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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAY

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Rays, 444:the time the third initiation is completed, this Way is completed, and the initiate can "pass toRays, 444:behind; or he can come again and pass upon the way that leads from dark to light, from light toRays, 445:of Return is completed. A second stage of the Way has then to be trodden, leading to a second unionRays, 445:livingness. After the third initiation the "Way" is carried forward with great rapidity, and theRays, 446:world of soul activity. Just as the soul makes a way for itself by projecting itself in a thread orRays, 447:spoken of in terms of light, and the "lighted way" comes into being between the personality and theRays, 447:with the brain via the mind. This "lighted way" is the illumined bridge. It is built throughRays, 459:and the opening up to the initiate of the Way to the Higher Evolution in its various branches andRays, 459:Universal Will an Mind Path of Light The Way of the Higher Evolution The Point of Contact TheRays, 459:at the time of the fifth initiation in the one Way, which in itself combines all Ways. Forget not aRays, 461:[461] by the light of the intuition. Another way of expressing this is to describe it as love,Rays, 464:must construct this rainbow bridge, this Lighted Way. He spins it and anchors it as a spider spinsRays, 466:of light which eventually becomes the Lighted Way across which he can pass into the higher worldsRays, 467:builds the antahkarana, crosses the Lighted Way, and achieves the freedom of the Path of Life. OneRays, 467:plus a dramatic attempt to build the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mental substance is - asRays, 471:of duality but indicating at the same time the way through what are called "the walls ofRays, 472:He is ready for Nirvana, which is but the Way into new fields of spiritual experience and of divineRays, 472:even to the initiate of the third degree. This Way is revealed only when the antahkarana is builtRays, 473:I have pointed out a goal and indicated a Way. I have related (in consciousness) the Hierarchy andRays, 477:the consciousness thread began to function in a way unrealized in Lemuria. Sensitivity, awarenessRays, 477:- clairaudient and clairvoyant, though in no way able to interpret that which they contacted; theyRays, 483:as a duality. This can be understood in a faint way when the disciple realizes that (after theRays, 483:be comprehended, the beginning of that endless Way which leads to the One; this is the Way whereonRays, 483:endless Way which leads to the One; this is the Way whereon duality is resolved into unity, the WayRays, 483:Way whereon duality is resolved into unity, the Way that Members of the Hierarchy are seeking toRays, 484:himself upon the wheel of life and tread the Way counter-clockwise, so must humanity; and soRays, 491:place, the forces which - upon the downward way or the involutionary path - focused themselves inRays, 492:can be truly built and "projected on the upward way, providing safe travelling for the pilgrim'sRays, 493:is rapidly built. Students need feel in no way discouraged by this picture. Much can happen on theRays, 494:of the esoteric fact that a man is himself the Way. There is no longer the sense of personality andRays, 494:Monad outwards into manifestation. There is no way in which the call of matter or of form can evokeRays, 496:Perhaps you prefer the slower and easier way? If that is so, it is entirely your own affair, andRays, 496:your own affair, and you are still on your way. You are still a constructive and useful person. IRays, 498:is the vision of the soul, a vision of a better way of life, of an improved economic situation, orRays, 502:difficult for them. It must, however, in some way be done, because the use of the visualRays, 507:ray of vision and of application indicates the way direct, evokes the will to follow, and welds theRays, 513:which will bring the right effect, and not the way in which he makes a sound with the aid of hisRays, 514:this word-form are omitted because there is no way of depicting them, since they are neither vowelsRays, 516:itself, revealing the fact of the higher Lighted Way which leads to Nirvana. Of this, the projectedRays, 519:the light. This is true of a plant pushing its way out of the darkness of earth into the light ofRays, 519:evolutionary pushing forward along the Lighted Way, out of darkness into light, from the unreal toRays, 522:Who was responsible for His Being, and to the Way of the Higher Evolution - a subject with whichRays, 522:to the fact that He Himself was only "on His Way." The Way of the Higher Evolution has also its twoRays, 522:fact that He Himself was only "on His Way." The Way of the Higher Evolution has also its twoRays, 522:has also its two phases, as has the Lighted Way. In the early stages of the unfoldment of theRays, 522:the Path of Discipleship. In the treading of the Way of the Higher Evolution (for which we have asRays, 522:name) the initiate-disciple treads the Way of Antahkarana and the Way of the Higher Initiations. InRays, 522:treads the Way of Antahkarana and the Way of the Higher Initiations. In making this statement IRays, 523:thus leaving the initiate free to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution and to follow in theRays, 523:is needed by the