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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Discipleship1, 679:the universal Life and as I sweep upon my onward way - the way of God - I see all lesser energiesDiscipleship1, 679:Life and as I sweep upon my onward way - the way of God - I see all lesser energies die out. I amDiscipleship1, 681:to throw these overboard and work in the way which will meet the new world need under the newDiscipleship1, 682:adjustment so that "he faces two ways and each way sees the same vision." In the final stages whenDiscipleship1, 685:produce a general attitude which will clear the way for the needed right adjustments. It is theDiscipleship1, 687:Let me explain. The vision is a symbolic way of experiencing revelation. The gradual unfoldment ofDiscipleship1, 689:of imperfection is automatic with them but in no way negates loving understanding and readiness toDiscipleship1, 694:devotion and service have worked their way out of a group into an inner center where the Master'sDiscipleship1, 694:is more easily available. In order to work their way from the group into the Ashram, disciples willDiscipleship1, 702:pledged to do the same type of work in the same way and at the same time. They are pledged to workDiscipleship1, 703:followed. When any group - working in this way under a Master - is moved by one spiritual impulseDiscipleship1, 705:to project the thought-form, built in such a way that it will be of the type and quality needed toDiscipleship1, 710:life and objective things. Let me put it this way: What you say to yourself and to others - throughDiscipleship1, 711:times. That is a simple and almost childish way of putting it but it serves to express the generalDiscipleship1, 713:for occidental understanding and must in no way be considered as translations of the ancient terms.Discipleship1, 714:Gradually the antahkarana is built and in this way the "greater Light and the lesser light" areDiscipleship1, 716:to grow into the spiritual life, to follow the way of determined orientation to the things of theDiscipleship1, 718:years to come, will read my words and find their way into the Ashrams of the Masters. The HierarchyDiscipleship1, 718:that it does is done with the intent to open the way into a wider and more expansive world.Discipleship1, 720:is needed for the good of the group in the right way and with the needed skill in action. ItDiscipleship1, 722:modern English as follows: "The one upon the Way leaps forward, leaving the world of fluid life. HeDiscipleship1, 722:makes the great transition and leaves the watery way behind. He walks upon the water and is [723]Discipleship1, 723:Light. "This is a Transition upon the lesser way, preparing for a higher. "The one upon the WayDiscipleship1, 723:way, preparing for a higher. "The one upon the Way becomes aware of this and that. The polesDiscipleship1, 723:walk. "This is a Transformation upon the dual way, leading into the Way. "The one upon the WayDiscipleship1, 723:upon the dual way, leading into the Way. "The one upon the Way gazes around and sees life asDiscipleship1, 723:way, leading into the Way. "The one upon the Way gazes around and sees life as through a haze. TheDiscipleship1, 723:who has the neophyte in charge. It is in this way that many hierarchical relationships areDiscipleship1, 726:to which those who choose the more difficult way of initiation must subject themselves, voluntarilyDiscipleship1, 726:disciple has to teach the neophyte. In this way the latter is aided to see "in the light" whichDiscipleship1, 726:aided to see "in the light" which falls upon his way, and the disciple who is preparing him for theDiscipleship1, 727:The chela in the Light is one who treads the way of what is called "the lesser revelation" - lesserDiscipleship1, 727:be done in the personality life; it is not the way of the higher revelation of divinity and itsDiscipleship1, 729:is harder, but he knows that they are on the way to understanding; he knows too that at presentDiscipleship1, 733:of future inevitable experiences upon the Way. People do see thought-forms of the Masters, forDiscipleship1, 733:a series of graded revelations upon the Way to light; they exist then as guarantees of futureDiscipleship1, 734:and neophytes at the very beginning of the Way of discipleship. Disciples must not think in termsDiscipleship1, 736:is all a form of self-centeredness. The true way to love is to reflect and meditate deeply andDiscipleship1, 736:he does not really love in the spontaneous, free way of the spirit. The disciple is, therefore,Discipleship1, 749:lead, therefore, to the steady ascending of the Way of Life and the Ladder of Spiritual Ascent. Discipleship1, 749:importance to him than the part. This in no way negates his ability to work with individuals or toDiscipleship1, 753:from spheres of activity; these range all the way from the early stage of increasing awarenessDiscipleship1, 754:he becomes the chela within the aura. In a faint way, his vibration and that of the Master tend toDiscipleship1, 754:to synchronize. I would point out that in this way, the disciple begins to make a significantDiscipleship1, 754:they are swept into each other's auras in such a way that there is a complete blending and fusing.Discipleship1, 754:the ray of the Master at the center; in the same way the Hierarchy radiates the quality of theDiscipleship1, 761:which can hold the disciple a prisoner or any way limited. After the third initiation, the lowerDiscipleship1, 765:of the health problem in the future. In the same way, a constant consideration of the permanentDiscipleship1, 767:subject. Being within the Master's Heart in no way indicates a love-relationship between Master andDiscipleship1, 768:can be used) of the disciple upon that upward Way which