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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Externalisation, 295:Avatar appears and light pours in, making the way clear. New hope awakens and fresh determinationsExternalisation, 296:Coming One. The Avatar is sensed as being on His way. The second Coming (according to prophecy) isExternalisation, 296:active participation in the task of clearing the way for Him, and complete selflessness. Only whenExternalisation, 297:the current of men's thoughts; they pointed a way to a better life; they pioneered into newExternalisation, 303:obstacles and destroying all that stands in the way. This is not destruction of forms by force suchExternalisation, 303:by the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this way, the energies of both Shamballa and the Hierarchy willExternalisation, 303:will be created which may prove a more effective way of releasing energy and a safer way, than theExternalisation, 303:effective way of releasing energy and a safer way, than the focused impact of one selected forceExternalisation, 307:disciples on earth can also - in a dim and faint way - become responsive to the ideas that areExternalisation, 308:and world servers. Ponder again on this. In this way, if you will note carefully, there isExternalisation, 308:expectant people. Some say He is already on His way. Is it possible that this Wesak Festival willExternalisation, 311:life towards the Hierarchy in radiant faith. The way of the Coming One must be made clear, and theExternalisation, 316:Great Ones must go on. The Coming One is on the way. The Avatar approaches. For this we mustExternalisation, 317:not live to see the full clarification of the way that humanity must go (the "Lighted Way" of theExternalisation, 317:of the way that humanity must go (the "Lighted Way" of the future), but you can, all of you, aidExternalisation, 319:of every person to worship God in his own way - everywhere in the world. The third is freedom fromExternalisation, 321:waiting to help. This They cannot do unless the way is made possible for Them by humanity itself.Externalisation, 323:to lead humanity into a more spiritual way of living. They aim to foster the growth of right humanExternalisation, 327:for this building of a more stable and beautiful way of life. This creative process begins alwaysExternalisation, 329:forward with the Triangle work in every possible way and in every country open safely to contact.Externalisation, 333:of love, and how shall that find its way onto the physical plane save through a group whose earsExternalisation, 335:if you will ponder on this, you will see the way more clearly. There are many first ray workersExternalisation, 335:There are many first ray workers finding their way into the ranks of the workers among the newExternalisation, 338:Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The Only Way to Victory April 1942 I have been working withExternalisation, 339:of evil have had things very much their own way. They have triumphantly moved forward, [340] exceptExternalisation, 341:embrace those activities which stretch all the way from the rebuilding of blasted cities, theExternalisation, 342:towards the good [342] life, a new and better way. For the attainment of these objectives, I summonExternalisation, 344:out our obligations and not to obstruct in any way those activities and relationships which tend toExternalisation, 346:their projects and desires. There is only one way in which this focused evil will which isExternalisation, 350:the Christ to become Himself, in a mysterious way, the very Spirit of Invocation on their behalf?Externalisation, 353:on this and will you cooperate in every possible way? The plans may be laid, the vision may be seenExternalisation, 357:the light into dark places. Preparing the way for the three spiritual energies which will sweepExternalisation, 358:which will guarantee a better and more spiritual way of life. These constructive attitudes andExternalisation, 362:realities, who seek for a new and better way of life for all, who desire the good of the whole andExternalisation, 363:that statement. The signpost indicates [363] the way to go; it does not reveal the goal. It isExternalisation, 365:to deal with this subject in a broad and general way, for the subject is too vast for us to beExternalisation, 371:as a whole and all men as brothers - is the only way in which this rising tide of hate can beExternalisation, 378:This latter phase of the work is well under way and a powerful, though small, group among the worldExternalisation, 380:in that sphere and with what he has. In this way, his normal and natural sense of futility willExternalisation, 382:the things a man feels like doing in a leisurely way, and then meandering feebly down the years.Externalisation, 398:great revelations may then be speeded on their way: A revelation of light and understanding toExternalisation, 399:humanity, and lead to a saner, better, truer way of living. I would ask you also to take thoseExternalisation, 402:and the period when it travels on the southern way. You will find that the month divides itselfExternalisation, 403:the simplicity which He taught, and the simple Way to God which He emphasized have disappeared inExternalisation, 404:the spiritual leaders of humanity; the way to Christ, the living, loving Expression of God, is notExternalisation, 405:Opening out before aspiring men stretches the Way. The history of the human soul is the history ofExternalisation, 405:human soul is the history of the search for that Way and its discovery by the persistent. Externalisation, 406:taught that God was Light and showed us the way of illumination, and when Christ revealed to usExternalisation, 406:God in two Approaches. A new Approach is on the Way, bringing us the next needed truth. We askExternalisation, 409:planet