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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Discipleship1, 452:consciousness of humanity and that is the way of divine intervention. With this I do not intend toDiscipleship1, 452:(a thing hitherto totally unknown). In this way, the world may be remodeled by wise planning,Discipleship1, 454:aspirant seem to you sometimes to stand in your way." Forget not, brother of old, that aDiscipleship1, 454:the sannyasin, the detached follower of the Way. You are now in the world but are not of the world;Discipleship1, 458:objectives? You will note that in a subtler way I hinted at these two objectives in your lastDiscipleship1, 462:should begin to lead you more and more into the way of the divine psychologist; it is to theDiscipleship1, 462:lines then merge and blend until the lighted Way appears before the eyes of each tired pilgrim onDiscipleship1, 462:before the eyes of each tired pilgrim on that Way. He walks in light. He is himself the light, theDiscipleship1, 462:He is himself the light, the light upon the Way. He is the Way and always walks thereon." PhraseDiscipleship1, 462:the light, the light upon the Way. He is the Way and always walks thereon." Phrase Three. Fifth andDiscipleship1, 462:to assent to all the Master says; speed on my way to service; and joy to shower forth on all IDiscipleship1, 462:joy to shower forth on all I meet. Such is the Way for me." [463] My blessing rests on you, myDiscipleship1, 463:resistance for the majority. But such is not the way for you. Look not either to revelation or theDiscipleship1, 463:line between the seen and the unseen. That way is not the way for you. You are not a distressed andDiscipleship1, 463:the seen and the unseen. That way is not the way for you. You are not a distressed and bereavedDiscipleship1, 463:that all is well. Such, I reiterate, is not the way for you. Reach up to the heights of the soulDiscipleship1, 464:to the light - for the remainder of this earthly way be a tower of strength and a radiant light toDiscipleship1, 465:eye and a ready response to all who come your way, the door to renewed service will open and muchDiscipleship1, 465:the fires of Renunciation, who are walking the way of humility whilst conscious of the grandeur ofDiscipleship1, 469:Bewilderment is a state of incipient glamor. The way out for you is not to concern yourself withDiscipleship1, 470:poured out alike upon all and not biased in any way by the temporal activities of man. This must beDiscipleship1, 472:have hitherto held you back from the lighted Way. One is a stubborn determination to go your ownDiscipleship1, 472:One is a stubborn determination to go your own way and handle situations as you choose, e'en whenDiscipleship1, 472:you know well I whereof I speak. I offer you the way out in four simple rules: Clean up yourDiscipleship1, 472:diary, for you need to find an outlet in this way. [473] Discipleship1, 473:to measure up to your ideal force her to tread a way which is one that you desire. She also [474]Discipleship1, 475:truth. Peace be to you and strength to tread the Way. Discipleship1, 476:of your personality? Are you satisfied with the way you have "loved all beings" during the past sixDiscipleship1, 478:you done this during the past few months, your way would have been easier and your work would haveDiscipleship1, 479:as a soul should love, you will not tread the Way of Liberation. There is hatred in your heart andDiscipleship1, 480:persons. Disciples are apt to forget this. The way for all of us is the way of sacrifice. Your auraDiscipleship1, 480:apt to forget this. The way for all of us is the way of sacrifice. Your aura is much clearer andDiscipleship1, 481:5th month - Service. I tread the lighted Way into the hearts of men. I serve my brother and hisDiscipleship1, 482:their true perspective. I have decided that the way of release for you will come in the writingDiscipleship1, 483:can be trained to recognize? What dramas came my way today, in my own life or in the life ofDiscipleship1, 483:shell is fast crumbling. Is that not true? The way of liberation for you, however, lies not throughDiscipleship1, 484:you much release. Otherwise, my brother, go your way for another few months and attain stillDiscipleship1, 484:the person and give him right help in the right way. This, in its turn, involves an inner broodingDiscipleship1, 485:I would have you begin - in a new and a fresh way - to endeavor to bring light to individuals withDiscipleship1, 485:will come much illumination upon the way of service. Your soul ray is, as you know, the second RayDiscipleship1, 485:to get it and struggle to achieve it; in this way you enter into a world of glamor from which it isDiscipleship1, 487:your [487] determination to achieve the good way that all the forces of your nature have beenDiscipleship1, 489:service and the destined service has come your way. The door to that service stands wide open andDiscipleship1, 490:down any reactions which may come [490] your way. This will enable you, now that you have passedDiscipleship1, 490:discipline of life has brought you far upon your way in this incarnation and the door of service,Discipleship1, 492:difficulties to me) and to send you on your way rejoicing. Is it any use for me to point out to youDiscipleship1, 494:whom you meet and life and fate throws in your way. Isolation must give place to cooperation, notDiscipleship1, 495:interest in some other theme is your major way of escape. Sound the O. M., seeking (as you do so)Discipleship1, 497:to the point of death itself, [497] is his only way of release from this life." Having told youDiscipleship1, 498:of your problem. You have to make your own way, then, of learning and of