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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAYS

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Magic, 269:between the magic of the right and left hand ways and when they have achieved, these two ways willMagic, 269:hand ways and when they have achieved, these two ways will disappear. When the Sons of Men know theMagic, 310:body, and have considered the various wrong ways in which it makes its presence felt. HumanityMagic, 310:vibrates primarily in one or other of these ways, and the sentient body of the average human beingMagic, 316:all emanations of a sensitive character in three ways: Emotional. The astral body is swept intoMagic, 328:look back to the past, who hang on to the old ways, the ancient theologies, and the reactionaryMagic, 348:on you, the aspirant, may manifest in various ways also. It may result in bodily fatigue and thisMagic, 351:inner knowledge. This knowledge grows in three ways: By definite expansions of consciousness, whichMagic, 373:interesting developments eventuate. In three ways this is being attempted: By an increased rate ofMagic, 401:for the coming decades. In quiet and subtle ways they are already making their presence felt butMagic, 408:modes of expression and terminologies, and other ways of defining deity can be equally correct andMagic, 414:group members when contacted in the casual ways of world intercourse. This group gives to the wordMagic, 416:the Hierarchy as he can be used in a variety of ways, for his flexibility and experience, and hisMagic, 421:when they meet and contact each other in the ways of world intercourse. There comes to them anMagic, 422:of this field of dual activity in two ways: as of a light in the head, an interior radiant sun, orMagic, 507:rules which concern the physical plane. In many ways their understanding is far more difficult thanMagic, 534:noted is that each kingdom in nature acts in two ways: As the liberator of the kingdom of formsMagic, 546:meaning, of "man, the cube", and this in three ways: Himself as a human being; His fellow man inMagic, 554:careful thought. It can be approached in two ways. There is, first of all, the study of theMagic, 565:which Rule XIV concerns itself. There are many ways in which this Rule can be interpreted. We canMagic, 584:He is what he is because he has tried all lesser ways and found them wanting, and has submitted toMagic, 623:and can be swept off his feet in three ways: His whole nature is under undue stimulation on accountMeditation, 37:seeks to bring about the desired end in three ways: By definite work on abstract levels. It aspiresMeditation, 103:Brain The brain suffers principally in two ways: From congestion, causing a suffusion of the bloodMeditation, 120:subtler planes. The difficulty arises in three ways: The ignorance of the average student as to theMeditation, 121:third case the remedy must be sought in various ways which I will later indicate. Meditation, 128:into common knowledge and thus affect in various ways the unwary sons of men. [129] As you know, aMeditation, 169:- as a result of meditation - in three different ways. The results of meditation as demonstrated inMeditation, 188:naught to be said or imparted. They are, in many ways, the most dangerous and the most powerful ofMeditation, 219:Concrete Knowledge [219] This is but one of the ways in which the rays may be apportioned andMeditation, 238:work. [238] Color may be used in many ways, and the above three ways do not cover the subject. TheyMeditation, 238:may be used in many ways, and the above three ways do not cover the subject. They but indicateMeditation, 238:not cover the subject. They but indicate three ways that are of immediate and practical use to theMeditation, 245:step is to consider the etheric body in two ways, either as a transmitter of prana, the life force,Meditation, 246:from the above, colors will be applied in two ways: [247] On the subtler planes by the power ofMeditation, 265:and we have to look at the subject in two ways, briefly from the standpoint of the Master, andMeditation, 269:group coloring. This can be brought about in two ways that mutually interact: By the definiteMeditation, 270:whole period of lives. It is made so in several ways: He is definitely a part of the Master'sMeditation, 275:the consciousness of the pupil in various ways, and develops his capacity to include and contactMeditation, 279:Master works in the earlier stages in four main ways: At intervals, and when the progress of theMeditation, 286:The method here is perhaps not so hard in some ways, but the limitations of the fifth principleMeditation, 289:might be generally laid down that there are five ways (out of the many possible) which are of suchMeditation, 291:of His vibration. There are still three other ways (out of many, forget not) whereby the earnestMeditation, 334:body is an essential. It is effected in various ways, all of them reasonable and utilitarian. ByMeditation, 338:How should this be accomplished? In several ways, some at the direction of the aspirant, and somePatanjali, 35:various commentaries. