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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAYS

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Astrology, 15:twelve houses of his horoscope. There are two ways in which this is done: First: By having theAstrology, 20:may revolve and turning face the many different ways; I face some wide horizons and yet today IAstrology, 105:The decanates can also be dealt with in two ways, according to the direction in which man isAstrology, 115:though a study of the sign Pisces in the two ways intended may reveal much that is significant andAstrology, 145:uses of selfishness (for that is one of the best ways to learn and to discover that it is contraryAstrology, 157:of illumination. The Goat leads us into arid ways in search of food and water. This is the "needAstrology, 158:of Capricorn can be considered in several ways. First of all, Capricorn is an earth sign, and in itAstrology, 175:deal of inner teaching. This is one of the later ways of portraying this constellation. Earlier, inAstrology, 229:which seeks ever to draw him back to the old ways, the old habits and the old desires. Astrology, 233:due reflection and balancing of the various ways, they then [234] do as they will and as seems toAstrology, 254:that I have given you. We have talked of the two ways of proceeding around the zodiac: - theAstrology, 264:ruler will lead the human family into the ways of peace and progress. Virgo is definitely related,Astrology, 370:or the reverse. It turns every way and both ways simultaneously. This fact is, as yet, anAstrology, 370:therefore, moves not only clockwise, but both ways at once and also at right angles to itself. TheAstrology, 527:other. This science can be studied in various ways: From the angle of antagonisms which seemAstrology, 560:swastika "drives into danger dire and into evil ways, those whose greed is great and who see noAstrology, 680:to Their originating source. This in many ways sums up the totality of the present knowledge. LetAtom, 38:primitive intelligence. Look at the thousands of ways in which atoms of hydrogen combine [39] withAtom, 110:activities of the group, is brought about in two ways: through meditation, and through a series ofAutobiography, 60:that people can turn from the error of their ways and I have seen them again and again find thatAutobiography, 114:my language, but it was a bad time in many ways and in the late fall I began to be ill again. MyAutobiography, 129:stool. They watched out for me in all kinds of ways and I would like again to point out that thisAutobiography, 172:seems rather late now for the T.S., to mend its ways and to emerge from isolation and separatenessAutobiography, 214:disrupted in 1931. These six years were in many ways years of monotonous rhythm and routine -Autobiography, 214:and satisfactory times in my life. In many ways today H.P.B.'s book The Secret Doctrine is out ofAutobiography, 234:people can be trained in practical and effective ways of expressing goodwill. In this way they canAutobiography, 237:a certain point on the path of return to God all ways meet and then the procedure is uniform forAutobiography, 253:therefore unable to see the emergence of the new ways of life and the new approaches to truth. AllAutobiography, 274:many in those groups who have outgrown the old ways and who have been waiting for the new approachAutobiography, 274:of world disciples who are breaking up the old ways and instituting new and more suitable methodsAutobiography, 299:and trained. This arduous undertaking in many ways is as difficult a task as one might well imagineBethlehem, 16:In the teaching of the Buddha we have the three ways in which the lower nature can be changed andBethlehem, 26:of living divine love is held before us in three ways, each progressive in its definition ofBethlehem, 51:for many. "To every man there openeth A way, and ways and a WAY. And the high soul takes the highBethlehem, 110:of us is that we are vulnerable in so many petty ways, and in every trifling situation we are aptBethlehem, 117:done. Truth is capable of interpretation in many ways. Those who are simply physical-emotionalBethlehem, 143:gaining a profound vision of the divine ways of life, and feeling with the infinite Power, whichBethlehem, 166:and resignation are potent and effective ways of handling one's failure. But to rise upon the crestBethlehem, 170:triumphal way of acclamation and the sorrowful ways of desertion and of loneliness. The impulse isBethlehem, 241:issue. People face death in many different ways; some bring to the adventure a feeling ofBethlehem, 260:these points. They still remain in many ways ideals, but are slowly in process of becoming facts.Destiny, 12:first Ray of Will and Power. It works out in two ways: As the will of God in world affairs, whichDestiny, 14:ray energy is [14] expressing itself in two ways. Perhaps it would be more correct to say in twoDestiny, 14:Perhaps it would be more correct to say in two ways that are recognizable by man, because it shouldDestiny, 14:of consciousness in subtle and powerful ways) can be seen in the effect which human beings haveDestiny, 14:as expressed through human activity. The ways in which humanity itself is affected by this rayDestiny, 21:grasp the need of group love and to amend their ways in conformity with group good, but it is notDestiny, 26:the sixth and the seventh, which are in many ways of more immediate moment to the masses and of aDestiny, 27:forecast coming eventualities. There are several ways in which such prevision can - during the nextDestiny, 49:nothing [49] of this. They must be led in right ways gradually by the steady development in rightDestiny, 49:6th Ray Idealism. 