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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Magic, 398:up to the requirements, have found their way into the ranks of those who stand behind the worldMagic, 398:however transpiring upon earth which is, in its way, as momentous and as important as that crisisMagic, 400:of their service. They are finding their way to the top in every department of human knowledge, notMagic, 408:all for each as it has been said. Only in this way can there be brought about an internationalMagic, 421:which the glory may be manifested. In this way public attention will gradually be focused upon theMagic, 421:must be taught also that partisanship is in no way a sign of spiritual development. He will notMagic, 425:by the Elder Brothers of the race, nor is it the way that They Themselves work. Know each of youMagic, 426:into the mansion of the serving man, the way of life takes the place of the way of work. Then theMagic, 426:man, the way of life takes the place of the way of work. Then the tree of life grows until itsMagic, 433:the trend towards the other is growing. Thus the way out can be seen. In the above paragraph, theMagic, 436:during life are indicated to the soul in this way. The rising sign, embodying another type ofMagic, 440:Child, I God, I matter am. Libra - I choose the Way that leads between the two great lines ofMagic, 448:far more potent than the latter) has worked its way through to the verge of physical manifestation.Magic, 449:the form he has built, much in the same way that we find architects and bridge builders reducingMagic, 454:by the central nucleus of energy - another way of expressing the embodied idea. As time progresses,Magic, 461:- must be somewhere utilized, and must find its way in some direction, often (when man fails in hisMagic, 465:and out of this immersion he must find his way by discovering and using his mind. Instinct mustMagic, 467:open now. The words sound forth: "Enter upon the way of real desire." The life, that only knowsMagic, 468:utters another phrase. The life continues on its way. "Enter the field where children play and joinMagic, 468:of light, not yet a radiant sun. Stage III The way of red desire fails. It loses its allure. TheMagic, 468:emerges from the many forms and hews its onward way. The way of the destroyer comes, the builderMagic, 468:from the many forms and hews its onward way. The way of the destroyer comes, the builder and againMagic, 469:drives forward towards the cross which bars his way to life, revealed and known. Not yet the crossMagic, 469:is left behind; the cross is overturned; the way stands clear. The word sounds clear within theMagic, 469:of the Lord and this time lead the games." The way upon the second [470] tier of stairs standsMagic, 470:burns strong. Upon the bottom step of the barred Way he turns back and passes down the stairs on toMagic, 470:and of some basic symbols, and must in no way be considered to be anything except indicative of aMagic, 472:apparent as the aspirant progresses upon his way. As the power of the mind increases and as theMagic, 473:verify the motive. For thee, the aspirant on the way of life, the way of conscious building is notMagic, 473:For thee, the aspirant on the way of life, the way of conscious building is not yet the goal. TheMagic, 473:of building. See to thy aura, oh traveler on the way. Watch close the gates of thought. SentinelMagic, 477:scientifically applied. But they do point the way, and under the simplification which marks theMagic, 477:which has been made in the magical work. In this way he will be enabled to go forward with optimismMagic, 479:The sound of many waters (which is the symbolic way of expressing the TAU influence) will cease,Magic, 480:Much must be burned and consumed which bars the way for the emergence of the new ideas, the newMagic, 481:to others. Such men are happily few, but the way to such a point of view is easy to achieve, andMagic, 481:themselves lest they tread unthinkingly the way towards materiality. A gradual and steady growth inMagic, 484:either remain in his own aura, or will find its way to a sensed objective. In the first case, itMagic, 484:the second case, his thought-form will find its way into the mental aura of another human being, orMagic, 484:a powerful mind upon a weaker. If it finds its way into some group, analogous impulsive formsMagic, 486:not so difficult to hide. They do not come your way till your vibrations are keyed high enough forMagic, 495:of coherence or of integration, finds its way to the heart and is focused or "anchored" there. FromMagic, 499:blind and oft frightened and surely ignorant way in which we usher them out of incarnation. I seekMagic, 499:myself perfectly clear. What I have to say in no way abrogates modern medical science with itsMagic, 507:the case in the other rules, in just the same way that practical application is far harder thanMagic, 520:and they must keep the path open and the way clear of obstructions. Otherwise white magic mightMagic, 521:forefront of the battle. All can be used in some way, if the true nature of sacrifice is grasped,Magic, 536:be [536] released and will eventually find their way out of their prison house through theMagic, 537:transcendent Lights which have illumined the way of humanity and have acted like searchlights,Magic, 549:my form. The fire destroys that which impedes my way, and master of the air am I. Through all theMagic, 554:belongs. This concept can be traced back all the way from a family group