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to realize its meaning is to remember thatPatanjali, 43:way. It would be wise here to make clear the two ways whereby men reach the goal, - knowledge ofPatanjali, 44:should differentiate clearly between these two ways, remembering that the white occultist blendsPatanjali, 57:There will have to be communicated in other ways and at other times further information as thePatanjali, 73:to yoga [73] would note that there are seven ways whereby peace may be achieved, and thus the goalPatanjali, 74:the seventh principle. There are other ways of enumerating the principles, for Subba Rao is correctPatanjali, 87:It might be pointed out here that these "seven ways to psychic peace," as they have been called,Patanjali, 87:It is important to emphasize this. These seven ways have a direct relation to the four initiationsPatanjali, 87:will find it of interest to work out these seven ways to peace in relation to one or other of thePatanjali, 131:of Wisdom, light fully shines upon the adept's ways. He knows and sees the seventh part and visionsPatanjali, 173:beings, though it shows itself in many different ways. It is based upon an inherent faculty ofPatanjali, 177:it, the seven great initiations and the seven ways to bliss. Now the "Path of the just shineth everPatanjali, 202:vehicles is composed. It is attained in three ways: Elimination of impure substance or of thosePatanjali, 209:approacheth the beginning. I seek the Way. All ways my feet have trod. The Way of Fire calls mePatanjali, 223:of the life currents is brought about in three ways: By an intellectual understanding of the naturePatanjali, 277:referred to in the sutra comes in three ways: Direct ability to see the records if so desired. ThisPatanjali, 316:It gives to him an understanding of ways, means and methods, and enables him to take the first stepPatanjali, 341:This "third heaven" can be understood in two ways: first, as standing for the mental plane on whichPatanjali, 352:can hear, touch, see, taste and smell, only five ways in which he can know. There are only fivePatanjali, 403:seeks to aid the evolution of his forms in two ways; first by refusing to identify himself withPatanjali, 406:one stupendous cosmic thinker. His mysterious ways, His secret hidden plan, the [407] great purposePatanjali, 418:brought into active use, and employed in three ways. As a vehicle for the life of the soul. In theProblems, 13:who could not be stopped in their aggressive ways because the other nations were still too childishProblems, 16:to recognize the new trends, to renounce the old ways of thinking and acting if humanity is not toProblems, 18:as easily as they have been led into evil ways and into separative thinking. The regimentation ofProblems, 33:methods (and not all are bad) with future ways of developing the youth of the world so that it canProblems, 34:because they are perpetuating the bad old ways, but that they also constitute a menace to thoseProblems, 43:for instance, are we to revert to the old ways wherein each nation glorifies itself at the expenseProblems, 45:man's divinity flamed forth and indicated new ways of thinking, new modes of human planning andProblems, 51:that this demonstrated potency can work two ways and that what has been wrought out along wrongProblems, 52:responsibility. The power to use the mind in two ways: As the "common sense" (using this word inProblems, 60:will elapse as we grope for the new and better ways, develop the new textbooks and find the men andProblems, 92:will need to learn the lessons of pain in other ways and more slowly; nations in the westernProblems, 92:something and will also need to learn in other ways humanity's great lesson of identification andProblems, 92:great and small have lost faith in the old ways, and few really wish to see the old manner of lifeProblems, 98:citizen, law-abiding, kindly and decent in his ways, anxious to play his part in community life andProblems, 107:into a more modern one; education and modern ways of thinking and planning are rapidly fitting theProblems, 108:of modern history; the new world with its better ways of living is as much for the Negro as for theProblems, 109:bloodshed and rancor, to see through the devious ways of selfish political agents (seeking toProblems, 136:the vision and the courage to let the bad old ways go and turn to the people with the message thatProblems, 146:Christ will, therefore, surely come in three ways. He will come as men recognize that He is trulyProblems, 155:Christian institution; God works in many ways, through many faiths and religious agencies; in theirProblems, 168:that there should be no return to the old ways, whether political, religious or economic.Problems, 178:How can true religion be resurrected and the ways of true spiritual living govern the hearts ofPsychology1, 7:the three divine qualities. In some mysterious ways, therefore, the differentiations which manifestPsychology1, 8:which a particular ray may make. This is in some ways a difficult way of expressing it, but if itPsychology1, 40:is the purpose dimly sensed. I seek in various ways to convey through the symbol of words thePsychology1, 55:capacities, or the mind expressing itself in two ways. These two ways are registered and becomePsychology1, 55:mind expressing itself in two ways. These two ways are registered and become part of the organizedPsychology1, 75:is impelled from above. The symbols of these two ways are the sword and the cross. After thesePsychology1, 78:and taste. Let all experience come. Let all the ways appear. Discern and choose; dissect andPsychology1, 78:Discern and choose; dissect and analyze. All ways are one. Quality - revelation of the way. God andPsychology1, 97:be brought to the racial recognition in many ways, and the revelation will come along so many linesPsychology1, 125:more teaching will be given. They teach in three ways: By means of intuitional telepathy. ThroughPsychology1, 176:of the spiritual consciousness. Though in some ways religious differences are the hardest to bridge
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