masses, and their goal - some way ahead - is soul consciousness and soul control.Rays, 523:and soul control. It is the mystical way and the way of the early and preparatory stages of theRays, 523:and soul control. It is the mystical way and the way of the early and preparatory stages of theRays, 523:Path by becoming the Path Itself, and in this way develop the mechanism and the capacities whichRays, 523:the aspirant who is seeking to tread the Lighted Way of purification and of discipleship reaches aRays, 523:is learning rapidly to use, reveals to him the Way of the Higher Evolution, the fact of a stillRays, 524:the culminating experience of the Lighted Way, whilst the Christ made that final effort whichRays, 524:thus moving forward on to the first stage of the Way of the Higher Evolution. The practical pointRays, 524:the future teaching. He opened the door to the Way of the Higher Evolution, hitherto closed, justRays, 524:in Himself the achievements of the Lighted Way and the attainment of all knowledge and wisdom.Rays, 527:to humanity the nature of the Lighted Way, its revelations and its effects in consciousness. HeRays, 527:for us the supreme achievements of the mystic way. Then came the Christ and performed a tripleRays, 527:it has been esoterically called). He pointed the way through "the needle's eye" which givesRays, 527:in this case. A.A.B.) which leads out on to the Way which terminates in Shamballa. His work was ofRays, 527:thought and of religion - the revelation of the Way of the Higher Evolution. This entails theRays, 528:whether it concerns a lonely aspirant upon the Way or an entire kingdom in nature. The greatest ofRays, 528:the need which the invocation voiced, upon "a way of escape," and embody in Himself the requiredRays, 532:representation indicates to the disciple the Way into Shamballa, and that illumined revelationRays, 535:are definitely and in a most mysterious way concerned with the creative work, and with theRays, 536:and leave it undefined because it is in no way possible, even for initiates of the fifthRays, 537:Discipleship. But he is still, however, a long way from his goal, and a long way from beingRays, 537:however, a long way from his goal, and a long way from being accepted by a Master as a disciple.Rays, 537:as a disciple. The truth might be expressed this way: When the disciple's eyes are removed fromRays, 539:of the varying "lights" upon the Lighted Way that signifies readiness for initiation. The initiateRays, 549:the three worlds - an activity [549] which in no way disturbs the calm procedures of the life ofRays, 555:believed that humanity can and will find its own way out of the world difficulties. [556] Rays, 557:its simplest definition) an understanding of the Way, for understanding is a revealing energy whichRays, 560:humanity of the period gradually found their way on to, or rather into, the stream of divine energyRays, 560:dominating factor; men are rapidly finding their way on to that ray, and the number of people foundRays, 564:until "the last weary pilgrim" has found his way home. The extent and essential purpose of thisRays, 594:science of occultism is the first step upon the way of true religion, and the scientificRays, 610:result of the liberation of free will, and in no way infringes the right of the individual man orRays, 610:to wait with spiritual optimism for the way of humanity to clear. Too prompt a choice at this timeRays, 610:and impatience. The Hierarchy is in no way discouraged, though somewhat concerned that the factorRays, 616:and initiates, as each of them, in his own way, points out the surety of Christ's coming and thusRays, 619:receptive of the love of God; this is another way of saying receptive to the consciousness of theRays, 625:leadership, they are nevertheless well on the way to the resolution of their problem. When theRays, 627:or the French people. The French are in no way as yet ready to balance conflict with harmony, evenRays, 639:This Principle of Conflict is preparing the way for the return of the Christ, Who will inaugurateRays, 640:the Church of God invisible, knows not the way that humanity will choose to go. General trends areRays, 642:and concerns those initiations which lie a long way ahead of mankind. They lie also a considerableRays, 642:decided for Him by His ray type) He is on the "way of light," and the light which is in Him and inRays, 644:know likewise the next step to be taken upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way is revealedRays, 644:taken upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way is revealed to the initiate in a new light andRays, 646:Power, and that is a ray which is as yet a long way from full manifestation. From one angle, it isRays, 651:that goal, it frequently happens that, on the way to the higher octave of ambition (aspiration),Rays, 652:into the heart of things; he has forced his way to the very "Heart of the Sun" (using those wordsRays, 652:aware of the "Central Spiritual Sun" and the Way of the Higher Evolution which leads inevitably toRays, 653:upon him in blazing and synthetic glory. The way to the Central Spiritual Sun is therefore revealedRays, 654:time the "last weary Pilgrim will have found his way home"; the Earth can then be prepared for aRays, 654:will be focused; this - in some mysterious way - will enable the solar Logos (not the planetary
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