7th Ray Order. I link two Ways. Austria 5th Ray Knowledge. 4th Ray HarmonyDestiny, 61:inner side of life. That motto is: "I link two ways." Their task, which will develop as they comeDestiny, 79:and should be just as easily guided into right ways as they have been, at present, guided intoDestiny, 82:sign of both countries, and they have, in many ways, a synchronous vibration. There is howeverDestiny, 101:other. This science can be studied in various ways: [102] From the angle of antagonisms which seemDestiny, 109:and established habits. It is the new ways of working and the new forces and objectives which theDestiny, 110:value, therefore, to compare the old and the new ways of discipline and of training, of attributeDestiny, 110:considered, enabling us to pass on to the new ways of demonstrating and discovering the ancientDestiny, 115:be expected. There are, as you may realize, two ways in which any particular ray may [116] beDestiny, 121:life into the new and improved forms, the old ways of living, of culture and of civilization haveDiscipleship1Age I - Foreword FOREWORD This book is in many ways unique. Nothing like it has before beenDiscipleship1, 5:the Hierarchy are necessarily changing the old ways and adapting the old methods to the newerDiscipleship1, 44:as the Christ and the Buddha, who combined both ways in their perfection and who towered aboveDiscipleship1, 50:you (at this time) it must express itself in two ways: Through the life of meditation. Through theDiscipleship1, 52:will work out into manifestation in specific ways. Energy has always been manipulated by theDiscipleship1, 53:be spread abroad. This we decided to do in two ways: Through the collaboration of all the MastersDiscipleship1, 57:a form of indifference is one of the quickest ways by which to release the Self from personalityDiscipleship1, 90:and effective. This is one of the most important ways in which a Master works; it is essential,Discipleship1, 106:is your outstanding divine quality and in some ways your main hindrance. I am here for a cycle toDiscipleship1, 120:descends and walks the way of earth and not the ways of mind. The far horizon disappears. TheDiscipleship1, 123:for you, my brother. You have suffered in many ways, known to you and recognized by me but by noDiscipleship1, 123:that if you "descended to the unhappy ways of human sympathy," you possess a capacity forDiscipleship1, 124:the left and the right, are turned upon the ways of men and in this way the truth is clearly seen."Discipleship1, 124:but that of the spiritualized personality in the ways of daily, earthly contact. It is theDiscipleship1, 129:to regard it rather as an indication of the many ways in which you can reach others, and as aDiscipleship1, 132:also the ability to work in several creative ways. You are both an artist and a writer. This meansDiscipleship1, 136:forces of the world in subtle and unrecognized ways. These we can later elaborate when the requiredDiscipleship1, 158:strength." There is much to be done and in many ways. Steps have been taken to fit you for what youDiscipleship1, 163:however, express itself through all the seven ways of divine manifestation. You and your associatesDiscipleship1, 166:needed funds for this task. The last is in many ways the outer expression of the first, for just asDiscipleship1, 176:God by night and day. I stand with God upon the ways of men; the shadow of his Presence which isDiscipleship1, 193:love. 3rd month - May I act as a soul in all my ways, and thus awaken others to a right activity.Discipleship1, 196:So do our souls arrange for us the major ways of life! But there is slowly dawning upon you theDiscipleship1, 207:sense a time glamor and affects you in two ways. One way affects you in strict relation to yourselfDiscipleship1, 222:need." This was a statement of fact; one of the ways in which you can rightly use the first rayDiscipleship1, 241:future. For this you must be prepared. But all ways are ways of service, and in service and in theDiscipleship1, 241:For this you must be prepared. But all ways are ways of service, and in service and in the helpingDiscipleship1, 245:suggest that the ideas, methods, formulas and ways of living which seem right to you (and are rightDiscipleship1, 265:is steadily awakening and for you one of the ways of externalizing your inner awareness is throughDiscipleship1, 273:energy. All energy can be applied in differing ways, being in itself an impersonal and blind force.Discipleship1, 287:has perforce somewhat to alter, and the ways of demonstrating the inner recognitions, and the task,Discipleship1, 323:to those who need that light. I seek to walk the ways of men as light and love and power. MyDiscipleship1, 332:and cultivated self-forgetfulness. In some ways, the problem of R. S. U. is harder than yoursDiscipleship1, 341:humanity - whole, and able to function in human ways, free from the major trends and tyrannies ofDiscipleship1, 342:can become too much emphasized and prove in some ways a hindrance. Your position is clear andDiscipleship1, 344:personality enables you to work actively in many ways upon the physical plane, bringing togetherDiscipleship1, 350:soul and your seventh ray personality. In many ways you know more about the soul ray whichDiscipleship1, 380:it your present life is rooted. One of the best ways in which you can learn to solve your problemDiscipleship1, 391:Presence can be dealt with in so many different ways and there are many techniques of contact. ForDiscipleship1, 397:your strength" affect my daily life? a. In what ways can I demonstrate joy? b. How can I shew forth
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