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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WAYS

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Rays, 573:is happening today as men search for the new ways, for organized unity and peaceful security, isRays, 575:with them, and to make his life creative in many ways. All these factors are embryonic in hisRays, 602:Initiation. Fifth ray energy works in three ways in connection with the three aspects of theRays, 603:- as I shall attempt to show you. In many ways, this particular instruction is one of the mostRays, 612:humanity is to survive; they are, in their own ways (wisely or unwisely), seeking a solution. TheRays, 615:pointed out that He might come in one of three ways or in all three of them simultaneously. TheRays, 624:her many differences and has returned to the old ways of spiritual understanding and of enlightenedRays, 626:is fighting fiercely to abolish all the old ways in the shortest possible time; other groups areRays, 639:of harmony. Christ will come in three different ways: Through the over-shadowing, on the mentalRays, 666:The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Thus both ways are seen to be essential; the mystical way isRays, 666:of religion, for "God" is found equally on both ways. The scientific way leads the aspirant intoRays, 713:the disciple has to learn to use the mind in two ways: As a common sense, a resolver of informationRays, 738:May light and love and power shine upon your ways, and may you in due time and with as little delayRays, 749:of the human spirit is attacked. There are two ways in which that freedom of choice can beReappearance, 14:men, and then will their vision compass all the ways of what may be. "So peace will come again onReappearance, 15:believe that the present time is unique in more ways than one, and that the Christ is confrontedReappearance, 17:and the presentation of a simple return to the ways of spiritual living. The priests, the Levites,Reappearance, 47:I indicated that the Christ would come in three ways, or rather, that the fact of His PresenceReappearance, 72:- never before granted - and to use it in two ways: [73] As a hierarchical invocation, directedReappearance, 74:be recognized. His work will demonstrate in two ways - fully when the Christ appears among men andReappearance, 85:the vision of Christ - expresses itself in three ways: As physical life, nourishing the cells ofReappearance, 100:that Kingdom and is ready to relinquish the old ways. What is true of the individual must also beReappearance, 107:sense that He was; He told them in many symbolic ways who and what He was and assured them thatReappearance, 122:do. He will also revive these Mysteries in other ways; not all will seek the church or Masonry forReappearance, 133:World glamor is being steadily removed from the ways of men. Those two developments have beenReappearance, 142:the old theological interpretations and the old ways of approaching God? How can the spiritual andReappearance, 151:potency. Man invokes divine Approach in various ways: by means of the inchoate, voiceless appeal orReappearance, 159:Christian institution. God works in many ways, through many faiths and religious agencies; this isSoul, 13:as follows: "There are, as we have seen, two ways of studying man. One begins outside with theSoul, 112:state in two different and complementary ways, by the blood as to the caloric quality, and by theSoul, 143:92 kinds of atoms when stimulated in certain ways well known to science can be made to give offSoul, 149:began. The procedure of this inquiry is in many ways equivalent to the scientific method of inquiryTelepathy, 10:work, and the fear of failure, are the surest ways to offset fruitful effort. In all such work asTelepathy, 19:of accomplishment, and the three major ways of communicating on Earth: Instinctual telepathy -Telepathy, 23:up a wide range of contacts and is one of the ways in which the Hierarchy of Masters work, asTelepathy, 27:chitta) that the brain becomes responsive in two ways: It is rendered passive by the impact of theTelepathy, 27:1. By the use of the energy of love in three ways: By sending out love (not sentiment) to yourTelepathy, 31:you have chosen it. Study it in the four ways indicated by Patanjali; (The Light of the Soul, pageTelepathy, 34:Disciples will endeavor to work in both ways, and the medium of normal human relations and that ofTelepathy, 34:must be carried forward by disciples in three ways: By an endeavor to understand: The medium ofTelepathy, 35:must constitute group activity. In these three ways the vehicle of the personality can be soTelepathy, 35:now going forward, and it is going on in two ways: [36] through the medium of telepathic groups andTelepathy, 145:of view the etheric body can be looked at in two ways: first, as it interpenetrates, underlies andTelepathy, 197:standing thus, revolve And tread this way the ways of men, And know the ways of God. And thus ITelepathy, 197:And tread this way the ways of men, And know the ways of God. And thus I stand.
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