cultivatingDiscipleship1, 498:alone. It has been your own wish, and the right way for you. But you must offset its unavoidableDiscipleship1, 498:discipline. I leave it to you to find the way. You will, I know, comprehend that whereof I speak.Discipleship1, 498:balance of influence is there. You are on the way to transmute knowledge into wisdom, and it wasDiscipleship1, 499:Disciples - D.E.I. October 1938 MY BROTHER: The way into the sphere of your richest service is, forDiscipleship1, 499:sphere of your richest service is, for you, the way of the heart. It is the way of renunciation butDiscipleship1, 499:is, for you, the way of the heart. It is the way of renunciation but always the way of joy. So, asDiscipleship1, 499:It is the way of renunciation but always the way of joy. So, as you pass on to fuller surrender andDiscipleship1, 499:ranks of all true servers. 1st month - I go the way of deep surrender. 2nd month - The way of joyDiscipleship1, 499:I go the way of deep surrender. 2nd month - The way of joy enriches all my life. 3rd month -Discipleship1, 500:and of ardent helpfulness. This is for you the Way of Salvation. Hence the emphasis uponDiscipleship1, 502:you have chosen the selfless and the more fluid way and the effects will be lasting in yourDiscipleship1, 503:living it, I give you no set work. Go on your way, my brother, with joy and service, with freedomDiscipleship1, 504:not quickly recognized by you are for you the way of release. A deep but temporary distrust of yourDiscipleship1, 505:of illumination as you hold steadily upon your way. You have to make the realization of an hour,Discipleship1, 509:and at one sitting? You will, in this way, get a picture of your spiritual problem (and of myDiscipleship1, 511:freedom from the astral plane. Perhaps the best way to help you, my brother, and any of yourDiscipleship1, 511:is a great asset, provided you do not give way to self-deprecation. The second is the glamorDiscipleship1, 513:of success is attending your efforts. Give not way to suspicion; but be careful not to cast it awayDiscipleship1, 515:light, and then the treading of the Lighted Way. 5th month - Radiance which evokes the light inDiscipleship1, 517:hinders your loving them in the strong, true way... I ask you to love more truly. Your strength andDiscipleship1, 517:however, is your problem to be solved in some way, if you, as a soul, can take hold of yourDiscipleship1, 517:of those who feel that they have failed upon the Way.and the active cooperator? One thing only canDiscipleship1, 517:and the karma, the struggle and the destiny in a way that is not possible to you. But I do say toDiscipleship1, 519:a worker will silently increase. This will in no way negate your right usefulness on planes otherDiscipleship1, 520:then the decisions of moment which may come your way will be faced in the light of the soul andDiscipleship1, 520:accept the stated facts and live by them? In no way, except by giving you information, suggestingDiscipleship1, 522:back outside your garden of peace, you find your way there again with greater speed. You do notDiscipleship1, 523:reach me here. Thus to the work which comes my way I dedicate myself. 2nd month - Only my soul canDiscipleship1, 523:of strength whereon I stand and to my soul that way is always open. To the task my soul assigns, IDiscipleship1, 523:To the aid of those I serve, the Masters of the Way, I dedicate myself. 6th month - With trueDiscipleship1, 523:indifference I shoulder every load that comes my way, for naught can touch my soul. To manifestDiscipleship1, 532:the love of God, the light that shines, the Way. The very simplicity of my instruction may almostDiscipleship1, 533:I meet. 4th month - There are no changes on the way of love. I stand at-one with all, and throughDiscipleship1, 535:the situation thus before you, my duty ends. The way, the means and the methods are yours toDiscipleship1, 535:of other boats that are all slowly making their way towards the gleaming gold at the eastern end ofDiscipleship1, 536:That truth am I. My words must open up the way to other hearts and minds. 6th month - I have noDiscipleship1, 537:out a hand to all, and aid the stumbling on the way. 6th month - Give strength to those who workDiscipleship1, 538:with whom you are affiliated, and indicate the way of service. Discipleship1, 538:Perhaps you prefer the slower and easier way? If that is so, it is entirely your own affair, andDiscipleship1, 539:your own affair, and you are still on your [539] way. You are still a constructive and usefulDiscipleship1, 542:knowledge of the "form divine" in such a way that the inner life is served and the outer formDiscipleship1, 544:I call on you. [544] It is for you to find the way to serve and to gain the needed sense ofDiscipleship1, 544:on the path will now be more definite and your way more accurately defined. This, too, your friendsDiscipleship1, 550:your life and not only a belief and a hope. The way to that knowledge is through alignment. DirectDiscipleship1, 550:for fuller service in your next life cycle. The way to that is through love, plus mental study ofDiscipleship1, 551:and watchful cooperation, to aid you on your way. I would remind you at this point also that, underDiscipleship1, 552:basic idea of service through healing. The best way in which you can develop the neededDiscipleship1, 552:and technique is through meditation. To you, the way of meditation is of no profound difficulty. InDiscipleship1, 552:You can orient yourself easily upon that way. For you, however, there must come (during the nextDiscipleship1, 553:you are learning [553] and indicates to you the way of release. Like all disciples, in training on
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