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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Discipleship2, 166:light of the Spiritual Triad now illumines the way of the modern mystic, and not simply the lightDiscipleship2, 169:as they are, can apprehend right motives and the way to bring about right human relations, is now aDiscipleship2, 169:today the two ideas needed are light upon our way and practical goodwill. I would like now to touchDiscipleship2, 173:dwells." This is (needless to say) a symbolic way of expressing the idea of rendering evil purposesDiscipleship2, 175:the fiery Will of God. And thus I stand. I am a way by which men may achieve. I am a source ofDiscipleship2, 175:stand. I am a beam of light, shining upon their way. And thus I stand. And standing thus revolveDiscipleship2, 175:stand. And standing thus revolve And tread this way the ways of men, And know the ways of God. AndDiscipleship2, 175:you free to consider this Invocation in your own way and to approach this most important andDiscipleship2, 177:(and its subsequent effects) that was in any way related to my Ashram as was the next. A meditationDiscipleship2, 184:becomes a Master; he is now ready to tread the Way of the higher Evolution. There is then a directDiscipleship2, 188:soul of humanity itself. It must be used in that way. When the trained disciple or the aspirant inDiscipleship2, 195:Disciples should remember [195] that the higher Way of Evolution is far simpler than the lower way,Discipleship2, 195:Way of Evolution is far simpler than the lower way, and that therefore the teaching on theDiscipleship2, 195:and to reach eventually the door to the Way of the higher Evolution. He will at the same timeDiscipleship2, 195:you "upon the lighted point upon the lighted way, where light may shine and show a star whichDiscipleship2, 196:Hierarchy and reach eventually the door to the Way of the higher Evolution. He will, againDiscipleship2, 196:you have indicated the spiritual, meditative way of life of the individual disciple in relation toDiscipleship2, 196:and later to the Ashram; you have the group way of life, as it penetrates into the Hierarchy, andDiscipleship2, 205:constant attitude of reflective meditation in no way impairs the efficiency of the Ashram or of theDiscipleship2, 208:new civilization which is so definitely on its way. There are, as you may surmise (if you have readDiscipleship2, 212:for you all belong to it, if you are in any way dedicated to the service of humanity, underDiscipleship2, 217:the new heavens and the new earth. This is one way of expressing the significance of the coming ofDiscipleship2, 217:on Earth, and the creation of a new order and way of life. There are crisis points at times ofDiscipleship2, The fu:to the three subhuman kingdoms; in this way, these lower kingdoms are "enlightened and raised." AllDiscipleship2, 218:order out of chaos. The task of preparing the way for the reappearance of the Christ. Discipleship2, 222:Servers who are interested in preparing the way for the reappearance of the Christ, and the otherDiscipleship2, 225:the fact that he for whom all men wait is on his way back to ordinary visibility. The billionsDiscipleship2, 225:pleasure and, finally, the billions which go the way of armed conflict in all nations must beDiscipleship2, 225:in its search for the new, spiritual and free way, and which will therefore bring into being theDiscipleship2, 234:to the minds of men, and thus preparing the way for the Master of all the Masters, was to prove notDiscipleship2, 235:work of the Brothers of Darkness - there was no way to avoid this dangerous sidetracking of humanDiscipleship2, 235:of an occult nature, though not in any way a mystical nature. The mystical type of meditation [236]Discipleship2, 247:be registered in the brain. Every step of the way from that point of recognition onward has to beDiscipleship2, 252:knock. I consequently hold out to you no easy way but only one of difficulty and adjustment. [253]Discipleship2, 256:tests and the types of experience which come his way. "It is a matter," I have elsewhere told you,Discipleship2, 258:of purpose. I cannot word this in any other way but the enlightened will comprehend my meaning. TheDiscipleship2, 264:life and a subjective life is well on the way to being a true esotericist. Let us look for a minuteDiscipleship2, 270:and "brings to light" (I know no other way in which to express this concept) the will of God, andDiscipleship2, 271:they themselves are preparing to tread the "Way of the Higher Evolution." What that Way is I cannotDiscipleship2, 271:the "Way of the Higher Evolution." What that Way is I cannot tell you, for you would be unable toDiscipleship2, 274:lies in the recognition of a "higher Way," of the existence of the "higher evolution," of the lightDiscipleship2, 275:fold Path of initiate evolution." This is the Way of the Higher Evolution of which man knowsDiscipleship2, 275:and from which he has to choose his future Way. Then the symbol takes on the following form: "AllDiscipleship2, 275:are seen as one, and the Master passes on his way." He has penetrated to the center by passingDiscipleship2, 277:the rapidity with which men find their way into the ranks of the disciples, and the demand whichDiscipleship2, 278:modern and immediate implications and see the way that the world is going under the inspiration ofDiscipleship2, 286:finally manifests, prior to entering upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. In this connection it isDiscipleship2, 288:back upon the courts of Shamballa and upon the Way of the Higher Evolution as he retains hisDiscipleship2, 291:be poured into the phenomenal world. In the same way, the Monad is to the personality in the threeDiscipleship2, 291:Logos and of the door which opens on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way