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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Patanjali, 286:and no forms are seen within its points, the way is clear. When the triangle encloses naught butPatanjali, 286:no shadows are reflected, the thread provides a way direct from the circle to the center." FromPatanjali, 292:the path of the disciple, thus illuminating the way, revealing the solution of all problems, andPatanjali, 314:lamp set in a [314] dark place and illumines the way for others. Only thus can the light within bePatanjali, 314:lamp and light into other realms and finds the "way of escape" into those worlds where the MastersPatanjali, 331:[331] Freedom from water is a symbolic way of stating that the astral nature is subjugated and thePatanjali, 331:the unique problem of humanity. It is a symbolic way also of referring to the great illusion whichPatanjali, 338:Companions, who counsel and comfort him on his way. They may speak to him either in wordlessPatanjali, 384:The understanding of the dream state, [384] The way of devotion. 2. The way of eliminatingPatanjali, 384:dream state, [384] The way of devotion. 2. The way of eliminating obstructions. (See Book II.Patanjali, 402:of its own path, or dharma, and follows then the way of light and of life. It should ever be bornePatanjali, 404:no two people see an object in exactly the same way, "Things" or forms of matter do exist; they arePatanjali, 404:among objects of the same class, still the way in which the objects affect the mind, and the way inPatanjali, 404:in which the objects affect the mind, and the way in which the mind is affected by them, arePatanjali, 406:the soul? Which path am I following, the high way of the soul, or the low way of matter? Am I in aPatanjali, 406:following, the high way of the soul, or the low way of matter? Am I in a transition period, whereinPatanjali, 407:as man comprehends his own thought forms and the way he builds and creates his own environment andPatanjali, 414:itself and view itself as a thing apart. In this way, it becomes a confusion of detached parts,Patanjali, 420:Where goest thou, 0h! Traveller upon the upward way? Back to the depths of darkness, away from thePatanjali, 425:registrations of the emotional nature and in no way affect reality. It is immaterial from thePatanjali, xi:endurance suffice to carry us along the thorny way of the Cross, and enable us to tread that pathPatanjali, xi:to tread that path which "leads up hill all the way" to the summit of the Mount of Transfiguration.Problems, 6:by foot, on horseback or by chariot have given way to the trains, speeding across entire continentsProblems, 8:lies and it is one which will not easily give way to any effort or to any spiritual endeavor,Problems, 20:British are not anti-social; they have led the way in welfare reforms, instituting such measures asProblems, 21:the other nations of the world could walk the way of life together with little disagreement. Problems, 27:today. If it attempts to do so it treads the way of death and that is the true horror of theProblems, 30:or will they each proceed upon their separate way towards their own selfish objectives? Will theProblems, 33:a new civilization which is inevitably upon its way. The visionary idealist has hitherto held theProblems, 34:institutions and thus inaugurate a better way of preparing their youth for total living. EducationProblems, 35:should be and what are the signposts on the way to that goal. Let us try to formulate a long rangeProblems, 39:would control. All nations, in their own way and degree, have contributed to this; none has cleanProblems, 42:tackle the problem of its restoration in its own way. This need not mean disunity; it should mean aProblems, 49:period with which we are faced. An organized way of living will help much but the children we areProblems, 56:definitely to the world as a whole. This in no way indicates neglect of individual or nationalProblems, 58:All branches of human knowledge could, in this way, come alive and reach a new level ofProblems, 59:and personal contribution. The above in no way implies an indictment of past methods except in soProblems, 64:Humanity. This growing idealism is fighting its way into the forefront of the human consciousnessProblems, 64:and from glory to glory. We are today on our way to a far better civilization than the world hasProblems, 65:simplicity which will kill our old materialistic way of living. Cooperative goodwill is surely theProblems, 71:organizations, aided by neutrals of their own way of thinking. Today, in spite of the disasterProblems, 73:fair and just, decent and kind, simple in their way of life and with a true sense of values, butProblems, 79:type of war between these two groups? In what way can the Law of Supply and Demand be implementedProblems, 81:of the New Age; it will so completely alter our way of life that much of the planning at presentProblems, 81:be the basic characteristic. This new and better way of life will be developed for two mainProblems, 81:which will inevitably bring in a new and better way of life, but also a terrible weapon, capable ofProblems, 92:if they so choose. Others chose an easy way during the war and abstained from taking sides, losingProblems, 96:their own racial identity, their own peculiar way of life, their own national religion (which isProblems, 102:only when the Jews themselves seek to find the way out and cease their present policy of demandingProblems, 103:dissension among the nations, attempting in no way to meet