to the group of egos who,Magic, 555:pictures change, as evolution proceeds upon its way, and [556] the picture of today will at a laterMagic, 560:hurt and wound and no man can proceed upon the Way as long as wounds are made and pain is knowinglyMagic, 565:clothed "in a watery mist", which is an ancient way of referring to the great illusion. This termMagic, 568:for those who are definitely interested in the way of liberation from form, and who are seeking toMagic, 572:pass up through the spinal column and burn its way through the web which separates center fromMagic, 577:he is serving the obstacles which stand in the way of group progress. It is only wielded safely byMagic, 581:Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Treading of the Way The Treading of the Way We have seen, as we haveMagic, 581:- The Treading of the Way The Treading of the Way We have seen, as we have considered Rule XIVMagic, 583:Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Treading of the Way Certain considerations should be brought to theMagic, 583:be necessary for the disciple to: Enquire the Way. Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Pay noMagic, 583:up each of these four points: 1. Enquire the Way. We are told by one of the Masters that a wholeMagic, 584:Nothing satisfies him until he finds the Way, and nothing appeases the desire at the center of hisMagic, 584:him but to become his own guide and find his own way home alone. In the loneliness which is the lotMagic, 584:separative spirit but to the conditions of the Way itself. Aspirants must carefully bear thisMagic, 584:fact that the disciple is told to enquire the Way and yet there is none to tell him. Those who knowMagic, 584:there is none to tell him. Those who know the Way may not speak, knowing that the Path isMagic, 585:Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Treading of the Way 2. Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Well doMagic, 604:this daily meditation will perforce give way to a steady spiritual orientation and then meditationMagic, 617:the forms created on the mountain top in such a way that they can cleave the clouds which circleMagic, 621:to bring these desired ends about in such a way that the form nature can be keyed up and preparedMagic, 623:praise, and their criticism tend to becloud his way. Because he is not sufficiently detached andMagic, 623:and knows it not. Thus he loses his way and wanders from his original intent, and again he knows itMagic, 624:is becoming increasingly nervous and is on the way to become a neurotic. Others, again, are feelingMagic, 626:presence of this fear, the race has fought its way to its present point of longevity and endurance.Magic, 630:methods, the personnel of their group, and the way in which their service is rendered comes underMagic, 631:refuses to be swayed and goes serenely on his way. In the coming cycle I emphatically tell you thatMagic, 636:disciple and the trained worker should he give way to the glamor and to the faults inherent in hisMeditation, 17:are in many cases reaching their goal that way. When the fifth ray, the Ray of Concrete Science orMeditation, 19:and demonstrating a different color. In this way the causal body is more rapidly equipped. When theMeditation, 20:Illustration Let me illustrate, if in any way I can elucidate the matter; accuracy of comprehensionMeditation, 25:as to be inappreciable. But, if I can in any way make clear without misleading by the use of wordsMeditation, 28:the attention of the Teachers. [28] In what way does he do this? The causal body begins to radiateMeditation, 31:inner glowing flame that will gradually work its way from the center to the periphery. It will thenMeditation, 34:Spirit or Father in Heaven, in much the same way (only in finer matter) as the Ego is linked withMeditation, 44:but seek to point out to you that if that is the way you are to reach your goal, then for you it isMeditation, 44:reach your goal, then for you it is the perfect way. Aught that brings you rapidly to TheirMeditation, 44:performed. Should bereavement come your way, smile through it all; it will end in a rich reward andMeditation, 47:minutely accurate, and much will be learnt this way. The life will be regulated and the scientificMeditation, 55:it is such that it is difficult for you in any way to realize that effect. It demonstrates as farMeditation, 60:part of a man's life. Hence, I can but point the way. I may give but general hints; the rest mustMeditation, 61:pass through the portal of Initiation. In this way what I will say will teach the majority whoMeditation, 61:be considered, - it may be handicapped in some way, stiff or crippled. Ease of posture is to beMeditation, 66:to the free play of the law, that acts in any way on matter for its greater refining, thatMeditation, 69:vibratory capacity is adequate will find their way there. I have given you enough to consider forMeditation, 79:equipment of the Spirit and eventually finds its way to the Spirit or Monad on its own plane. NowMeditation, 94:and then in their threefold totality. In this way some specific facts may be imparted. I begin withMeditation, 98:levels, and one path of attainment lies that way. In meditation the emotional body should beMeditation, 110:whether it is oriental or occidental. In this way, certain disasters will be avoided and certainMeditation, 119:however, a note of warning, I indicate the way, - the teachers on the inner side seldom do more. We
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