leads a man offDiscipleship2, 291:on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way leads a man off the cosmic physical plane on to theDiscipleship2, 292:learnt to use the physical eye and to find his way, by its means, around and through hisDiscipleship2, 292:do with what we call consciousness; in the same way, there is naught in the world of ShamballaDiscipleship2, 304:of the correct use of these formulas in such a way that a directive is given. I know not how elseDiscipleship2, 306:and not consummating; they reveal what is on the way as the result of the divine thought and areDiscipleship2, 309:two. [309] From point to point he goes and the Way moves upward all the time - out of the dark intoDiscipleship2, 318:and to interpret should lead you far on your way towards "occult thinking." The Masters do notDiscipleship2, 318:prevalent, reduced to writing; it will find its way out into expression as need arises and asDiscipleship2, 329:What I have stated in the above paragraph in no way contradicts this fact. It must, however, beDiscipleship2, 331:If, however, disciples act or react in a way that brings attack upon the Ashram, that is naturallyDiscipleship2, 332:cycles, all within the Ashram react in some way or another; no one moves forward upon the PathDiscipleship2, 333:of projection and direction" which is in no way related to the disciple's life or condition or toDiscipleship2, 334:of the group of disciples. Let me put it this way: the petty selfishness and the silly littleDiscipleship2, 342:careful construction of the antahkarana. In what way have I cooperated with the Plan in order toDiscipleship2, 357:as a center of changing energies. This is the way the Hierarchy works. You who read and study theDiscipleship2, 358:by the Hierarchy is consistently present. The way to world change is also given. The Hierarchy as aDiscipleship2, 360:offset the distortion of the Plan. Only in this way will he learn himself to plan. You can see fromDiscipleship2, 366:and of an ordinary aspirant are not in any way identical. Program will - if followed with spiritualDiscipleship2, 367:disciple is concerned) revelation is simply one way of expressing the constantly recurring effectsDiscipleship2, 376:them inevitably, eventually, on to the occult way. They are learning to think; they earnestly seekDiscipleship2, 376:to think; they earnestly seek to know the right way for humanity, and desire to ascertain the willDiscipleship2, 380:other planes, is neither comprehended nor in any way understood. The concept of substance runsDiscipleship2, 381:was a planetary technique; in the same way, initiation may be regarded as indicative of successiveDiscipleship2, 387:until "the last weary pilgrim has found his way home." These agents are the sons of men who will -Discipleship2, 395:the above, but I have here indicated to you the way to fuller knowledge; the latent significanceDiscipleship2, 403:of spiritual unfoldment must consciously give way to a much higher phase of perception, for whichDiscipleship2, 405:twain from the top to the bottom" - a symbolic way of expressing the unveiling of an unimpededDiscipleship2, 409:- left to its own devices thus to learn the Way and tread the Path of Return through individualDiscipleship2, 409:Men have had, therefore, to find their way alone to the Hierarchy; in silence that Hierarchy hasDiscipleship2, 413:into the plane of buddhi, and thus is on the Way of the Higher Evolution. I am here using wordsDiscipleship2, 414:he appropriates everything that comes his way; he seeks to use everything he knows or even sensesDiscipleship2, 414:or veiled information which will clarify his way. He begins to understand that the lower mind, withDiscipleship2, 416:given by a Master to one of his disciples, by way of illustration. He said: "Learn that all AshramsDiscipleship2, 417:In that light shall we see light. The Way of the Higher Evolution is ever preceded by theDiscipleship2, 436:the divine Purpose," and this happens in such a way that the light of the divine Mind or the divineDiscipleship2, 437:the light which has hitherto enlightened his way. At that point of revelation (again speakingDiscipleship2, 437:is granted as the initiate proceeds on the Way and comes to the critical stage where "he recognizesDiscipleship2, 437:limitation, he discovers, is in himself, and the Way of Revelation is through the discovery and theDiscipleship2, 438:There is another point of revelation on the Way of Initiation to which I would like to refer. ItDiscipleship2, 444:you, I would repeat, service by radiation is the way. To bring this about, it will be necessary forDiscipleship2, 447:full of doubt and enquiry; your soul is on its way to a fuller and richer experience of life, andDiscipleship2, 450:the significance of your life events in a new way. They have been many, and they have been varied.Discipleship2, 452:breathing. It might be regarded in the following way, holding the suggested relations in mind:Discipleship2, 463:is firmly built and on it you can move this way or that, but always on the Way. The sorrows of theDiscipleship2, 463:you can move this way or that, but always on the Way. The sorrows of the Cross of Man have weightedDiscipleship2, 464:to accept your first major assignment upon that Way. When you assented and told him that you wouldDiscipleship2, 465:rank, is completed or at least well on the way to fruition. The work assigned to you, my belovedDiscipleship2, 465:decision rests with you, for those who tread the Way of a World Savior are left peculiarly freeDiscipleship2, 469:imagination, by a constant application to the way of the head, and constant group activity, with anDiscipleship2, 471:by step as needed. My love enfolds you, and the way into my Ashram stands open wide for you.
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