleship1, 113:impair true vision. That you may walk the Way in peace and light and that power in service may beDiscipleship1, 115:which you have been induced to believe is the way for you - as well as for all true disciples.Discipleship1, 120:of many men. The soul descends and walks the way of earth and not the ways of mind. The far horizonDiscipleship1, 122:the heart center and a renewed interest in the Way of the Heart. To this end, I will give you aDiscipleship1, 122:have together sufficed to carry you a long way towards the goal and this I think you are beginningDiscipleship1, 124:are turned upon the ways of men and in this way the truth is clearly seen." Then, we come to theDiscipleship1, 124:brings you by a long and weary way back to us. Finally, "thus the magnetic life again holds sway."Discipleship1, 124:the same time, a steady adherence to the chosen way and to your group brothers. You are still,Discipleship1, 126:yourself to remain. It should be the other way round and the personality - with all its unifiedDiscipleship1, 129:even if at times you choose the longer way around towards your objective. [130] You have two thingsDiscipleship1, 140:am a messenger of Light. I am a pilgrim on the way of love. I do not walk alone but know myself asDiscipleship1, 140:the lives of those around you which is the easy way of working for all who are second rayDiscipleship1, 140:theirs in the life of every day. Go your own way with strength and silence, and do that which yourDiscipleship1, 142:These you must solve yourself in your own way and no outsider may do more than suggest andDiscipleship1, 146:for you is that of the Onlooker who is in no way identified with aught that may happen on theDiscipleship1, 147:of the World Saviors is ever a hard one; the way of the Divine Sensitives is fraught with sufferingDiscipleship1, 147:with suffering and with pain. This is the way that you have chosen to go, and the knowledge [148]Discipleship1, 148:of cheer and of recognition. Persist upon the Way. Discipleship1, 156:but in calmness and in peace pursue your way. There is no life, at this time, without its difficultDiscipleship1, 158:as a bird within the heart but has winged its way from the secret place within the head. I am thatDiscipleship1, 158:the true servant of the Plan seeks the middle way. You have a sphere of potent usefulness within myDiscipleship1, 160:and in confidence go forward along the Lighted Way and with expectancy as your keynote. Preserve aDiscipleship1, 164:the needed doors will open and the correct way of evoking interest will easily become apparent. TheDiscipleship1, 168:and tendencies crystallize into habits. The only way to do this is to deepen and establish the soulDiscipleship1, 174:a paper on the nature of true alignment. In this way, you will stabilize your own knowledge andDiscipleship1, 174:a life habit My blessing rests upon you in a new way, e'en though for four years I have interiorlyDiscipleship1, 176:Soul streams forth like a beacon light upon my way; and in that light I see the light in others. IDiscipleship1, 177:so that they may walk more securely in the way which leads to the goal for any particularDiscipleship1, 178:of interior ray interrelation and, in this way, we shall gather together some ray meditations whichDiscipleship1, 183:condition the group thinking and in this way produce the needed subjective changes. I have told youDiscipleship1, 183:manifest. I wonder if you are proceeding in any way consciously to do so? These relations are of aDiscipleship1, 184:longs and seeks for the companionship of the Way but knows not how to bring it into functioningDiscipleship1, 186:that all disciples grow and by feeling their way and discovering their own peculiar line ofDiscipleship1, 187:of faults. Ponder on this and seek to work our way, for this is ever what we, the teachers andDiscipleship1, 193:soul illumine my mind, and shed a light upon the way of others. 2nd month - May the love of theDiscipleship1, 193:control my lower nature, and guide me in the way of love. 3rd month - May I act as a soul in all myDiscipleship1, 193:to a right activity. 4th month - I teach the way to others. I seek to contact souls, not minds. 5thDiscipleship1, 193:will appear in a year's time. Simplicity is the way of soul growth. Be simple. Each month, write aDiscipleship1, 196:so arranged itself for you that activity is the way of expression and the line of least resistance.Discipleship1, 197:the spiritual world. You are definitely "on your way" and with a quite satisfactory simplicity areDiscipleship1, 199:the freedom from worry which should enlighten my way? In what manner is the light reflected in myDiscipleship1, 199:life? Do I recognize my fellow pilgrims on the way of light? Can I draw consciously upon the lightDiscipleship1, 200:to be eliminated if the light is to lighten my way? What is the main hindrance to my enlightenment?Discipleship1, 200:the light in order to help my fellowmen? In what way can I most truly serve my fellowmen? Discipleship1, 201:Ponder on this, because it will make your way of life more clear, and will greatly facilitate yourDiscipleship1, 201:and will greatly facilitate your progress on the Way. The inhibitions to the free play of the lightDiscipleship1, 201:analysis, you would be listed as on the "Buddha Way" more than upon the "Christ [202] Way." To workDiscipleship1, 202:"Buddha Way" more than upon the "Christ [202] Way." To work this out effectively, you shouldDiscipleship1, 207:a time glamor and affects you in two ways. One way affects you in strict relation to yourself andDiscipleship1, 210:will be increasingly subjective, and this in no way [211] will mitigate your usefulness whichDiscipleship1, 211:who walk shoulder to shoulder with you upon the Way. You withhold also, as dangerous, knowledgeDiscipleship1, 212:merged in an ocean of intelligent love. On their way up the spine, they have been blended with theDiscipleship1, 214:MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: I am myself feeling my way with this particular group of my disciples. IDiscipleship1, 214:cohesive energy. You can serve in this way with this group of disciples because you have for manyDiscipleship1, 214:because you have for many years followed the Way. You have, therefore, a specific responsibility toDiscipleship1, 215:is via those whom you serve upon "the Lighted Way of the Lord of Life." You work with human beingsDiscipleship1, 216:of idealism and of teaching is for you the way. From the angle of the emotional body, thisDiscipleship1, 216:- as a soul - to the world. This will in no way change your outer activities but will surelyDiscipleship1, 217:could weaken under it or that you could in any way relinquish your fiery aspiration has in no wayDiscipleship1, 217:way relinquish your fiery aspiration has in no way caused me anxiety. Of this, there is no fear.Discipleship1, 224:open door that just reveals a different lighted way I take my stand. Before the presence I willDiscipleship1, 224:and to them I will call your attention; the way, the presence and sight. My blessing rests upon youDiscipleship1, 225:applied impression that you found your way into my group of disciples in which you now work, and at
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