is revealed by the lighted Way; it is theDiscipleship1, 768:that upward Way which is revealed by the lighted Way; it is the attainment of the innermost pointDiscipleship1, 769:to render service to humanity in a larger way than hitherto? That can be overcome if you careDiscipleship1, 771:clearly defined. When the contrast between the way of love and goodwill and the way of cruelty andDiscipleship1, 771:between the way of love and goodwill and the way of cruelty and hate is being clearly defined onDiscipleship1, 778:the public. Even had I wanted to work in such a way (which no one affiliated with the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 784:of not endorsing the Axis position in any way. Many in the goodwill work and some few in the schoolDiscipleship1, 785:opportunity for all to move forward along the way of light, for human welfare withoutDiscipleship1, 785:will themselves be free and tread the Lighted Way. In the meantime, the entire force of theDiscipleship1, 787:before the public and in a more arresting way. Years ago, I definitely told A. A. B. (as did herDiscipleship1, 788:(under the tuition of the Christ) to tread "the Way of the Higher Evolution," as it is called. TheDiscipleship2, 4:and earnestly I have sought to aid you on the Way. My love and strength are ever yours, but notDiscipleship2, 11:who has the neophyte in charge. It is in this way that many hierarchical relationships areDiscipleship2, 15:of the world of men; he passes on the lighted way to the great Center of Absorption. But he whoDiscipleship2, 15:But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolvesDiscipleship2, 15:upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way. "He faces towards the dark and then the sevenDiscipleship2, 15:and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them, the way is not soDiscipleship2, 15:darkened way receives that light. For them, the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors - twixt theDiscipleship2, 19:indicate relation to the Hierarchy, in the same way that the personality significance will indicateDiscipleship2, 25:the time to aid the group in this particular way, it is surely not too much to ask that I receiveDiscipleship2, 32:of attainment, leaving him stabilized upon the Way. He remains, therefore, tenuously linked withDiscipleship2, 35:strain and pain; the further on he is upon the Way, the more keen are his reactions and the more heDiscipleship2, 36:As individuals, many of you are serving in some way or another, but it is a detached and personalDiscipleship2, 38:there is no task which is insuperable, and no way that is too long for you to tread it. You are aDiscipleship2, 39:action upon the outer plane, simply present a way of escape from reality. Unless a Master'sDiscipleship2, 40:this, for it must not happen if it can in any way be prevented. There will also come the cessationDiscipleship2, 47:task in hand. I could perhaps word it another way. When your interest in hierarchical work and theDiscipleship2, 48:needs and to more highly developed men is under way. I write not for you in reality. You haveDiscipleship2, 51:could be contacted. Those of you who are in any way adept at meditation work know well that theDiscipleship2, 62:urge of their souls and who are groping their way (in relatively large numbers) toward theDiscipleship2, 62:highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad, "Seek the way of Ascension" - ascension out of even triadalDiscipleship2, 64:spiritual light and life. At the entrance to the Way of the Higher Evolution, which is now moreDiscipleship2, 65:Not the Council Chamber at Shamballa or the Way to the higher Evolution engrosses their attention,Discipleship2, 65:Ashram with which they are affiliated and the Way of Initiation. This is a useful point to bear inDiscipleship2, 68:determines its own destiny. Disciples point the way, indicate the vision, set a needed example andDiscipleship2, 72:offset the usual loneliness of the disciple's way and enable him to realize that he travels notDiscipleship2, 73:a pictorial connotation to your minds; in this way the power of visualization will be evoked andDiscipleship2, 73:The open door. The triangle of fire. The golden way to God. The ocean and the rocky shore. TheDiscipleship2, 82:surface; a few - a very few - have fallen by the way, but a large majority have passed the test.Discipleship2, 99:propose to do to rectify the situation? In what way do you feel that you have been an asset to theDiscipleship2, 110:your efforts and love to all men, pass on your way. Let love play its part in all your lives andDiscipleship2, 124:of stimulating the solar plexus in the right way and able to transmute the lower energies so thatDiscipleship2, 124:to pass through that center in the spine on its way to the head. In the early stages that is as farDiscipleship2, 128:of the formula. As you progress upon the "way of the chela," so will grow your power. Use theDiscipleship2, 130:cycle of spiritual and mental brooding. In this way, your subjective realization can become anDiscipleship2, 130:back of the mind." There it can gestate. In this way you will not only arrive at the meaning ofDiscipleship2, 133:of soul energy, thereby enlightening their way, improving their spiritual expression in the threeDiscipleship2, 146:you, and in imagination formulate it in such a way that it can be presented to others, to yourDiscipleship2, 147:find this work most interesting. It is, in a way, a tiny reflection of the technique of theDiscipleship2, 147:of the technique of the Hierarchy and the way the Masters work (though on a much higher turn of theDiscipleship2, 160:threefold cry. It is the cry for light upon our way and for light to flow into the dark places of
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