harmoniously their complex problem onProblems, 105:will evoke much criticism, but given in this way in the hope that because it is prompted by love,Problems, 107:fundamental and pure mysticism, ranging all the way from nature worship and a primitive animism toProblems, 107:his intellectual perception; the white man's way of living has lifted the Negroes of Africa out ofProblems, 109:in the receptive Negro consciousness and in this way "darkest Africa" will become a radiant centerProblems, 113:as he is responsive sometimes in the wrong way to the evil educational, political and livingProblems, 117:and conferences and committees, ranging all the way from the great deliberations of the UnitedProblems, 120:to the very heart of God; they tread the "narrow way" of love of which Christ spoke, and theyProblems, 122:direct that approach, will inevitably go on; the way stands eternally open to pilgrims and all suchProblems, 122:and all such pilgrims, all souls, find their way eventually into the Father's Home. The fact ofProblems, 123:it is necessary also that we define the way of salvation which the churches should follow; if theProblems, 123:and the churchmen are thinking in a Christ-like way, then the salvation of humanity is assured. ItProblems, 124:return to Christ and to His message and to the way of life exemplified by Him. Churchmen need toProblems, 124:guidance and help, humanity will find another way. Nothing can keep the spirit of man from God. Problems, 125:to turn again to God and to find in religion a way out of the present chaotic conditions. Yet,Problems, 128:man should be free to worship God in his own way. This will not mean (in the coming new age) thatProblems, 135:Humanity has advanced so far on the way of evolution that these demands and expectations are notProblems, 136:of the new age? Mankind faces towards the Way of Resurrection. Who shall lead him on that Way? Problems, 136:Way of Resurrection. Who shall lead him on that Way? Problems, 139:has never truly had) and can really follow the way of the Savior, of the humble Carpenter ofProblems, 140:before has a greater revelation been on its way. What that revelation will be, we cannot know. TheProblems, 150:Kingdom of God was opened. Man learned that the way into the Holy Place could be entered throughProblems, 150:manifestation of Light, and the Teacher of the way of enlightenment. He [151] demonstrated inProblems, 151:A new heaven and a new earth are on their way. The words "a new Heaven" signify an entirely newProblems, 153:divine, as sound and as surely on their way to enlightenment as any other group of men on earth.Problems, 155:the Churches V. The New World Religion In what way will this new presentation of religion and itsProblems, 160:into the conviction of the knowers. In this way the mass of men will be transformed andProblems, 160:from one revelation to another have found their way into the minds of men. Worship also has playedProblems, 167:the opportunity to inaugurate a new and better way of life, and to establish that security andProblems, 178:of International Unity There is only one true way and there are indications that it is a wayProblems, 178:true way and there are indications that it is a way towards which many millions of people arePsychology1, xix:ideals of the group into which he may find his way if he profits by the teaching and learnsPsychology1, xxiv:seek to express these abstract truths in such a way that the general public, with its profoundPsychology1, 8:ray may make. This is in some ways a difficult way of expressing it, but if it is realized thatPsychology1, 10:and energies we shall need to see clearly the way we go so that we shall tread the path ofPsychology1, 10:group. You have there a perfect analogy to the way the Great Ones work at this time. Regard,Psychology1, 12:of the illumined and rare seer. In this way the New Age will be ushered in and the new knowledgePsychology1, 34:of subjective unity, and can proceed on his way consciously towards the One. He cannot as yet enterPsychology1, 3+4:a basic truth and we realize that we are on our way back from the unity of form-identifiedPsychology1, 35:language of mysticism it might be expressed this way: "I take a body. That body is alive. I knowPsychology1, 36:which it is revealing. This he does in a triple way: He discovers his own soul, the product of thePsychology1, 40:stages composed of those who are on their way to a transitional accomplishment. The work before allPsychology1, 47:This is true of gods and men. But in the same way in which the Father contributes to the Son thePsychology1, 49:which is its unique contribution, and in this way develops man by a system or technique which isPsychology1, 50:manipulator of the energies of God in such a way that the Temple of the Lord is indeed known in itsPsychology1, 52:lower mind, but (if one may use such a symbolic way of expression) the close proximity of the soulPsychology1, 58:(who registers emotion and thought). In the same way does the Deity, within the solar system,Psychology1, 58:thus each son of God will eventually find his way to that center - withdrawn [59] and abstracted -Psychology1, 61:which determines the form aspect, indicates the way he should go, and enables him (by the time thePsychology1, 63:open up the golden door. This door reveals the way which leads towards the center where dwells thePsychology1, 65:Quality - clear vision. Seek out the gentle way, Oh Lord of Power. Wait for thy brother on the path
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