drew nearer to humanity; the spiritual Way to God was opened for those who consciously canExternalisation, 410:of the open door to initiation and of the Way of Sacrifice first dawned on the human consciousness;Externalisation, 410:from that moment men have found the Way and have moved out of the human kingdom into the spiritual;Externalisation, 411:and dissatisfaction and has learnt that the Way of Release is to be found in detachment, dispassionExternalisation, 415:of man (God in expression) The existence of the Way to God The historicity of the two greatExternalisation, 417:great "chain of hierarchies" stretching all the way up from the mineral kingdom through the humanExternalisation, 417:the spiritual Lives what has been called "the Way of the Higher Evolution." Much along these linesExternalisation, 418:into the conviction of the knowers. In this way humanity will be transformed and spiritualized.Externalisation, 423:of the spiritual realities. By these means, the way is cleared for a new and simple recognition ofExternalisation, 433:and the rebellion of the children do not in any way condition such parents. They see ahead. 3. TheExternalisation, 435:will-energy, emanating from Shamballa, in such a way that it will not be seized upon and misused byExternalisation, 441:and of producing a better civilization and way of life is short indeed. The Christ has gone intoExternalisation, 445:Friend of Mankind shed His light upon your way and evoke your trust, your understanding and yourExternalisation, 446:various legislatures of the world must in some way be offset. That is the problem. I wonder if youExternalisation, 449:discipleship, but they automatically worked this way because they correctly sensed human need. TheyExternalisation, 450:and violence. Japan is well on the way to defeat, but is still powerful. The hierarchy of evil onExternalisation, 456:disciples in the world. Thus They will pave the way for the true freedom of mankind - a freedomExternalisation, 461:establish the entire human family in a sounder way of life than heretofore, and to give a saner andExternalisation, 461:beginning their work and preparing the way for a much fuller expression of the intentions of theExternalisation, 462:group, expressing their ideas and working their way) and who fail to see themselves or the group inExternalisation, 463:then be possible for men to tread the Lighted Way which leads back to the divine Source of lightExternalisation, 463:Buddha could point to the goal and indicate the Way because He had achieved full enlightenment; theExternalisation, 463:us how we too could learn to tread the Lighted Way. [464] Externalisation, 469:which He symbolically indicated to us the way which all aspirants must go. It portrays a picture ofExternalisation, 474:Hierarchy saw coming closer, day by day. In a way unrealized and undreamt of by the average man,Externalisation, 477:pure impersonal thought energy did not find its way into the ranks of those fighting humanExternalisation, 479:into the battle, victory might still be a long way off. Today it is well-nigh in our hands. As IExternalisation, 487:to leave them [487] free to work in their own way, each in his own place and chosen field ofExternalisation, 496:central point of planned activity. This, by the way, is the objective of all true meditation work.Externalisation, 500:live and move in beauty and to seek the "Lighted Way." [502] Externalisation, 503:truth must be stepped down and adapted in such a way that the advanced minds, the enquiring minds,Externalisation, 505:presence, and more and more are finding their way into the groups of disciples. Externalisation, 511:in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in itsExternalisation, 514:cured or taught, all who contacted Him or in any way incurred karma with Him or with the MasterExternalisation, 516:no personal reward, can manifest the ancient way to heal which has small resemblance to the modernExternalisation, 521:of what all of you can do to prepare the way for this major change, and something of the tremendousExternalisation, 531:the three worlds - cannot be disrupted or in any way lessened. Although for Them no astral planeExternalisation, 531:about it. One of the seven Paths for which the Way of the Higher Evolution prepares the seniorExternalisation, 535:clarifies. As you direct yourself towards the Way of the Higher Evolution synthesis emerges. MoreExternalisation, 535:through alignment. You are, in your small way, making your adjustment to the Hierarchy through aExternalisation, 536:men's thinking in a new and comprehensive way, producing the great ideologies; it aroused theirExternalisation, 539:prompting and influence, and in this way demonstrating that they possessed that which might beExternalisation, 540:of the Members of the Hierarchy upon the Way of the Higher Evolution; other problems incident toExternalisation, 544:of the world religions - if in any way possible - so that their out-of-date theologies, theirExternalisation, 544:The gradual dissolution - again if in any way possible - of the orthodox Jewish faith, with itsExternalisation, 550:for the freedom of humanity and refused in any way to endorse those fighting on the side ofExternalisation, 551:of the World Religions. Reasons To make way for the World Religion, universal religion. To returnExternalisation, 557:pledge to serve humanity and to find your way into an Ashram where that service may be directed. ItExternalisation, 559:have only passed a milestone upon the endless Way of Bliss is entirely forgotten. But, owing to theExternalisation, 559:by divine will; planning must ever give way to divine purpose; light must ever be succeeded byExternalisation, 559:Paths; the Path of Evolution gives place to the Way of the Higher Evolution; planetary recognitions
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